Best Face Concealer for Oily Skin in 2024

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Women always aim to look their best which is why they frequently use a concealer for their oily skin, but sometimes applying your branded and most expensive concealer simply does not work. And, you can’t look your best if your skin constantly looks shiny like you have been applying oil on your face instead of makeup.

The problem with some concealers is that they are not waterproof or lightweight enough to handle skin that produces a lot more sebum than usual. So, next time you are out shopping for one, make sure you purchase one with the claim that it is oil-free or at least it has some kind of oil absorption properties.

So, choosing the right product can be a bit difficult if your most trustworthy brand stopped working for you, but fortunately for you and many out there, we have made a list of the best face concealers for oily skin that we believe might work for everyone. Naturally, everyone has a different situation, so you will still need to make your own choice in the end.

Best for almost everyone – Secret Camouflage, Laura Mercier

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This one is our personal favorite and we believe it can be the right pick for almost everyone because you have the option to customize the two colors. You can then create the perfect blend with the colors you have picked to cover up any blemishes, discoloration or scars.

Its formulation is cream which is the perfect option for those that have problems with oily skin. People who have bought this item claim that it is quite dry which is why it is so difficult to apply at first, but once you put it on, it will last for a lot longer than you would expect.

So, if you want to put on some concealer in the morning without having to worry about reapplying it or checking whether it is starting to fade, you should definitely get Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage.

Alternative pick – Bye Bye Breakout, It Cosmetics

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What’s so great about It Cosmetics’ concealer is that it can easily cover up your oily skin and that it can be worn alone or with makeup too. There won’t be any noticeable creases or cracks even after hours and hours of wear and tear.

It’s oil-absorbing properties are also a great plus and it also contains kaolin clay, zinc oxide, tea tree, sulfur and many other ingredients that might help heal your skin and deal with acne. Basically, it is a two-in-one deal. You are both using it as makeup and as a remedy.

Long-Lasting – Infallible Pro Glow, L’Oreal 2024

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L’Oreal claims that this product can provide you with more than 16 hours of coverage, so if you are looking for a product that will last throughout the entire day, the Infallible Pro Glow is definitely your best bet.

With it, you can hide any imperfection on your face while also highlighting your best features. It is quite lightweight, so it won’t be clogging up your pores, but it still strong enough to prevent oil from getting through the concealer. We should note that it does have a nice radiant glow to it, so if that’s not the type of look you are searching for then this is not the product for you.

L’Oreal advises that the Infallible Pro Glow should be applied only after applying the foundation for the best results. If you are using it as a highlighter then you should pick a shade that is a bit lighter than your skin. If you are looking for other products similar to this one, check out Loreal Paris.

Full Coverage – The Sensual Skin Enhancer Concealer, Sephora

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For anyone with oily skin looking for a full coverage concealer to help cover up hyperpigmentation, pimples, and any other skin problem you should definitely look into this product from Sephora.

This full coverage concealer looks natural when you put it on so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing any concealer at all. The best part is it can hold up to excessive oily skin with no problem.

The main ingredient in this concealer formula is jojoba oil, which according to Oily Skin Group is a plant-based oil that mimics the natural oil in your skin so your sebaceous glands is tricked into thinking it doesn’t need to produce any more sebum (skin oil).

As you can imagine, a concealer that helps inhibit the production of sebum while concealing blemishes and redness, covering up hyperpigmentation and acne, and correcting your other skin concerns is a heaven sent for someone with oily skin.

Sephora claims that this product doesn’t contain sulfates, parabens, or any other ingredients that can clog your pores and make your oily skin worse.

Some reviewers even believe this full coverage concealer makes an even better foundation. So if you want a waterproof, full coverage concealer that will actually help keep your oily skin under control you should definitely check out Sephora’s The Sensual Skin Enhancer Concealer.

Cheaper option – New York Fit Me!, Maybelline

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The New York Fit Me! is also a great pick for anyone because it comes in all kinds of shades, so you won’t have to worry about getting the wrong cover. However, if you plan on buying it from Amazon, make sure you pick the color first before adding it to the cart. A lot of people make this mistake and think it’s the brand’s fault.

Don’t be misled by the cheaper price, the New York Fit Me! Is actually quite effective and can provide full coverage for quite a lot of hours. It will hide all of your imperfections without any trouble. It works on oily skin and most users report that it works on normal and dry too.

It looks quite natural, so if you do not want to people notice that you are wearing a ton of concealer, you should definitely consider this one.

We should also note that a few reviewers claim that it cannot cover deeper scars.

Alternative pick – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Nyx Professional Makeup

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Great for those that are looking for something more lightweight while also being creamy enough to hide those pesky under-eye circles or deeper blemishes. It has a medium and buildable coverage degree which means it is up to you how much you will apply it on your skin. If you are the type of person who avoids thick layers of makeup, then you should consider Nyx’s Can’t Stop Won’t Stop option.

Keep in mind, this product does not come with its own applicator, so if you do not have your own equipment to apply it to yourself, you might be disappointed when using just the tip for application.

Nyx Professional Makeup claims that this product can deliver 24-hour matte coverage because of its waterproof properties. This means you won’t have to worry about reapplying it every few hours because of creases or wrinkles.

Nyx also claims that none of their products are ever tested on animals, so if you are about cruelty-free cosmetics, this one is definitely one of those.

It comes in 24 different colors which is always a great plus because you can easily find the one that will match your skin color.

With a price of just $6, you should definitely consider buying this concealer that works the magic just like most high-end ones.