5 Best Countries for Dental Tourism in 2024

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We all know that health is the most important thing, and although a lot of people say that you cannot buy it with money, there are some situations in which we can disagree.

Throughout the world, there are a lot of medical facilities, hospitals, clinics and doctors working day and night to help us get the best out of our life. However, we all know that being a doctor is a profession, and professions are done to earn money. This means that we cannot expect to get free appointments or complicated medical procedures, because those people need to earn a living somehow as well.

Lately, the healthcare costs are slowly rising all over the world, with some countries being on top of the list. We know that it’s an awful thing to not be able to pay for your health to be in good status, and that is exactly why we decided to put together this guide just for you.

Oral Health

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Oral health is really important, and not many people know this, but having issues with your teeth can lead to more complicated problems even some that are heart-related, as crazy as it sounds.

This means that you should always give your best to maintain your oral hygiene and avoid doing anything that can harm your teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes no matter how hard we try, a problem can occur, and this is when we’re supposed to schedule a dentist appointment.

However, as we mentioned earlier, the cost of healthcare is rising, so if you live in a country that pumps up the prices quite a lot, you’ll have to participate in something that’s called “Dental Tourism”. This means visiting another country with a cheaper health-care, while also taking a vacation and spending your time traveling while you’re there. It’s like a mini-holiday with an added health benefit, so this sounds pretty amazing already.

Let’s take a look at the top five countries that you can visit in 2024.

1. Turkey

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Turkey is a wonderful country that you should visit for many reasons. The people there are friendly, the food is amazing and there are so many things that you can see while you’re there.

Their cities are always so full of people, especially Istanbul, meaning that you will never feel bored or be left without anything fun to do. Most importantly, however, their healthcare is known to be top-tier and not as expensive as in some other countries.

If you are looking to have a great time and get your Dental Implants in Turkey, feel free to visit docvivo.com for more information.

2. Thailand

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Another amazing country that’s full of tourists all the time. If you didn’t know already, Thailand is famous for some of the largest and most sophisticated dental hospitals and clinics, and their low prices being the cherry on top.

Believe it or not, you will save a lot more money if you were to purchase a plane ticket and fly to Thailand for your dental appointment, than by doing it in your own country, especially if you live in some of those who are known to be very expensive.

Besides, you get to visit some amazing places and meet cool people. We all know how cool traveling is, so why miss out on this opportunity?

3. Hungary

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Out of all European countries, Hungary is one of the most famous ones when it comes to dental tourism. In their larger cities, there are huge hospitals and clinics with some of the best personnel that you’ve ever met.

If you want your teeth to be checked or healed by a true professional, this might be the best option for you at the moment. Hungary, in general, is not very expensive, and there are tons of things that you can do in your free time while visiting this country. The plane tickets are also quite cheap, and you can buy one on Wizzair, which is a Hungarian airline that’s currently really famous in Europe.

4. Philippines

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A bit different destination when you compare it to all the other ones on this list, but the Philippines is a place that you have to visit if you love traveling, even if dental appointments aren’t on your priority list. This place is beautiful and there’s always something breathtaking to see there. It also happens that the Philippines have an amazing dental-care, one that doesn’t cost a lot of money unlike in some other countries.

In Makati, you can find a clinic that has numerous awards for a great treatment, so you should always keep the Philippines in mind if you ever plan to make a dental tour to another country.

5. Serbia

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Last but not least, one of the most beautiful countries on the Balkans, a place filled with untouched nature and a buzzing night-life, if you happen to be into that. In Serbia, you always have something to do with your free time, so if you are waiting for the time to pass to get your dental appointment schedule, you can spend your hours doing all sorts of cool activities.

You can visit museums, go hiking, try amazing meals in the local restaurants, and most importantly, save some money because this country is quite affordable. When it comes to healthcare, Serbia has great hospitals with professional dentists, so you shouldn’t worry even the slightest bit when it comes to your appointment. Implants, crowns, tooth-removal or anything that you want to be done, you’ll be in the hands of true professionals.


Numerous countries around the world have expensive healthcare, and this is something that slowly keeps building up as years go by. Places such as the United States are already quite known for having healthcare that costs a lot of money, so a lot of the citizens living there are trying to find cheaper solutions in other parts of the world. This is how Dental Tourism was born, and it is something that you should look into if you are willing to get your oral health in check without completely breaking your bank. Did we mention that you get to travel and have a wonderful time as well?