5 Benefits of Using All Natural Dish Soap

Washing dishes is a daily routine in our homes, whether we like it or not. At the same time, consumers are more and more willing to choose natural products, that don’t harm the environment. Have you ever wondered about the combination of eco-friendliness and dishwashing? What are the advantages of using all natural dish soaps? What are the specific benefits that are worth considering? Here we go!

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1. It’s better for our planet

In traditional dish soaps you can find several chemicals. Toxic substances traveling down the drain are harmful to humans, aquatic life and water sources, because it’s not possible to completely purify the water in a sewage treatment plant. That’s why it’s worth to choose natural ingredients, which are gentle with the environment.

Environmentally friendly dish soap uses 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients. Organic formulas are fully biodegradable which means, that when they enter the environment, they will decompose in a short time and without harm to the surroundings. Therefore, biodegradable dish soap won’t do any harm to our planet.

A beautiful interior is not everything. Eco-friendliness doesn’t end with the ingredients but also concerns the packaging. All natural dish soaps are generally packaged in recycled or recyclable bottles. It helps to reduce the amount of garbage left in landfills, which are produced in excess by humans. Thanks to this, even after your dish soap is empty, we still contribute to the protection of the environment.

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2. It is cruelty-free and vegan

Many companies don’t say that the products that were released to the market contributed to the deaths of many innocent animals in the first phase of testing. By choosing natural dish soap, we can be sure that there are no connections between such products and suffering animals. Therefore, eco-friendly dish soap is safe not only for the environment, but also no animal suffered during its production or testing. Because biodegradable dish soap contains only plant-based ingredients, you can be sure it’s vegan too.

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3. Your skin will be grateful

Surely you are able to remember this unpleasant feeling, when your skin becomes dry, itchy or cracked after using regular dish soaps. It’s because traditional dishwashing detergents are full of chemical variations, which easily provide skin irritates.

Nowadays, many dish soaps are full of harmful ingredients such as SLS, formaldehyde, or synthetic fragrances. They have a real impact on our health. Recovering them by natural dish soap allows eliminating persistent skin problems and allergies.

All natural dish soap is very gentle even for sensitive hands. It contains delicate, natural detergents which effortlessly cut food mess and grease but at the same time won’t damage the lipid layer of skin. Except eliminating toxic ingredients and recovering them by organic, natural dish soap very often contains ingredients that additionally have a skin care purpose such as organic glycerin or aspen bark extract, which are for example in AspenClean products.

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4. Cuts food mess and grease as good as traditional dish soap or even better

Are you worried about the effectiveness of natural dish soap? It seems to you, that products containing delicate ingredients won’t cope with your dishes? Don’t worry! Natural detergents will easily deal with dirt and leave dishes sparkling without any… toxic residue. It’s worth explaining.

Traditional dish soaps also clings to the dishes, and it is very hard to rinse it off. When our dishes dry up, the film stays on their surface. When we eat dinner from a plate with toxin residues on it, they get easily into our stomach. This unfortunately can lead to toxic reactions and intolerance.

Using all natural dish soap will eliminate such unpleasant problems leaving you plates and mugs shining and spotlessly clean. Harsh chemicals are unnecessary to keep your dishes sparkling. Nature can do that too.

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5. No harm will happen to your child and four-legged friends

We know what ideas our kids can sometimes have. Let them out of your sight for a moment… Regardless of whether dishwashing liquid enters the child’s body as a result of play or as a residue on the plate it’s very dangerous. Their organisms are extremely vulnerable to the dangers of toxins.

Natural dish soap won’t do any harm to your child, because it contains only organic ingredients. Using natural liquids, you can even wash your baby’s bottles without fear. It’s 100% safe.

You also don’t have to worry about any dishwashing liquid residue in your pet’s bowl after you wash it. Natural ingredients are fully pet-friendly.

Switching into natural solution is a great idea for eliminating problems created by traditional dish soaps. They seem to be much better solutions for keeping our house clean than an alternative full of chemicals. Natural dish soaps are safe for both our health and nature. By using them, first of all, you are aware of what is inside them. Having this knowledge is extremely important.