Dental Treatments Abroad 2024 – Is Europe Cheaper for Dental Implants

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You might be wondering why so many people are traveling abroad to get dental treatment and the answer to this question is quite simple. It is much cheaper and it is referred to as dental tourism. It is a way to save a bit of money, by traveling to another country that offers cheaper dental implants or other similar services.

It is no secret that some countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and many others a very expensive when it comes to fixing your teeth.

So, if you are planning on traveling to another country to deal with your issues, you probably want to know about all the pros and cons of dental tourism. Make sure you keep reading to understand how it works.

Why should you get treatment abroad?

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We already talked about the fact that paying for your teeth in some countries can be expensive as paying out your car loan. That kind of price range is simply too high for some people which is why they choose to travel to places such as Turkey or Hungary for cheaper treatment. You might think that paying for a plane ticket, taking time off work traveling and then finally paying for the dentist is not worth it, but you might actually save thousands of dollars just by doing this.

So, the idea of getting implants outside of your country is definitely worth it.

Why are the prices so low?

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It is true that in many aspects of the modern world, cheaper prices usually mean lesser quality or lower standards, but when it comes to dentists abroad, they might even have a higher level of quality than places such as the UK, Germany or even the US. The first thing that you will notice when getting inside of these clinics is that they are impeccably clean (which is always a good sign) and that they have bleeding edge technology when it comes to oral medicine.

According to, the reason why these prices are so low is that those countries such as Turkey and Hungary are much more affordable to live in. So, paying rent, getting a brand new car, shopping for groceries and buying dental equipment is much cheaper for dentists than those in the UK and the US. They don’t have to gouge out their clients’ wallets just so they can return their investment on the equipment.

The further you go from larger cities, the better prices you will find.

Higher Quality

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Many people that have been abroad to deal with their dental problems claim that they have actually had a much better experience in those clinics than those in their home country. In Hungary for example, most patients claim that the clinics felt very welcoming and that they were very time efficient. Short waiting times, friendly service in the waiting room and the doctors quickly and accurately deal with their sessions.

What is even better with some of these clinics is that you even have the option to gain additional services such as getting picked up from the airport and transported to a nice hotel of their choice, a private driver to get you from the hotel to the clinic and many other features that you usually wouldn’t get.

What is cheaper?

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Naturally, when planning to go travel the world just to fix the problems you have with your teeth, you will need to do a bit of research to find out what kind of services you should expect and their prices.

While most services have a good price when going abroad, here are some of the more cost-effective:

An endosseous implant is also known as a dental implant is a component that is drilled into the bone of the jaw so it can support a crown which is a substitute for a tooth. This is quite a commonly done surgery, but its costs can get pretty high. Fortunately, countries such as Turkey offer much better fees.

The cost of one implant in Turkey is somewhere between $400 and $1000 while the cost in places such as the UK and the US can go well over $2000. Just imagine how expensive would be to do a full mouth dental implant in the United Kingdom.

Veneers also have a great price when going abroad. A veneer is a layer of a certain material placed over the tooth. This is usually done by people who want to improve the look of their smile, if they want to protect the surface of their teeth or both. The cost for a full set of veneers isn’t that expensive, but we believe that it is still worth to consider traveling to a different country for better care.

Root canal or endodontic treatment is the required procedure after a tooth has been infected or rotten. By doing this treatment, the infected parts of the tooth are completely removed, it is thoroughly cleaned to ensure that there won’t be any future microbial invasions and then it is filled with gutta-percha and then finally a crown. Depending on the status of the tooth, this procedure can be long and costly.

Paying thousands of dollars just to save one tooth is ridiculous, so traveling to Hungary, Poland, Thailand or Turkey is not such a bad idea when you consider how much cheaper are their services.

How to set an appointment?

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Of course, you can’t just get a plane ticket for any day you want and expect that you will be properly serviced by a random clinic. You will have to go through the same process as you would in any other clinic around the world.

You can either contact them through phone, e-mail or use their built-in appointment scheduler on their website. Once you get in contact with them you can schedule the date, the time you will be landing, the time you get to the dentist’s office and the hotel you will be staying at. You can plan every single step throughout the day to ensure that everyone goes as it should.