6 Best Casino Games Of All Time

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When it comes to fun and entertainment, casinos are never in short supply! Ever since the first casinos appeared in Italy back in the 1700s, they’ve been a sure-fire for people looking for a bit of excitement – and of course, big wins!

What has made casinos as legendary and as exhilarating as they are now? The games they offer, of course! Over the past few hundreds of years, thousands of fantastic casino games have emerged, with everything from slots games to poker and blackjack earning top spots as global favourites.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the greatest casino games of all time. Each one has stood the test of time and remained a classic that casino enthusiasts love playing each time they visit their favourite spots.

1. Roulette

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Also known as the Devil’s Game, roulette has been a firm favourite for well over two centuries now. Even after all this time, it is still one of the games that draws the biggest crowds at almost every casino.

To put it simply: each player needs to place a bet on which one of the 38 numbers surrounding the wheel the ball will land on once it stops spinning. While there are a few minor strategies that players can apply when playing roulette, many players are actually drawn to the fact that the game is unpredictable. The game becomes increasingly more exciting with each spin.

There are two different kinds of roulette: American roulette and European roulette. The former has some of the lowest odds of all casino games. The setup of the American wheel, which has an added “0”, gives the house an edge of roughly 5.6%, which is considered to be quite good considering the fact that the game consists of nothing more than a wheel and a ball. On the other hand, its European counterpart has one less “0”, which gives the house an edge of just 2.7%.

2. Poker

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Ever since the early 19th Century, when it was first invented, poker has had an iconic reputation in casinos around the world. This game combines strategy and talent, with a fair sprinkling of luck. All of these variables are what keep the game exciting.

Poker is one of the very few casino games out there that places players directly up against each other. Through a crafty combination of tactical betting and deception, each game is anyone’s game. Even if players don’t have winning cards, it’s still entirely possible for them to win. The key to winning any poker game is making sure you conduct yourself in such a way that your opponents will never have an inkling as to the true contents of your hand.

3. Blackjack

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As one of the most popular casino games out there, blackjack is one that is loved by both beginners and players who consider themselves to be experts.

This game is a very simple one, yet astoundingly, carries some of the highest chances of winning compared to any other casino game. If blackjack is played correctly, the house will have a marginal edge of just 0.8%!

If you’re a beginner wanting to try your luck at blackjack, you need to aim for a total of 21 points in your hand. You may go lower than that, but certainly never higher.

4. Keno

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Keno is considered to be one of the easiest games to play at any casino, and therein lies the excitement. The simplicity of the game means that the scope of players able to participate widens significantly, making it fun for everyone.

To play the game, one simply needs to select numbers between 1 and 80. Depending on the variation of the game, players can usually select up to 10 numbers. However, this can vary.

Once a player has selected their numbers, a draw of 20 numbers will happen at random. Should one of your numbers be drawn, you will then win. The more numbers you pick correctly, the more your pool of winnings will increase. It’s as simple as that! Keno is perfect for players who don’t necessarily have much experience when it comes to casinos.

Roulette and Keno are often classed together as they are both so remarkably simple to play. On one hand, roulette is quite fast-paced, and on the other, Keno moves at a much slower pace.

5. Slots

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Slots games are some of the most iconic casino games in existence. Interestingly, most of the floor space in casinos is generally occupied by slot machines. In fact, they are generally one of the first things that one notices when they enter a casino.

Over the past few decades, as casino slot games continued to grow in popularity, the quality and quantity of the games produced began to improve. However, it remains one of the most straightforward casino game concepts out there, regardless of the variations created.

All that players need to do when playing at cryptothrills.io or in a land-based casino to get the reels going is press a few buttons. While the concept of slots games itself is quite simple, the slots gaming industry is a diverse and exciting one. New games are created and launched every week, often themed around popular cultural icons and references. And who doesn’t love the sounds the machines make whenever a player strikes a winning combination? Speaking of winning, there are also quite a few slot machines that are well-known for their very generous jackpots. What’s not to love about them?

6. Craps

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Craps is one of the most widely played casino games in the world. It originated in the United States and then quickly spread to Europe, perhaps owing largely to the fact that each game can be played by up to 20 players, keeping the stakes and excitement high.

This dice game sees players rolling the dice themselves. Players are also allowed to make different bets on what will happen on the table. It’s fairly simple to play and to understand but can offer plenty of fun for hours on end!