How a Criminal Record Affects Your Life?

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We all make mistakes in life. Sometimes they are smaller, sometimes bigger. Sometimes we get away with no consequences even though we have made some major mistake, with or without intentions. And yet there are other cases, when for something minor and unintentional, we fall out and bear the consequences. It can happen to anyone to do something that will lead to having a criminal record. When we say criminal record, we usually associate that with multiple offenders connected to serious criminal acts. But the reality is that you can get a criminal record for much less things which can happen to any person.

Once you get a police record, it will greatly affect your life. The police record will contain all your personal information, the offenses you committed, how you were convicted, your DNA, your fingerprint and everything else, as you saw numerous times in the movies. When the police stop you, they will ask you if you have been convicted. When you say yes, you will definitely be examined in more detail than someone who is not. We all hope that this will not happen to us in life, but if it does happen, you must continue to live with it.

Today we will explain to you what impact this will have on your further life.

Is it possible for your rap sheet to be deleted after a while?

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The answer is yes and no. If you committed a crime before legal age, the chances of getting pardon are significantly higher, especially if you have not committed any other offense in the future. In some countries around the world, the criminal record is even automatically revoked when you become an adult.

You can also get a record suspension as an adult. That way, it will not be permanently removed, but it will be separated and it will bring you certain benefits. But let’s introduce you to the silver lining of the whole situation. There are professionals, like, who just specialize in criminal record clearance. That approach can be your only resort in returning your life to where it was before the verdict.

Getting a job

This will surely be one of the spheres of life that will be greatly influenced by the mistakes you have made. For most jobs, it is essential that you have a clean record. Almost all employers will ask you for confirmation that you have not been convicted and very few of them will be ready to hire you, once they find out that you have a criminal record. No one wants their worker to have anything to do with crime.

These are generally prejudices that an increasing number of employers are overcoming. Just because someone has made mistakes in the past does not mean that he can be a good and responsible worker. Of course, the approach of employers also differs depending on the act you have committed. If it is a matter of fraud, violent behavior, trafficking in illicit items and the like, it will be much worse than if it is a misdemeanor for which only a fine is prescribed.

However, you have to face the consequences of your mistakes. You absolutely have to tell a potential employer about what you did, because if he finds out later, he has the right to fire you immediately and even file a lawsuit for false pretensions. So be honest and guarantee that you will prove that mistakes will not happen again if they give you a chance to be upstanding citizen.

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Apartment renting

Here again, the nature of the crime you have committed will have a significant impact. When renting an apartment or house, you must also provide the copy of your criminal record. If it is a serious crime you have committed, it is very possible that the landlords will not want to rent you an apartment, even to consider your application. They will think that there is a possibility to use their apartment for some illegal activities. It is very possible that because of this you will have a rather difficult job to rent a place to live and that you will have to look longer until you find a landlord willing to give you a chance.

On the other hand, if it is something minor, which the potential landlord believes will not affect your business relationship, you will not have major problems.


There is a possibility that you will not be issued a visa for the country you are traveling to after they check your criminal record, especially if you have done something related to smuggling. If you are traveling to a country that doesn’t require a visa, you probably won’t have a problem, especially if you are traveling by land rather than by plane. If you are traveling by plane, be prepared for the border police to question you significantly longer before they let you into the country.

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Other consequences

There are various other things that will be affected. It primarily depends on the state and local laws. Legal possession of weapons will probably be impossible for you, at least for the first few years after the verdict, because no state will issue you a permit. If you are convicted during college, there is a possibility that you will be expelled. Then if the verdict is related to DUI, you will certainly not be able to have a driver’s license for a while. In some countries, you may even lose your right to vote while you are on probation or imprisonment. And if you are an emigrant, you may be deported.

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It is best to never put yourself in this situation. If that happens, don’t think it’s the end of the world. So many people in the world live normal lives with a criminal record. It is important that you never do it again, because when the police or anyone else see that it happened a long time ago and that it did not happen again, they will not cause you any problems. The only thing that matters is that you never lie when you are asked if you have been convicted.