Best Family Mediation Services in 2024

All of us want to live a long and healthy life with a beautiful husband or a wife that we will love until death, but life does not always give us what we want. It can be quite a rollercoaster of emotions, especially when having financial issues, parenting problems or when one nears their middle age.

In this kind of time during a marriage, situations can get quite stressful, especially when you start feeling completely different from one another and when the love starts fading away. Unfortunately, this is the time when you do not have a lot of options. You probably have tried fixing the problems between you and your partner multiple times, but have had no luck, right? Well, then you already know that the only good decision would be to have a divorce.

A divorce can be quite a stressful process, emotionally damaging and expensive for everyone in the family, whether it is you, your partner or your children.

However, there is a way to turn this process in a much more bearable situation and that by using a family mediation service such as

It is an alternative that provides you with a much cheaper and less emotionally painful approach than a regular divorce. Mediation experts can go through the legal steps easily which will help your family to handle the divorce much better.

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How does it work?

Well once you find the right company that will help you deal with the problems between you and your partner, you meet up with a person who will be the “third member” of the separation. This person will not take any sides and will help both you and your husband or wife to look at things objectively and logically. He/she will help you get to a balanced agreement that will be least damaging for the family.

Why should go choose mediation?

If you are not familiar with this service you are probably wondering whether it is legit or not. Well, if you still have not been convinced, here are some reasons or benefits why we believe it is a much better option than the regular path of court-based divorce.


Much cheaper alternative for the same effect

The reason why this service is much cheaper than a regular separation process through the court is because you will not have to be paying for an extremely expensive attorney. The professional mediator who will provide you with the help to get through an agreement that will suit both of you is a much cheaper option.

However, the cost does depend on your specific situation. Several factors will decide the mediator’s fees such as the number of assets you will need to split between you, your children and their decision for visitation and a bunch of other factors. Although, even it the most extreme cases, they are at least forty percent cheaper than hiring a lawyer to help you go through the court process.

So, if you are in a situation where you want to save some money for yourself and the future of your children then you should definitely consider mediation as an alternative. There really is no point in spending thousands of dollars on lawyers and documentation for the court when you can just pick this service to help you get through the process easily. Check out O’Sullivan Mediation to compare the fees of mediation services with the fees of divorce attorneys.

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Less stress

It is well known that a divorce can be a very stressful process especially when you consider that you will have to constantly work with lawyers, show up at the court multiple times and get into angry confrontations with your partner. With mediation, you bring in a third person who will help both of you to see reason and to cooperate to come to a certain mutual agreement.

A mediator will also reduce the tension in the situation, will calm both of you down, so you can make reasonable decisions instead of acting impulsively on emotions.

It is also important to understand that this separation is not just about splitting your assets and your money. It will also influence how your family will hold together after the divorce. Will your kids want to see both you and your partner? Less stress means that your kids will also have a better transition into this new life of separated parents which is why you should consider getting a mediator.

Too much stress can also have a heavy influence on your performance at work. Your boss will probably understand that you are having problems at home, but having mood swings will seriously affect your efficiency. Just because you are getting a divorce, does not mean that you have to create problems in all the other parts of your life, right?

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Quicker process

While it does vary from one case to another, mediation has a much lower average time of completion than when going for the court-based divorce. Going through a court can take more than just a few months or sometimes even years depending on how complicated your marriage is while mediation can take just a few weeks.

This process is not only faster, but it is also much more flexible than when going into court. Since you are both working with a calm head, you will be able to think of a lot better solutions to your situations instead of deciding on the first idea that comes up. This kind of flexibility will allow you to stay cooperative and friendly with each other for the rest of your lives. Just because you are disagreeing while in your marriage does not mean you have to enemies while you are not together.

Mediation Services
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It’s much more private

Another benefit from mediation is that all of your information and files will be handled by your mediator which means that none of your documents will show up in a public court. Because if it does, all of your information will be accessible by anyone that asks for the files.