4 Best Books on Real Estate Investing

I think it is no secret that there is a lot of money in the real estate industry and a lot of people have become rich from it. The investments in this industry have turned a lot of people into millionaires and some even billionaires. Right now, the market is so oversaturated in full with all kinds of agents, properties, companies, and who knows what else. But, this should not discourage you if you have a dream to invest in real estate. There still is a lot of potential to become a huge part of this entire market/industry.

However, becoming rich or making millions out of this is not as easy as making a simple purchase and then a sale. The entire process is a lot more complicated and there is a lot of risk at play. To make money out of this, a lot of money, you will have to play smart. These days, smart plays are not easy to make.

Fortunately, there are a lot of that are willing to share their knowledge and experience of their life in investing. Usually, the successful people share their stories and experience through books, so the easiest way to learn all the efficient tactics and strategies to utilize these investments as best as possible, you will have to read some of those books.

Considering how many books are out there that focus on the subject, picking the right one can be a bit problematic. To help you make the right decision, we have made a list of the best books on real estate investing.

1. The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No Money Down by Brandon Turner

Source: Goodreads

Brandon Turner is an entrepreneur that is very experienced in the property investment sector. He is also the vice president of the community/company called BiggerPockets. Here, young investors can sign up to create an account that will help them develop into being better businessmen and dealing properly with customers.

Since the success of Brandon Turner is quite apparent, it makes sense that his book will be quite the teaching. In fact, even the most successful people in the world right now claim that they have read this book at least a couple of times. So, if you are an entrepreneur that has a big hole in their bank account, this book might be able to help you repair that whole and to guide you on how you will be able to finance a property without a huge down payment. This is what Brandon focuses on most of the time in his story.

2. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Jay Papasan and Gary Keller

Source: Jay Papasan

These two genius businessmen, authors, and entrepreneurs have written or co-written several books that are related to property investment, self-care, self-confidence and have covered many other subjects that are related to building one’s personality that would ultimately lead to success. Without a strong character, without charisma, you won’t be able to succeed in the world of business. It doesn’t matter which industry you are focusing on, you still have to build that charisma that will attract new clients, employees, and partners.

This is why I believe Jay Papasan’s and Gary Keller’s book is great for people that are trying to build their careers in real estate. It is a huge boost in motivation for those that would really like to build an influential company or a self-made brand.

With over a thousand ratings and an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon, I am sure that you will not be disappointed by this read.

3. Multi-Family Millions by David Lindahl

Source: Kobo.com

For the people that are aiming even higher, for those that want to build a huge career and want to be as successful as possible, I recommend Multi-Family Millions by David Lindahl. He specifically talks about making the transition from single-family homes into selling multifamily homes. This kind of jump is scary and can be risky too, especially if you do not have any kind of experience with multifamily properties, but with the right knowledge and advice, you might actually succeed.

But, it is not always about having the experience of understanding the strategies. Sometimes, you have to do things on your own that no one else can tell you about. You have to get your name out there to ensure that people will start recognizing your brand. The easiest way to do that is by building a website or social media accounts. However, for your website to have a positive effect on your brand, you will have to consider search engine optimization as suggested by reibarmarketing.com.

Once you understand how important it is to properly advertise your name or your brand, you can start building towards much wider career options and multi-family properties.

4. One Rental At A Time by Michael Zuber

Source: Instagram

Many people are stuck in a loop of financial hell that they simply cannot get out of. But, some have managed to get out of this financial hell and have managed to reach stability. Assuming that you feel like you are in that kind of position, I recommend reading one rental at a time. Keep in mind, this read is not just about making the right choices as a property investor, it is about making the right financial decision throughout your life.

You cannot get rich if you spend every single dime you make, right? You cannot reach any kind of financial stability if you do not have a plan for the future. It might seem ridiculous that you would have to count every single dollar you spend, but that is how most people have become successful millionaires or even billionaires.

I assume that Michael Zuber has gone through this entire process and he’s willing to share his experience with his book One Rental At A Time.

I could go on with hundreds of other books that would help you reach success, but these four I mentioned by these famous entrepreneurs and businessmen will probably leave the best impressions on you.