Benefits of Conducting PPSR Check

When you buy a used car, it is crucial that you perform a PPSR check. It is a check to know the detailed information of a vehicle. If you want to make a safe and secured purchase, the PPSR check would help you, especially from preventing you making a wrong decision about buying the wrong vehicle.

Understanding PPSR

PPSR is short for Personal Property Securities Register that will contain the history of a property. When you buy a property (a house or a car), you will have to register it. After that, it will contain all the information related to the property. Whether you have once been late on the payment or you always make a timely payment, it will show on it. Whether the car is still used as the bank’s security or it has been stolen before, you can learn about the car’s history from the PPSR. The good thing is that it can be used by everyone, including individuals and companies.

Source: Solve Chartered Accountants


According to professionals from, this document can provide important information that can protect you. When you buy a used car, you have never known what has happened to it – unless you have done the PPSR check. You can be fooled by the exterior physique of the ride, but with this data, you will learn the truth of the car’s history.

The PPSR can help you from expired registration. Imagine this: You decide to buy a (used) car that looks pristine and good. You have checked the exterior and the machine, and you don’t find anything wrong with it. Then, you make up your mind and buy it. In several days, you suddenly get pulled over by the police for expired registration. You end up having to pay a hefty fine because of a small careless mistake on your part.

Here is another way how it can help you: You won’t have to deal with expensive repair that you have never thought of. You see, when your car is damaged and you make a repair, the data would go to PPSR data. Let’s say that a car has been crashed before or it has been flooded during a natural disaster, and it needs serious repair. The data about the types of damage and what repair has been done to it would go to the PPSR database. Imagine how risky it is to buy a used car without knowing the history of it!

In the event that you are interested in a car that has been heavily damaged previously, it will give you a red flag. You can at least be prepared about making such a purchase. Would you still be interested in buying one if you know that it has been damaged? How can you be sure that the car is properly repaired?

Moreover, you can also learn about the financial situation of the car – whether the loan has been completely paid off or not. You can avoid the embarrassment from having your car repossessed by doing a simple check.

All in all, performing a PPSR check has tons of benefits. Yes, you will have to pay for the service, but the expense is nothing compared to the ones you have to pay later – especially if it is proven to be problematic.


Performing the Check

There are basically two ways on how you can do the PPSR check: by the VIN number and by the rego (registration) number. You can do online search as long as you know the details of the number. The rego number is like the plate number, consisting of letters and numbers from a state. If you know from which state the (used) car comes, doing the check would be far easier. Simply fill in the rego number and voila! You will get detailed info about it.

If you are performing the VIN check, the process is basically the same. You only need to access the online search website and jot in the number. VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is unique because it is one of a kind. One number is only registered and related to one vehicle. So, when the VIN is somehow associated with several vehicles, you should be alarmed.

Source: the PPSR

Details of the Search

The PPSR check isn’t free. You will have to pay a certain fee to get the result. However, the expense is nothing when compared to the benefits that you can gain – and the fact that you can avoid costly expenses in the future.

After the check completes, you will get a PPSR certificate. It contains the confirmation about the car’s model, rego number, and the make. It also contains further info about the history, such as the write-off check, stolen vehicle check, and finance check. The finance check is to show whether the previous owner of the car still owes money to the car or not. The stolen vehicle check is to provide information whether the vehicle or even the engine has been reported stolen. You can then verify it to the local police about the details and also the recovery – if there is any.

And for the write-off check…well, it is done to provide information whether the car has ever been damaged or not. And if it has, the information also includes the repairs done to it – whether it is fully completed or not. This check is useful to you because you know whether you are going to spend a fortune (for the repair) or not in the future.

When performing the check, there are 3 main things you need to have: the credit/debit card info, the VIN number, and your email address. If the car was produced before 1989, then the search is done by the chassis number. If you don’t have an email, you can still see the report and the receipt online (the info is displayed on the site), but they can’t be delivered to you. The info (and the receipt) can be printed, though, for a proof.