Is It Bad To Change Your Skincare Routine?


Skincare is one of those topics that we should not neglect. The fact is that the look of our skin is very important and that it says a lot about our health. Therefore, certain routines should be adhered to when it comes to skincare. But, should the daily routine always be the same or should we change it?


Should Skincare Routine And Products Be Changed?

Are you familiar with the situation when you realize that you have so many skincare products in your bathroom – and you usually use the same products for your beauty routine? This is a situation in which every woman has caught herself at least once.

However, we should change the products from time to time – and that should become an integral part of our routine. Our skin is not tolerant of excessive experimentation with cosmetic products, so you must decide on products intended for a specific skin type and age.

Therefore, it is advisable to change the care products from time to time because they can oversaturate the skin – so your old skin products will not give the same results as in the beginning. That’s why it’s not bad to change your skincare routine from time to time. However, you need to do this by choosing your products carefully according to a few things you must keep in mind, and that is:

  • your skin type
  • seasons
  • your age

How To Introduce Changes Into Your Skincare Routine?

Whether summer, autumn, spring, or winter – you should take care of your skin always and without exception. This doesn’t mean that your skin always needs an extremely nourishing cream or additional care with a serum. It is important to find the products that will suit your skin type. If you are looking for facial masks, cleansers, moisturizers, and similar products – you can look at this website, and discover new products that will suit your skin according to age, type, condition, or season. You can usually already intuitively feel how your skin breathes – so you know what it needs in times of heat or minus temperatures. But it is not out of place to remind yourself of these details once again, just in case.

  • First Determine Your Skin Type

The first thing you need to keep in mind is your skin type. Determine for yourself or with the help of a dermatologist which type your skin belongs to. We already know that it can be a dry, greasy or mixed type of skin. Of course, there is also problematic skin, which mainly occurs in teenagers, but often adults also face the problems of acne and blackheads. Therefore, very carefully determine your skin type and start the daily activities of the skincare beauty routine.

  • Facial And Skincare Also Depend On The Seasons

Facial and skincare differ in winter and summer – regardless of skin type. In winter, low temperatures and cold and strong wind, as well as heating and dry air indoors contribute to dry skin – and also, in summer the skin is drier due to frequent exposure to high temperatures, sun, and faster fluid loss. Therefore, in these transitional periods, it is almost necessary to change the skincare routine.

  • Skincare Routine By Age

As we age, our skin changes too. Facial care and products that had an effect in our twenties will do nothing in the thirties or forties. If the goal is to maintain a youthful, radiant glow – we need to adjust the way we nurture the skin to the number of candles on our birthday cake. Today, there is tons of ​​information on skincare on the Internet. You know all the active ingredients of your creams. You know which one is useful for what, how the skin is hydrated inside and outside – and you have probably inquired about all possible treatments. However, in the end, it is not easy to determine the simplest way to do it – or which products you should use at what age. To be sure which ingredients we need in which period, we can ask experts or simply rely on intuition and find out what is most pleasing to our skin.

Choose What Your Skin Suits Best

It is not said in vain that we should sometimes listen to our intuition. This inner signpost of ours can help us in all aspects of life, including our skincare. The so-called intuitive skincare today is even becoming synonymous with a turning point in the beauty and cosmetics world. However, in its essence, it comes down to what we already know (at least deep down) – and that is listening to ourselves. Getting to know your skin, following everything it shows us is probably the best direction you can go if you are still wandering the paths of products, routines, and tips.


Change Of Skincare Routine: Yes Or No?

So what is the final answer to the question of whether we need to change our skincare routine? The answer is both YES and NO. Yes, according to your skin type, age, and season. But the answer is NO if you have found the right formula for the beautiful and healthy look of your skin. The truth is, the choice of cosmetics today is huge – and new products with their powerful ingredients, formulations, and purposes can tempt us to try them out. However, if you have found a routine that suits you perfectly and you are objectively satisfied with the condition of your skin – stick to it.

Give Your Skin Time To Adjust To Changes

The skin cannot get used to the action of the product, but its needs can only change depending on external and internal factors – such as weather conditions, temperatures, UV radiation, stress levels, hormonal oscillations, or eating habits. By keeping a routine, you allow your skin to adapt to care and show results. Also, you will give products and active ingredients time to achieve a certain effect. Time is also crucial when introducing new products, or any changes in routine.


Apart from the fact that the active ingredients need a certain working period to reach their full potential – certain substances in cosmetics require this time in particular. So give your skin time to get used to the change.