6 Road Trip Gadgets You Need For Your Next Trip – 2024 Guide

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Is it finally time to create a list of the must-have necessities before you get in the car and embark on the long-awaited adventure in the form of a super exciting road trip? Surely! Food – there it is. Clothes – packed. Good mood – always. When it comes to gadgets, the point is clear – we all know roughly what we need as we drive along the endless highway in search of the perfect vacation or picnic spot. GPS, a good radio for our four-wheeled friend so that we can scream along with our fave hits next to…A smartphone, well, it goes without saying, right? Does the list end here?

The answer is definitely – no, not at all. The fact is that, just like in the good old days, you can go on vacation or travel without any major desires or special additional details. But it’s always cool to take a look at these super handy, convenient things that might contribute to a good atmosphere, protect you, but also bring you closer to today’s modern solutions that people use increasingly. We encourage you to consider adding items that follow to your checklist – trust us: you definitely won’t regret it!

1. Portable WiFi hotspot

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The Internet is something we can rarely do without – let’s be completely honest. Even when we have the desire to go far away and just give ourselves a break from the rest of the world, without a mobile phone and the Internet nowadays we mostly feel like we would feel without any clothes on – so strange. Sometimes it’s even desirable that we still have access to it because of applications that can provide necessary assistance to us along the way, contacting people due to crisis situations and other reasons.

The portable WiFi hotspot is a mini router that’ll allow you and your fellow travellers to always be able to connect to the Internet, no matter where you are. Plus, you’ll save battery and data on your own phone – not such a small advantage, right?

2. Car charger

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No matter how long your trip takes, one thing’s for sure – the battery on your mobile phone, laptop or any other gadget you carry with you is a deceptive thing. So, for those situations when you need those precious, super necessary 2% more, but instead you see that awful message on the screen informing you that you have 0% battery, there’s it’s majesty – a car charger.

In addition to being able to charge your smartphone or tablet on your own, if you get a model that has four ports, your family and people traveling with you will be able to do it at the same time, as well. No more arguing, and charging tends to go extremely fast. The only exception that might occur when it comes to the charging speed would precisely be those variants with multiple ports, but in general, this kind of gadget saves lives wherever you go by car.

3. Portable espresso/coffee machine

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Let’s say you aren’t quite satisfied with the fact that the hot, lovely-smelling coffee that you pour into your thermos in the morning will probably lose its original freshness until the first break you make during the trip? No problem – then don’t make it before departure: you can get your own mini coffee machine that you’ll be able to take with you and make yourself a cup of this wonderful drink in the blink of an eye as if you were in a cafe!

You can put grains in them, which will turn into a wonderful mixture of smells and tastes in a couple of moments or capsules, as with regular machines. Some offer only the possibility of making espresso, while with some of them you can treat yourself with other similar drinks as well, depending on which beans or tastes you use and what you prefer. These appliances are small, fitting in a bag of average size and you’ll be oh-so-grateful to yourself for taking them with you – especially in the morning when nothing’s complete without that must-have cup of coffee.

4. Phone holder

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Safe driving definitely involves the effort of handling the mobile phone as little as possible while we’re on the road. However, sometimes it’s simply necessary for it to be in front of our eyes – whether we’re looking at maps of places we’re passing through or we need to answer an emergency call. Since the use of hands for these purposes must in no way jeopardize the driving of the car, a special car phone holder is absolutely recommended to make this easier to perform.

The ability to place them at eye level greatly facilitates things, as you can easily answer the phone with one click, change the station on the radio or a song on the playlist or select the desired map. In addition to these gadgets, Top-Go also recommends grip mounts, cup holder phone mounts and similar interesting aids.

5. Car cooler

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A road trip simply can’t go without beverages and food, right? However, not everything’s so fine if you pack fresh sandwiches and cold water in the morning, and arrive at your destination with melted or bad-smelling food. For this reason, more and more people are opting to invest in a small, cute car cooler.

Apart from being extremely convenient for transporting and storing your food and drinks while traveling, it’s also practical, and of course, you can also use it on all your future trips – you just need to change the cooling cartridges. They come in several sizes, made of different materials and in numerous colors – the choice is yours and only yours.

6. Smart mosquito repellent

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Finally, we have a special treat for you, and it’s a means against the most annoying and persistent creatures with an indescribable gift to spoil even the best vacation – mosquitoes. So far, you may have applied various insect repellents that may only work for the first few minutes, or may not work at all, but this is slowly becoming obsolete.

Nowadays, smart repellents (yes, these actually exist!) are a simple matter of latest trends. They work with the help of batteries that can be recharged, releasing a special type of substance that the human sense of smell can’t detect – that’s its way to say goodbye to tiny uninvited guests. Plus, you don’t have to worry about bad and harmful chemicals ending up in your lungs and body, since this little device doesn’t contain them nor it produces them. A single click is enough to finally get rid of mosquitoes and prevent them from spoiling your fun!