How To Choose The Best Juicer For You – 2024 Guide

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There are several people nowadays who don’t enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. For them, juicing may prove to be a healthier way to add fruits and vegetables to their diet.

What’s your Goal?

Whether your goal which juicing is just to get more nutrients into your daily diet or to lose weight, the perfect juicer for you is out there. While choosing the best juicer for you and your family, it’s better to understand what kind of juicer you want that goes perfectly with your lifestyle and needs.

Juice to Produce

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It’s right to say that juicer is an essential and popular kitchen pieces of equipment placed on your countertops. The selection of the right kind of juicer must comply with your juicing demands. What kind of products you prefer to decide what type of juicer you should go for.

Some variety of juicers perform at a slower speed to extract and squeeze out all the Jews from the produce. Therefore they provide a high quality of juice. On the other hand, an array of juicers never fails to impress with their incredible speed does deliver you a fresh and delicious drink.

Benefits and risks of slow and fast juicing

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Slow juicing, on the one hand, reduces the risk of oxidation, thereby eliminating the essential nutrients and enzymes present in fruits and vegetables and delivers high quality of juice. These slow juicing machines can never be your best juicing buddy to catch up with the time when you are in a hurry.

High-speed juicers, on the other hand, can be your best on-the-go companion if you are running late. But fast juicing may elevate the risk of oxidation and kills the fundamental nutrients and enzymes of the juice.

Invest in the Best!

Candidly, what juicers are best for you depends on your lifestyle and your desire. If you are an erratic raw foodie who wants to invest in a killer machine, you can find a detailed buying guide to choose the best juicer for you on Breslik. Here you will get the best buying guide and authentic information about various designs of juicers. Moreover, you will be able to analyze the pros and cons of each juicing machine which will eventually help you get the best from the rest.

If you have some leisure time and time-taking instruments do not bother you, then you should go for a twin-gear juicer. Well, if you are a working woman who wants her juice relatively quick, easy cleaning-up, then you might opt for a centrifugal model. Be sure to check out Juicing Nation to find out which is the best juicer to invest based on your criteria.

Question for Selection:

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It is best to have all the knowledge before selecting a juicer as juicers can be an exceptionally significant investment. So make sure that you are opting for the right gadget.

Be Honest to Select The Best!

  • Ask yourself the following questions:
  • What is more crucial: the shelf life of my juice or the time/ effort it takes to prepare my juice?
  • How much is my budget?
  • What will be the preparation time am I going to invest in my daily juicing?
  • How much space do I have in my kitchen for placing the juicer?
  • Will, I ever need to juice wheatgrass?
  • How much time am I going to endure for clean up?

With answers in your mind, pay attention to the categories of juicers that mean most to you. I hope this will help you enough to pick up the perfect juicer machine for you.

Make your mind, Let’s Learn about The Juicers Kind.

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There are preeminently four different kinds of juicers.

Centrifugal Juicers

This kind of juicer has a fast spinning grater to shred the fruits and vegetables. The centrifugal juicers are the quickest and most affordable motorized juicers. They make juice in less than a minute. It is easy to assemble and disassemble the parts of centrifuges. Such kind of juicers does not require much space on your shelves.

In a centrifugal juicer, there is a mesh chamber with sharp teeth that spins at a very high speed. They can break down more oversized items minimizing the need for pre-cutting. Thus, lessens the preparation time. These juicers are suitable for thick, hard, crunchy fruits and vegetables—for example; apples, carrots, celery, etc.

They separate the pulp into another vessel. Centrifugal juicers are much less efficient for leafy greens.

Masticating Juicers

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The masticating juicers work to crush and squeeze the material to extract the juice. These are considered as slow juicers since they take a long time to process fruits and veggie. Masticating juicers use only one screw-shaped gear that turns slowly, chewing and squeezing the juice through a stainless steel screen.

Using such slow juicers, more juice with high nutritional value (enzymes included), is extracted with comparatively less foam than the centrifugal juicers. You have to cut up the fruits and vegetables before juicing. These machines are difficult to assemble and clean.

They are useful to juice wheatgrass and to make nut butter and ice cream etc. Unfortunately, masticating juicers are a bit expensive.

Twin-Gear Juicers

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The twin-gear juicers are also called triturating juicers. As the name indicates, these juicers have two gears that are assembled exceptionally closed to each other. Materials are crushed, the gears extract ground and juice at a low speed. These machines are large and heavy, mostly used for commercial purposes.

The juice made by twin-gear juicers is smooth, vibrant, and very dense in nutritional composition. Juice stays fresh for a more extended period, i.e. 72 hours. The triturating juicers work great on wheatgrass but are not suitable for juicing citrus fruits. These juicers are slow squeezers, accommodates much space and are expensive.

Norwalk Hydraulic Press

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The Norwalk Hydraulic press is the Rolls Royce of the juicers as they squeeze out the fruits and veggies which are often tougher to use like wheatgrass. These types of juicers are usually used for commercial purposes. The good thing about this hydraulic press is that they provide 50- 100% more juice than the juice extracted from the other juicers.

Juice from such kind of machine contains 3 to 5 times the vitamins and minerals than the juice we prepare using other machinery. Juice extracted by these Norwalk juicers has a shelf life of about four days. This incredible piece of machinery is large, heavy and costly.

There are separate wheatgrass juicers also available in the market. Still, if you have any of the Centrifugal Juicers, Masticating Juicers, Twin-Gear Juicers, and Norwalk Hydraulic Press, then there is no need to purchase a separate wheatgrass juicer.

I hope this article will you the tools to make a perfect decision about choosing the best juicer for you. Select the best juicer, make your favorite juices, and please yourself with the tasty flavors of fruits and veggies.