Benefits and Advantages of a Courtyard Pool

As somebody who seeks to lead life king-size, you will certainly want a home that brings you the desired comfort and luxury. For that, you may choose a prime location in the heart of the city and equip your home’s interiors with the best-of-best furniture and fixtures. There are many homebuyers (you may be one of them) who go for a secluded recluse on the outskirts to stay away from the hustle-bustle of modern-day urbanscape.

But sadly, finding such locations may not be a piece of cake. Also, the average block sizes are shrinking these days. That’s because of the general shortage of land being allocated to residential properties. When that happens, you will have no choice but to compromise slightly on certain luxuries, one being your outdoor space. However, that should not prevent you from having a courtyard pool, which will not only boost your status symbol but also help you lead an active lifestyle.

Unlike large swimming pools that you see in specialised sports clubs, courtyard pools are smaller in size, meaning you can incorporate it in the compact outdoor space of your house. Honestly, they can be easily customised to look natural and beautiful, just enough to compliment your courtyard’s landscape perfectly.

Below are some cool benefits of having a courtyard pool—something that will motivate you to have one for sure:

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Improves your health

Let’s first state the obvious plus point. A courtyard pool will help you pursue swimming, which is a sport that’s lauded for all the health benefits that it provides. Swimming is universally known to be an extremely healthy sport because it gives your body a complete workout. It requires you to go against the water, which pushes you to move your entire body. It’s an all-round activity that increases your heart rate and improves your blood circulation. By withstanding the resistance of water, swimming lets you boost your muscle strength, endurance and overall cardiovascular fitness; not to forget, it helps you shed excess pounds and gives you a fit appearance.

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Gives you a good place to relax

Hectic weekdays at work or even at home can sap a good amount of your physical and mental energy. More often than not, meeting deadlines, attending to work calls and juggling various household chores can get the best of you. Perhaps you are already aware of the ill effects of stress; depression, poor social life, and physical health ailments don’t require any mentioning here. Hence, won’t it be great to have a haven right at home where you can de-stress? That’s exactly what a courtyard pool can help you do. It creates a lovely place where you can plunge into water for a relaxing swim or simply lie beside it for a nice sun-bath over the weekend. You are sure to get your spirits up with that.

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Provides a nice gathering place

If your idea of breaking free from the mundane loop of work-to-home is calling over a few friends for a gathering, then a courtyard pool is just what you need. When you throw a bash, whether big or small, cramming up everyone in the house can sometimes feel extremely suffocating. Everyone loves fresh air. And if it’s an evening gathering, then a courtyard pool will create an ideal space for you. Whether you are throwing a cocktail party or a barbeque party, having it beside a blue swimming pool will only make it more fun. You will also have the scope to create a lounge area or a patio where your guests can relax and shoot the breeze. So, you should definitely incorporate a courtyard pool if a cookout with a bunch of pals is your source of entertainment.


Maintenance becomes easier

While thinking of a swimming pool, the first fear that probably comes to your mind is maintenance. That’s natural because large swimming pools are indeed quite difficult to maintain. You will have to regularly drain out the water, clean the base and add fresh, chlorinated water. That’s a lot of work, especially if you don’t have the resources or the budget for it. But a small courtyard pool proves way more convenient to maintain compared to large swimming pools. Given their compact size, you will require a smaller volume of water. Moreover, keeping the water of these small pools safe is also relatively easier. The entire affair of pool maintenance seems less daunting when you have a small courtyard pool.

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Reduces maintenance costs

Given the easier and more convenient maintenance process of courtyard pools, having them in your house is cheaper than a traditional large swimming pool. There’s no denying the fact that water is becoming an expensive resource these days. Given the relatively smaller volume of water required to fill these pools, your demand for water will be low, meaning you will be saving more money. Let’s not forget to factor in the rising labour costs. Maintaining a large swimming pool will certainly require you to hire specialists, who tend to charge a whopping sum of money. But, on the flip side, maintaining a courtyard pool does not require as much labour as that required for a traditional swimming pool. The reduced cost is indeed a lucrative benefit of having a compact courtyard pool for your luxurious lifestyle.

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Provides customisable features

Just like a traditional large swimming pool, you get a wide range of ways to customise your courtyard pool. For example, you can install a swim jet system in your courtyard pool. With this equipment, you can adjust the flow of water. This allows you to swim across it at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about hitting the pool walls and hurting yourself. You can even consider installing a heating system to keep the temperature of your pool’s water at a comfortable level so that you can use it throughout the year. Additionally, you can even have wrap-around seating fixed in the shallow area of your courtyard pool as an entertainment space for you and your kids. Courtyard swimming pools have a greater scope of optimisation and make the best use of the available yard space.

The above are some of the benefits of having a courtyard pool in your home. Make sure you plan it out well so that your home gets a luxurious appeal, and its overall value increases. To understand the advantages and benefits of all swimming pool types professionals over at companies like PlungPoolsPerth, have the advice you need.