Benefits of Electronic Signatures for Your Business

Ever since people invented money, and societies became just slightly more advanced than what they were before that, legal documents and signatures became very important. Borrowing or lending money suddenly became a lot more official, and people were no longer promising things, they started signing instead.

Nowadays, the signature of a person can mean so much, and it can be used as legal evidence in case you ever end up in court. However, as technology keeps evolving, and everything around us slowly gets much modernized, the way we sign documents changed as well.

Today, most popular and successful businesses already transitioned to using electronic signatures instead of the regular paper ones, but why exactly? Honestly, it doesn’t sound like something that can make a lot of difference, but is that true? You’ll find out below.

Why Electronic Signatures?

A few decades ago, imagining an office without any paper in it sounded like something completely impossible. As years kept passing by, we slowly got to a point where computers replaced all hand-writing, and now we are getting to a point where paper might become unnecessary to have in an office.

But, are people doing all of this simply so they can say that paper is not needed, or is there a lot more to it? Let’s take a look at the following benefits and you’ll decide for yourself.

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Practical and Easier

Sometimes when you are required to sign a paper or a certain document, you can find yourself in a situation where you’re either lacking a pen or paper. Of course, this is not the case when someone brings the document to you, along with a pen, but imagine working a job position that requires you to print out hundreds of documents every single day, and then signing them all.

For the average person, a pen running out or lacking paper are things that seem unreal but ask someone who works at an office how common it is for this to happen.

If you switch to electronic signatures instead, there won’t be any chance of materials running out. Besides, oil from the pen can sometimes spill out and cause a mess that cannot be easily cleaned, so stay out of trouble and use the more convenient way of doing things.

Saving the environment

Do you know how many trees are cut yearly just so that people can make documents and papers and then throw them away when they don’t need it, instead of recycling them? A lot.

Our planet is currently in a state where it needs to be saved and it needs people that will think eco-friendly. The best way to prevent trees from being cut is to stop using paper all that much and recycle the one that you’re using after you are done with it. If every office in the world switched to using digital services instead of printing out everything on paper, the tree-cutting will be reduced drastically, and that will make a very positive impact on our environment. For more useful information you can take a look at Docage Signature.

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A much safer way

Some people think that signing papers are the safest way of having evidence about certain something, but that’s not true. Although it is very safe, digital signatures are safer, and here’s why.

Just as we all know already, everything that you do on a computer, or the internet, leaves some kind of a trace. Nothing is completely anonymous, and something similar happens when you digitally sign something.

When a person signs a document with a regular pen, authorities can find who it was based on the handwriting, but they can never know exactly when the signing took place, which can be a piece of crucial information in some situations.

With electronic signatures, in case something happens and you have to use this information as evidence, the authorities can view exactly when the device was used and when the signature was done. It contains traceable information about who, where and how they signed, which is impossible to do with a regular paper signature.

You are saving a lot of time

Imagine that you are four or five board members of a large business, and you all need to sign a document about a certain change that cannot happen without the approval of everyone. If you do the things in an old-fashioned way, you’d have to print the document, sign it and then send it to the next board member.

After the next board member receives the document, they’ll have to download it, print it, scan it and then send it to the others, which is a procedure that can take up a lot of time, and it is not the most practical thing to do. We all know that in the corporate world there is no time to waste, so why do all of this when you can switch to the digital method?

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Fewer expenses

The entire point of running a business is to make more money than you spend, right? Well, you should try to apply this rule in every situation, including the expenses for papers, pens, postage, and all the required mailing supplies, as well as the time that you spend going to the post office and such.

It’s a lot more than what you think it is, but you will never really understand how much you’ve been waiting until you finally make the switch.

Showing modernism

One of the things that are very important to business-owners is how they appear to others in the corporate world. If you show everyone that you are following trends, being eco-friendly and thinking consciously, they’ll have larger respect for you, and this will have a huge impact on your career.

One of the ways to do this is by switching to using electronic signatures, and we guarantee that by doing this, you will motivate a lot of other businesses to do the same. Not only that you are saving time, money and resources for yourself, you are also helping the environment and the rest of the business world, all in one.