6 Benefits of Installing a Doorbell Camera

Many people take security very serious nowadays, especially in countries where almost everyone can get their hands on a firearm. We’re not saying that being able to arm yourself for protection is a bad thing, but the more people in your area are armed, the higher the need for you to get strapped as well.

Security cameras changed our world, there’s no doubt about that, but as technology keeps improving, we get even more and more sophisticated models, and most of the progress in seen in terms of size. The first security camera (CCTV System) was installed back in 1942 and it wasn’t nearly as efficient as the ones we have today. Huge in size, easily detectible and with bad video quality. Oh, and it used a cord.

Nowadays we have models as tiny as a penny, and they can fit in numerous places for maximum undercover surveillance. In this article we’re talking doorbell cameras and the benefits of using them, so feel free to continue reading if you are interested in learning more.

Source: CNET

1. You are aware of the “danger” before it happens

We don’t want to frighten anyone but we are all aware that home invasions do happen in every place in this world. Well, in case you are unfortunate to be one of those who have to go through such an event, it’s so much better to prepare for it rather than let it catch you off-guard, right?

A doorbell camera will let you see the one with a malicious intent a minute before they attempt doing anything, giving you the time to firstly (and most importantly) inform the authorities, and then arm yourself for defending purposes.

In case this sounds like a good idea to you, spycamera.com is a website where you can take a look at a few real-world models of compact and subtle cameras that can be installed anywhere.

2. Top-tier video evidence for the police in case something happens in your absence

Since most of these cameras have the ability to record audio alongside video, you’ll have top-notch evidence for the police in case a robbery happens in your absence. You see, nowadays most people know how to get into your home when you are not there, but they can’t really do anything about their bodies and voices being recorded and the recording being safely stored on the cloud. For about $50 dollars you can make this an option, and with that money you can prevent the loss of a lot more.

Source: spycamera

3. Great home-security improvement for not a lot of money

Sure, there are different price ranges for security cameras and there are some models that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but those are of exceptional quality and are meant for places such as banks and post offices, where the risk of a robbery and the potential loss are both quite high. However, for your regular home-security purposes, you won’t have to spend more than a hundred dollars at most. Security cameras are no longer considered a new invention since technology really improved by a lot in the past few years, so the prices are also no longer high. In a few years we’ll probably see cameras worth about two or three dollars. All in all, this investment is a great security improvement and it doesn’t cost a lot, so we encourage everyone to get it.

4. Just the information of knowing there’s one installed will keep you safer

Statistics say that thieves are seventy percent less likely to attempt a robbery at a place that’s under surveillance by CCTV systems. Even if the cameras are not working, which is silly but still, the sheer sight of them and the thought of being watched and recorded is enough to scare most.

This is why some people place “dummy” cameras which don’t work on obvious places, while hiding the real ones at more subtle location in case the thieves are brave enough to enter knowing someone is recording them. This way you maximize your security by scaring the amateurs away yet recording the more experienced thieves for the police in case they decide to enter. Doorbell cameras though are relatively new and they definitely won’t be expecting them.

Source:DataNet Telecom

5. No more confusions and lies with receiving deliveries

We don’t know if this happened to you in the past but it’s pretty common in some places. You order something but the person supposed to deliver it never arrives, yet they say they came and left the item on your doormat. They’ll either blame it on someone else stealing it or say that you took it. It may sound strange but it does happen. Well, you can easily prevent it with a doorbell camera because you’ll have evidence with a timeframe indicator pointing out that nobody delivered anything to you. And, while we’re at it, you can also report someone to the police in case they really end up stealing the item from in front of your door.

6. It supposedly reduces the amount you have to pay for home insurance

We have information that some home insurers lower down the price for you if you have a doorbell camera installed. It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep your home more secure, especially for insurers since they’ll have to end up paying a lot of money for the damages in case someone breaks in. A doorbell camera can prevent that and the problem can be later on settled with the police and the actual criminal paying off for the damage instead of the insurer companies. This is why you get more affordable prices for insurance if you have a doorbell camera.

Source: thebalance.com


Out of all security investments you can get nowadays, installing a doorbell camera is probably the most affordable one. This helps you cut down costs on insurance as well as providing concrete evidence for the police in case of a robbery. Feel free to check all of the benefits we listed above and consider investing in a camera if you haven’t already. As always, we’re thankful for the time you took to read this article. Remember to stay safe and we’ll see you in the next one.