Top 5 Best Corporate Gifts – 2024 Guide

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A competitive salary, a bonus, a car or other great benefits can make employees feel appreciated for the work they do at your company. But the unexpected gestures are the ones that can really make the difference. Think, for example, about celebrating milestone anniversaries, such as a 1, 5, 10 or 25 year work anniversary, new hires, promotions or birthdays. In addition to these personal milestones, some companies also buy their employees corporate gifts for special days like Christmas, Easter and NYE. Some companies even use corporate gifts as an incentive for better personal or team performances, which can eventually boost productivity and job satisfaction. After all, good gifting may be the best thing that fully shows your appreciation to your employees!

A corporate gift may be a small gesture, but it can be that little extra that brightens up the day of your employees. It can make them feel seen and valued! Once you know that corporate gifts can make employees’ daily grind a little better, only one question remains. “What corporate gifts are the best gifts to give to your employees”?

In this article, we’ll tell you about the 5 best corporate gifts that will definitely put a smile on the faces of your employees. From the ordinary gifts that always do good to the more special and personalized gifts that indicate that you know your employee well! Curious? Then read along!

1. Gift Cards

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Something that always fits in every situation: the gift card. With a gift card, you give your employees the opportunity to buy something they really like / always wanted. A gift card might be an ordinary gift, but remember that people know their own taste and style way better than you do. And as they are able to choose their own gift, you as an employer can’t make any mistakes by choosing the wrong one. That’s a win-win!

If you want to buy a gift card for your employees, you can choose between two types of gift cards: for a (specific) item or for an experience. If you want your employees to choose an item they like, then preferably buy them a regular gift card.

For example, an Amazon or eBay gift card. At websites like Amazon and eBay, people can find literally anything that they like. Do you want to give them a real ‘experience’, then go for a dinner cheque, and learn more here, or a day at the spa/sauna. A fun or adventurous activity or tickets to a concert may be more fun as a reward/gift for a whole team.

2. Fun and Handy Desk Items

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Looking for fun but handy items that people use everyday? Why not buy your employees some cool desk items? Desk items that are fun can make your workday more enjoyable. If they are handy too, it can also make your workday more productive. A win-win! Think, for example, of a personalized mug. Employees probably use them everyday for a coffee or tea to start off their day. You can also print a funny tagline on the mug that describes that particular employee or you can print his or her nickname. And have you ever thought about mug warmers, salt and lava (astro) lamps, stress balls or personalized USBsticks in all shapes and sizes? There are so many different fun and handy desk items!

3. Branded Clothing and Accessories

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Do you think that employees don’t like to wear branded clothing or branded accessories? Well, then you thought wrong! Research shows that many employees do like to have clothes and/or accessories with the name of their company. It gives them a feeling of belonging: being part of a group or club.  It makes them feel special. Other employees are just proud to work for a specific company and like to show that to others. Are you looking for branded clothing and/or accessories that you can surprise your employees with? A comfortable fleece, jacket or T-shirt with the name of your company is always a good idea. Do you want to choose a less obvious branded corporate gift for your employees? Then buy them some branded beach items (e.g., branded flip-flops, beach balls, badminton rackets, cool bags or towels) or even comfy PJ’s. And remember: a good (personal) story makes good gifting even better!

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Do you really want to impress your employees with a special gift? And is the price tag not really an issue? Then noise cancelling headphones might be a surprising corporate gift for your employees. Offices can be very crowded and noisy, which may distract employees from their work. And even for those people that work from home during the pandemic, noise cancelling headphones may be a clever gift – think, for example, of the kids running around. And let’s be honest: a good jam will help everyone get through the day!

5. Treats and sweets

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There is this saying: “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. But we do believe that this saying also applies to women! Buying your employee some sweets and snacks is definitely a good idea. But buying them their favorites, definitely shows that you have thought about them! Some examples of nice food gifts for your employees are their favorite coffee or tea. And then make sure not to buy the regular ones that you can get at the local grocery store, but buy the more exclusive brands. Or what do you think of some French macarons or Belgian chocolate in a nice gift box? Or buy a good whiskey or nice bottle of champagne (don’t forget to pop it when everyone is there) if you want to celebrate a special occasion. Always make it a special moment! You can also select some local treats and sweets for a truly personalized experience.

Are you looking for a nice gift to reward your employees? Or to celebrate a special moment? Or just because you like it? Hopefully you know what to buy after reading this article. Good luck!