15 Best Beach Accessories For Summer Travel 2024

The summer is always a perfect time for a beach vacation. With the surface temperatures rising, you deserve a nice cool off. You could swim, sip a cold beer, or relax and relish the cold breeze.

The trick, however, for making your summer travel on the coast funnier and more adventurous is assembling the right accessories. It would help if you had supplies that’ll improve your beach vacation. That brings us to these must-haves:

1. Portable Chair

Source: Yanko Design

You require a comfortable chair for relaxation. It should also be lightweight and packable to let you carry it conveniently.

Some of the chairs come with shoulder straps and carry bags, which make them readily portable. Others have add-ons like built-in pillows, beverage holders, side pouches, and umbrellas to improve your relaxation.

You can explore unique portable beach chairs on beachrising.com, a website dedicated to beach gears.

2. Foldable Table

Source: ChinaHao.com

Are you interested in having a family picnic on the coastline? Then it would be best if you got a foldable table. You can use it to place your food and drink as you partake as a family.

In addition to being foldable, the outdoor table should be lightweight and sturdy. It should also be satisfactorily raised to prevent sand from getting into your food and drinks.

3. Beach Blanket

Source: Campanzee Beach Blanket

Carrying a sand-free blanket to the coast is a fantastic idea for a picnic. You can lay it down and have your snacks and drinks from there.

Also, this gear is a good option for resting. Whether you decide to sleep or sit on it, it’s a comfortable pick.

Generally, the blanket should not just be waterproof but also lightweight and fast-drying.

4. Sun Shelter

Source: AliExpress

The summer sun can be extreme. That’s why you need a UV-protected tent, canopy, or umbrella. If you do not intend to camp there, then a beach canopy or umbrella will serve the purpose.

However, if you plan to camp there, then get a UV-protected tent. It shall offer you adequate protection, not just from the sun but also from rain, storm, and biting insects.

5. Beach Cooler

Source: Beach Cooler

With the summer experiencing high temperatures, nothing is more refreshing than a cold drink. It could be water, juice, beer, or even wine.

Whatever it is, you need a cooler to keep it cold. The advantage here is that you can even buy a beach cooler bag, which you can carry like a regular bag.

6. Bluetooth Speaker

Source: pexels.com

Music makes the outdoor experience funnier. You can listen to cool music to calm your nerves and dance to it to shake off your anxiety.

That’s why a Bluetooth-speaker is a must back for summer travels. With it, you can listen to music from your phone or tablet.

Just ensure the Bluetooth speaker is both waterproof and shock-proof.

7. Beach Towel

Source: New York Magazine

You also need a beach towel, which you can sit on if you happen to forget your sand-proof blanket. The towel, thus, should also be sand-proof, meaning you should effortlessly shake off sand.

It also needs to be quick-drying since it shall come into contact with water a lot of times. Lastly, it should be lightweight, soft-feeling, and colorful.

8. Beach Cart

Source: Sugar Beach Co.

A cart is a necessity when carrying so many stuff or heavy options like tents and coolers. Since it’s wheeled, you’ll find it easy to move on the beach.

Most carts come with large balloon tires that roll over the sand surface effortlessly. Others have large load capacities even to allow you to carry your toddler.

9. Swimwear

Source: iNews

What’s a summer vacation on the coast without swimming in the ocean? So, pack your favorite swimsuit when going for this much-awaited vacation.

If you don’t have the accessory, consider buying it.

10. Water Shoes

Source: Mom Loves Best

You need the best water shoes to protect your feet. They should not just keep water out but sand as well.

The footwear should be lightweight to allow you to walk comfortably on sand. They should also be quick-drying, stress-free to wear, and breathable.

11. Solar Power Bank

Source: Lifewire

It may be hard to find electricity in some beaches. So, what will happen to you if your mobile phone or tablet runs out of charge?

You also need a way to fast-charge your camera in case its battery runs out.

For those reasons, a solar power bank is a fantastic accessory to have. Since it’s solar-powered, you’ll have adequate power for charging your devices as long as the sun shines.

12. Beach Tote

Source: Lands’ End

A tote bag I must-have for moms. You can use it to carry your snacks and drinks as well as non-edibles like toiletries, medicine, and clothes.

When picking a tote bag, ensure it’s sizeable to hold all your essentials and should come with multiple pockets. It should also be easy to clean, fast-drying, and stylish.

13. 50+ SPF Sunscreen

Source: Sun Bum

Protect your skin from the blazing sun with a 50+ SPF (sun protection factor) sunscreen. Such a sunscreen blocks off 99% of ultraviolet rays to keep your skin well-protected.

While picking a sunscreen, you must go for an organic, biodegradable option. That makes you conscious of the environment as you won’t pollute the waters.

14. Portable Safe

Source: Save Money Miami

Not all beaches are safe. Some have looters who are likely to steal your valuables.

To ensure that they don’t have such a chance, getting a portable safe is a good idea. It allows you to lock your precious jewelry, money, and other valuables as you take a swim or jog on the coastline.

Ensure the safe is portable for convenient use. That means it should come lightweight and in a compact size.

15. Other Accessories

Source: Family Vacation Critic

Other beach accessories worth getting for your summer travel are:

  • Portable fan
  • Outdoor drinkware
  • Sand and water toys
  • Sun hat
  • Beach games
  • Portable bonfire pit
  • Portable shower
  • Reads (books and magazines)
  • Photo-taking drone
  • Wine bags
  • Insulated water bottles
  • Portable grill
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof bags and cases for your electronics
  • Outdoor light
  • Fitness tracker


Above are beach accessories that are likely to improve your overall vacation. So, pick the ones that suit your vacation more and expect to have an exciting adventure.

If there is any that you don’t have at the moment, it’s the right time to buy it.