5 Benefits Of Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds

If you are a new and young weed breeder – then you could make things easier for yourself in the very beginning. Weed is like any other plant – it requires certain conditions and care. And what if you do not have enough time or conditions for such cultivation? Don’t worry, because even then there is a solution – fast flowering seeds. We will introduce you to some of the benefits of fast flowering cannabis seeds.

Advantages Of Fast Blooming Weed Plants

Life can be hectic and our time is so precious because we don’t have many spare moments. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy certain things. So, you can decide to become a grower and choose fast-flowering weed seeds for cultivation. Maybe you are very busy over the day – but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of heights and flavors you can experience from various weed species. The high proportion of THC and the high yields of certain species that automatically bloom is staggering. Don’t have time? Do you want a quick refund? Opt for a fast-flowering seed and let it do all the hard work. If you don’t have time, don’t worry – choosing good fast-flowering varieties will remove all the stress.

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Popularity Of Fast-Growing Seeds

According to many growers, fast-flowing varieties have an excellent application, primarily in the outdoors – although it can also be used in the indoor variant. However, if we plant them indoors, most growers recommend an 18-6 light regime (light-dark) – from start to finish. The great advantages of these sorts are that they are small and tiny in growth – unlike photoperiodic ones, which can go over 3 m. Also, their advantage is an earlier harvest. For example, you can plant them in April or May – and harvest them already in July or August. There is also the possibility of multiple harvests in one season. Another advantage is that these plants are very resistant to some external conditions. Their disadvantages are a slightly lower percentage of THC and quite low yields – therefore, it would be necessary to plant more of them for a decent amount. However, that is depending on the needs of the grower.

Seeds like this are not something new, but their popularity is skyrocketing – and they are constantly being improved. So if you want to buy cannabis seeds – according to stickyseeds.co.uk, you can find some species that exceed 20% THC. Anyway, you should give a chance to these tiny plants and try something new and different.

Benefits Of Fast Blooming Seeds

1. Such plants are tiny growth and compact

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Although the small size of such plants can be both an advantage and a disadvantage – we still decided to emphasize the advantage of this fact. Namely, their small size makes them suitable for growing in a smaller space – and even indoors. Also, the small size of the plant requires less care around it. Of course, we don’t even have to mention discretion as an advantage – because it is quite certain that you will be able to grow smaller plants much more discreetly.

2. These plants bloom quickly and allow for an earlier harvest

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Fast-flowering cannabis, just as the name suggests – grows and blooms much faster than other species. For example, some of them can give flowers in just 3 weeks to 30 days after the seeds are planted. We already know that in other species we have to wait a few months before flowering begins. Therefore, if your goal is fast harvesting buds – then plants like this are the best choice.

3. High resistance

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This is another advantage of breeding such sorts of cannabis. Namely, it can adapt very quickly to the growth of almost any environment. Therefore, they have developed endurance and also resistance to different adverse conditions. These sorts are highly resistant to plant diseases or pests – but also to mold, poor nutrition, excessive nutrition, etc. If by any chance you happen to live in a climatically unstable area – this is an ideal choice for you, because these plants can withstand different climate conditions.

4. Such plants do not require much space

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No matter if you are just a small grower for your own needs or you’re belonging to the category of commercial growers – these weed types will provide you satisfaction in both cases. Thanks to their small size they can be bred at full discretion. Therefore, we can say that almost anyone can grow these plants – from beginners to professionals. You can keep them anywhere – indoors, outdoors, wherever you like. Even if you happen to live in an apartment building, your plants can thrive on the balcony.

5. These varieties are very suitable for novice breeders

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For all of you who are just starting to grow your own weed – plants that are auto-flowering or fast-flowering are advised. These species are less demanding when it comes to breeding and everything that falls under that term. These plants do not require overly demanding conditions, nor nutrition – and they will reciprocate with abundant flowering. It is clear to you that in other types of cannabis, care is far more prevalent, and with that comes a waste of a lot of time. Therefore, species of this kind are very grateful because they require little and give you back a lot.


In the end, we hope you’ll try to avoid some typical mistakes when it comes to growing weed. Many beginners who want to grow cannabis make the mistake of automatically choosing the strongest strain of marijuana. They forget that these strains with very high levels of THC are often the hardest to grow. Also, quality is at least as important when choosing the right type of cannabis variety. You need to make sure your cannabis seeds have good genes. Bad genes can lead to mutations, flowering disorders, poor germination, and many other unpredictable problems. Therefore, your marijuana seeds must come from a reputable supplier. We hope we managed to help you with some of our advice. Anyway, now you know that breeding some fast-flowering sorts of weed truly has certain benefits – especially when it comes to beginners.