6 Best Fabrics You Should Consider While Buying Hats

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Hats are one of the most versatile and popular fashion statements in the world. They are not only effective at making you look professional and attractive, but they will also protect you from harmful outdoor elements. As hats come in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors, choosing the perfect one is undoubtedly a daunting task. Therefore, you need to consider some factors before purchasing them.

One of the most important factors you need to consider while buying the hats is their materials. The materials you pick will determine the lifespan and comfort of the hat. Many people don’t know about the different hat materials and end up picking something irrelevant.

If you consider yourself a passionate hat owner, you need to know about the available fabrics in the market. Many people overlook this important option. However, you need to know the primary material of your hat so that you can take proper care of it. After all, you cannot apply the same cleaning procedure in both nylon and polyester hats.

If you love hats but don’t have the faintest idea regarding the material or fabric, this article is perfect for you. Here are some best fabrics used in the hat-making process.

1. Polyester

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This is one of the most common and most popular hat fabrics in the market. As per CFDA, polyester is a durable synthetic fiber. Polyester is the staple fabric that manufacturers use in the modern hat-making process. Recycles plastic is used to create polyester.

Polyester is the first choice for most hat lovers and hat makers due to its durability. Apart from that, polyester hats are also highly abrasion and water-resistant. If you’re finding some fabric for your hat that is affordable yet durable, think no longer than the polyester.

The moisture-wicking property of the polyester hats is also eye-catching. The hats will absorb sweat from your skin easily. This way you will stay dry and comfortable during the hot summer months. Therefore, if you’re planning to wear hats during the summer months, you need to consider polyester. Polyester is also great at making exercise hats.

2. Nylon

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Nylon is best to craft lightweight and thin hats that are extremely effective and comfortable during the summer days. Nylon is highly breathable. This means that the hat will provide great air circulation, keeping your head cool during the summer months. As recycled plastic is used to craft nylon, the breathability feature of the nylon hats will make your summer days more comfortable.

One of the best things about nylon hats is that they don’t shrink. Most people worry that their hats will lose their shape over time due to the cleaning and maintenance process. However, you don’t need to worry about this issue while purchasing nylon hats. The cleaning process is also easy and less time-consuming. However, keep in mind that nylon hats cannot handle moisture effectively.

3. Cotton

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Cotton is one of the most famous and best natural fibers used in the hat-making process. However, keep in mind that most cotton hats are not made of 100% cotton. If you’re planning to purchase pure cotton hats, you need to visit americanhatmakers.com. The price of pure cotton hats will be slightly more expensive than synthetic fibers. This is why they are famous for putting logos and embroideries on hats.

The breathable, lightweight, and soft material makes cotton one of the best choices for hat lovers. Apart from that, cotton is hypoallergenic. Therefore, you won’t have to suffer from skin irritation while wearing cotton hats. Make sure you purchase cotton hats with UPF 50+ rating. They are best at protecting you from skin cancer.

Cotton hats are also effective at withstanding moisture and insulation. As they can absorb moisture pretty quickly, they are great for making headbands of hats. However, keep in mind that the durability of cotton is lesser than synthetic materials such as polyester. This is why manufacturers combine cotton with polyester to enhance durability.

4. Wool

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Many people assume that wool is associated with knitted hats such as beanies. However, wool is also used for crafting other types of hats. Most classic hats are either made of pure wool or part wool materials. They are also great at making baseball hats. You will also find berets made of wool.

However, wool is the perfect material for winter hats. If you’re planning to step out during the winter months, you should purchase hats made of wool.

However, keep in mind that wool might make your hair brittle. It will absorb all the moisture, making your hair lifeless, dry, and fragile. If you focus on healthy hair, you might have to consider fabric options other than wool.

5. Straw

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This is another popular hat fabric you should know of. Straw is made by braiding or weaving dried fibers accumulated from plants. There are different types of plants such as wheatgrass, bamboo, sisal, and papyrus reeds through which straw can be collected.

Hemp straw and Abaca straw are two of the most common materials used during the straw hat-making process. Nowadays, manufacturers are also using paper straws to craft high-quality hats.

The fibers are woven into various brims and crowns. Due to its popularity, straw hats are still hand-made. Keep in mind that the quality of the straw hats is dependent on the quality and tightness of the weaving. Straw hats are highly effective at protecting your skin from sun rays.

Additionally, straw hats are durable, strong, and water-resistant. But the paper straw might not be as durable and water-resistant as the natural straw.

6. Linen

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Linen is one of the best natural fibers that are extracted from the flax plant. If you’re planning to avoid cotton hats to protect your hair, linen should be your next choice of natural fabric.

The specifications of both linen and cotton are almost identical. Linen is very soft and breathable, just like cotton. Linen hats are also highly tender and comfortable on your skin.

You will undoubtedly remain cooler on the hot summer days. Additionally, linen is also effective during spring. When shopping for Richardson hats, consider premium fabrics like moisture-wicking polyester for active lifestyles, ensuring comfort and durability. For a timeless and classic look, opt for wool blends that provide warmth and style, making Richardson hats suitable for various seasons. Lastly, cotton twill fabrics offer breathability and a soft feel, making them a versatile choice for everyday wear.


These are some best fabrics you should consider for your hats. Remember that don’t make mistakes while choosing the fabrics. Otherwise, the hats will be damaged easily. Additionally, look for the instruction regarding the cleaning procedure. This way you can wash them properly.