Best Men Shoes For Autumn 2024

September and the first autumn days are near, and that means you will need to adapt your clothing for the weather conditions. You know that it can be pretty unstable, and if it’s nice and warm in the morning, at the noon there can be a huge storm, meaning you must be prepared for everything. That also means you will need to predict which shoes to wear, which will be suitable if the weather changes. You need to choose good models, made of durable materials, that provide enough height and warmth to your feet. For the warmer days, you can wear sneakers or slip-on models.

Another thing you must consider is the current coronavirus situation, and if you can shop shoes online, try visiting Guido Maggi, so you can learn more about every model they offer, and the technology they are using to manufacture comfortable footwear. Even though we are in the middle of the summer, you must think about stocking up a few pair of autumn footwear, so you can be ready for the rainy season. You can choose to follow the newest trends, or to buy practical models that will protect your feet, and will provide nice support, so you can maintain a proper body posture.

So, the first important thing about your seasonal footwear is to be waterproof in the first place, then stylish, and suitable for your style. The weather conditions in autumn can be very unpredictable, and you need to follow the weather forecast every morning. Maybe one day you will be able to wear your loafers, but the very next day you will need to pull the boots out of the closet. Our recommendation for you is to have at least one pair of every type, so you can always have a choice of what to wear. If you need to find out more about this topic just click on

These are the best options for autumn footwear this year:

Everyday sneakers

They come in many forms, shapes, colors, and patterns. You can choose between a lot of brands, compare the prices, find a good deal in the stores, or even better online. Also, there are classical sneakers, sports models, and designs that are something between dress shoes and trainers. Everyone loves them and owns at least one pair of sneakers. You should pay attention to choose waterproof models for the next season, because no one wants to get wet, without having a chance to change the shoes during the whole working day. There is no better choice for your casual afternoons and evenings, and you have a huge range of models, so if you can’t decide, you can go for two or three pairs, because no one can have enough sneakers ever.

Boots – a pair or two

For the calm and warm days, you will wear sneakers or loafers. But for the rainy days, it’s always better to have at least one pair of boots that will protect your feet and won’t let the water come in touch with your skin. You can wear casual models when it’s not raining, but avoid buying shoes that are made of materials that can easily be damaged by the water. It’s always better to spend more money on high-quality boots, so they won’t get damaged the first time they’re worn. For example, the model named desert boots are suitable for both formal and casual occasions, but when it’s not raining outside. Choose the combat models (like the classical Dr. Martens) when you need to spend a lot of time outdoors, and you’re not sure how the weather will change later. They are very durable, and no matter what brand you choose, you should be aware that this investment is worth the money. You will wear them for years, literally.

Rubbery boots

These boots are for the days when the rain is too heavy, but you need to be out anyway. Choose a model with thick soil, so you can decrease the chance for the surface to get wet. Choose rubbery models, because they will surely protect your fit. You can combine them with jeans and casual trousers, and if you need to go to a formal meeting, they will understand why are you not wearing elegant and stylish shoes.

A pair of black Oxfords

This is classical. Choose a model and material that is more appropriate for the autumn. If you go to work with a car, you can wear these pieces of shoes, because you will probably use an inside garage to park the car, and won’t need to go out to reach the office. But, you can once again consider buying a waterproof model, just in case.

What materials to choose?

All of us prefer comfortable materials, but as we said, the weather conditions during the autumn are changing every hour, and you must be ready for everything. Many gentlemen keep a pair of shoes in their office, just in case they need to change them. It’s a good and practical idea because you can come to work with your rain boots and change them for more elegant shoes during the workday. We won’t recommend suede for example, because it can’t keep the water away from the feet, but also can be easily damaged by it. So, keep these models for better days.

How much money should I spend on autumn shoes?

This one depends on your budget. Very expensive models are not necessarily the best ones, but also cheap doesn’t mean low-quality. You need to try most of them, compare, and follow the sales actions. Sometimes, you can buy an exceptional pair of footwear for a really competitive price, and wear them for years.

We hope you find this article helpful, and you will get very serious when it comes to hoarding seasonal models of footwear. Remember, you need to have a few pairs because it’s always better to let them dry before wearing it again. When you have only a pair or two, you won’t be able to do that, and they will start to smell bad very quickly. So, start today, and invest in your autumn footwear, so you won’t have headaches then.