6 Best Business Phone Systems and VoIP Providers (For Any Budget)

Choosing a phone system is a major decision for any business. It is difficult to overstate how important communication is to any business, whether it’s communication amongst staff or with other businesses. Irrespective of your current budget, the five VoIP and phone system providers listed below all offer a high-quality service that any business would benefit from.

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1. Vonage Business

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Vonage Business provides a reliable phone service using VoIP and comes with a range of business-centric features that make it an ideal option for businesses of all sizes. Compared to a traditional landline service, Vonage Business’s service is able to offer businesses cost reductions of more than a third.

It’s easy to get set up with Vonage, especially if you have a compatible VoIP phone. Given the impressive range of handsets that are compatible, most people who own a VoIP handset should have no trouble connecting it with Vonage.

Once you are up and running, you can rely on Vonage to provide excellent call quality alongside a range of features that make it a fantastic addition to the communications infrastructure of any business. Round the clock customer service ensures that you always have access to support when you need it, and any issues that you encounter can be solved quickly.

2. RingCentral

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RingCentral has been in the VoIP game for a long time, with its first small business telephone service debuting in 1999. Since then, the business has clearly learned a great deal about how to provide telephone communications for businesses. RingCentral owns network infrastructure around the world, including networks in the United States, Europe, and Asia. This infrastructure is behind the exceptional quality that RingCentral offers.

RingCentral charges more than most of its competitors for access to their service but you will get what you pay for. For that premium entry price, RingCentral provides a long list of features that set it apart from the rest of the pack. For example, RingCentral’s service comes with a generous number of toll-free minutes. Users will also gain access to RingCentral’s unlimited video conferencing service.

One last selling point in favor of RingCentral is its price match guarantee. If you can show RingCentral a better price on a plan including less than 50 lines, they will offer you the same deal.

3. Nextiva

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For most small businesses, it makes more sense to invest in a scalable service that can be upgraded as necessary. With a range of different plans available at various price points, Nextiva has an option to suit every business and makes it easy for businesses to scale up their service as they grow. Even if you are restricted to one of the cheapest plans that Nextiva offers, you will still be gaining access to an impressive array of features.

Many of Nextiva’s features are aimed specifically at workers who are working from home, so they are particularly helpful in the current climate. The Nextiva mobile app enables subscribers to easily access the service remotely, wherever they might be. Making and receiving calls from both desktop and mobile devices is simple, whether you’re having a one-on-one call or a conference conversation.

4. Ooma

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Ooma is an excellent choice for small businesses, offering affordable pricing and a highly scalable service. Ooma is the kind of VoIP provider that can help to carry a business from their very first days operating and continue serving them well for years to come while keeping their costs low.

Ooma’s service is divided into two packages, each of which provides users with all the industry-standard features that you would expect from a business-focussed VoIP provider. The basic package will last most businesses fine until they have grown enough to justify upgrading. Because even the basic package is so versatile, most businesses won’t need to upgrade their package for some time.

In addition to its VoIP service, Ooma also offers customer relationship management features. Their inclusion sets Ooma apart from its competitors and, coupled with the remote working features Ooma offers, make it a very attractive option for businesses today.

5. Dialpad

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Dialpad is ideal for small businesses. The company has been around since 2012, so it has a solid reputation for longevity and reliably. This is not a brand that will disappear in the middle of the night, leaving your business high and dry.

The company offers a VoIP system called Dialpad Talk. It also provides conferencing software. Plans are paid monthly, so you can pick a plan that suits your budget and needs. Smaller businesses will be happy with the standard or Pro plan, which includes call forwarding, video calling, and group texting in the US and Canada. Larger companies will benefit from the Enterprise price plan, which has extras such as multiple office integration and 24/7 customer support.

The great thing about Dialpad is that you can try the service for free – Dialpad offers a 14-day free trial. If you love it and want to sign up for a plan, there are savings to be made if you decide to switch to an annual tariff.

6. Grasshopper

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For businesses that eschew the traditional office environment, many conventional VoIP providers offer features that are irrelevant or unsuitable. For these businesses, Grasshopper is an excellent alternative. Grasshopper’s service is easy to customize. Users can add features to their subscription as they deem necessary.

Grasshopper is another provider that sits on the pricier side of things, but they are well worth the investment for businesses that find most VoIP offerings too office-centric.

The providers we have listed above all offer exceptional phone and VoIP services to businesses; each of them has earned their reputation for excellence. Every business needs to have a solid communication infrastructure to enable communications amongst its own staff and external clients. Using one of the VoIP platforms above will save most businesses money while enabling them to upgrade their phone systems at the same time.

Look for free trials before you commit to using any VoIP service. This gives you an opportunity to test the features on offer risk-free.