5 Benefits to Creative Writing to Help your Children

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Creative writing is helpful to children as it encourages them to express their thinking or feelings uniquely. Creative writing includes poetry, songs, drama, and speeches. Creative writing is also referred to as fiction writing as it gives one the freedom of putting down his/her imagination into writing. In children, creative writing helps them to become more imaginative in expressing their feelings in their unique ways. When children to come up with creative thinking, they challenge themselves to become more confident and disciplined students. Studies have constantly shown that students who practise creative writing regularly are also better in other subjects such as science, mathematics, and languages. When writing creatively, you freely exercise to truly develop your voice and perspective without any limitations. You can write a great piece, but you have to identify the genre of writing that suits you best. You may be a great narrative writer but a poor poem writer. Better skills of creative writing help children pass their exams because it is a part of learning whereby students are examined. Below, several benefits to creative writing that will help your child:

1. Imagination and Creativity

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With creative writing, children are encouraged to open their minds to the world of imagination. Here, they can express their imagination in writing in a very creative manner. Creative writing allows you to think beyond the obvious to broaden your thinking as you keep pushing your imagination to a higher level. For instance, a narrative could be horror or a captivating love story. The use of metaphors and similes in creative writing is to make a comparison between two different objects and they add dimension and vividness to writing. Character development, on the other hand, shows character growth within a story. The process can lead to success in many other aspects, such as problem solving and analysis. Whether you are a mathematician or marketer, creative writing gives you a boost to the image you require to think more innovatively. When you encourage your child to engage in creative writing, you encourage the development of their brain and thinking capacity to a large extent. Children that can think and express themselves in a creative manner are able to handle difficult situations in a better way since they can look at the situation from different points of view which eventually helps them solve problems in a more logical manner.

2. Self-Expression

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More often, children shy away from expressing how they feel. On the same note, they may fail to understand what they feel. But creative writing acts as a safe tool through which they can explore and artistically express their feelings. When writing, your feelings come alive, and you can easily unburden your heart without being judged. For example, a sad child can come up with a poem or a story expressing his/her feelings and the reason for the feelings. Experts have argued that artistic expression can be therapeutic to children undergoing some kind of trauma because they are relieved when they write down their experiences. Writing down exactly what’s on their mind can provide help in their healing process. It is also viewed as a suitable tool through which they can heal since they can say all that is troubling them on paper without the fear of being criticized or judged. In case parents suspect that their child is under any form of pressure, the parents can encourage them to write some form of articles or stories that they can use to understand exactly how the child feels. By reading such works of creativity, the parent can play a huge role in helping their child get over some of the challenges that they may be facing in their lives.

3. Building Confidence

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Most people prefer sharing their views through writing rather than talking about them, as they may be shy. Creative writing helps your child feel more confident and comfortable when bringing forth ideas and opinions in the things that they write. By being a creative writer, you engage in an exercise that lets you develop your voice with no limitations. When you don’t write creatively, you may worry about what people not liking your work and may even think of it coming from unreliable sources. By not putting down your take on the subject you are writing about, you end up losing your voice. When a child is exposed to creative writing, they are able to understand that their opinion is not limited and that they are allowed to say what they feel and think without fear of being judged. Children who are able to express themselves creatively prove to be better learners since they are able to create good situations in their minds where they can learn all that is taught to them and remember it using great ideas that come to them as they learn.

4. Communication and Persuasive skills

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Usually, a paper that is well written involves a lot of thinking, organization, and planning as well as a suitable language to drive a point home. It is a great practice for children communicating their thoughts as well as making an effort to convince their readers of their point of view. The older a person is, the lesser the creativity. Therefore, parents are advised to encourage their children to write and be creative as well as using their imaginations to the maximum and thereafter praising them when they are done. Parents and teachers should strive to build the children’s confidence so that they can communicate their views, thinking, and feelings. They can also think of having the kids’ memorable stories being published or introducing them to child-friendly online sites. In case you fail to have some creative ideas that you can use to encourage your children to write creatively, you can always depend on great creative writing companies like Peachy Essay. When you consult experts from such a well-recognized company, they can guide you on how to encourage your child to write creatively and also help you with some great topics that you can give to your child. They can also guide you on how best to make your child a persuasive writer who is able to pass their message across in the best way to the target audience.

5. A better understanding of the Mechanism of Writing and Reading

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Regular practice in creative writing helps your child improve their vocabulary and allows them to understand the mechanics of making their writing and reading skills better. With this type of writing, they will be aware of what style and choice of words that will make their writing flow for their readers and they will also be aware of when to adhere to strict grammar rules and when not to. Once you have mastered the art of professional writing and creativity, you will be able to make or break the rules when necessary by using your own voice and views to make your writing compelling without being branded an amateur, boring or dull. When you can transfer these skills to your children, you will empower them to use their voice to express their opinion. You will also help them understand the importance of creative writing and the different ways that they can use it to their advantage.

With the above points, it is clear that creative writing is beneficial to children and should, therefore, be encouraged. Children who exhibit interest in this genre of writing should be natured as early as possible because they can end up being the best poets, narrators or debaters of their time. Most renowned writers began writing at a tender age, and it is, therefore, right to encourage the kids to write. When the above points are seriously taken into consideration, you can easily pass your writing exam. All the same, one must have an interest coupled with regular practice to become a better creative writer as it is not an easy job.