Top 7 Best MLS Platforms

Are you in search of finding the best platform to sell the house? Where to sell your house/property is the most confusing question? It is familiar while we are new to any road that we might get confused and take wrong turns. To avoid the wrong turns, you need to follow all the details of performing the best listening attentively.

The most executable and essential feature to start with is where to start it and the best platform to create. In this article, I have aligned top-notch MLS websites. Therefore, it will be an easy pathway for you to read them and select them as per your choice.

Why do we prefer these online platforms to list property because these platforms are reliable sources? In 2019, the researchers of the national association of realtors had conducted research that stated that 52% of home buyers and sellers sell and buy their property through the internet.

People are satisfied with the new change and adapting to it vastly. According to one statistical global research, more than 120 million visitors visit these real estate websites. Moreover, these numbers are continuously rising with time. Therefore, people tend to consider these changes and discriminate against the old traditional method.

Real estate websites are also deriving the most significant success rates in the real estate market. Various companies are providing the best MLS services, such as Although in the real estate market, many other websites are providing the best services with exclusive packages.

You can easily list your property through these websites. In addition, these websites will list your property on different MLS portals. Real estate websites are also performing well and serving their customers with their best services and highly exclusive packages.

Now without further ado, let’s discuss the top 7 most exclusive real estate MLS providing websites. The list is getting a bit longer but be patient. You will get a lot to know, and it will also help you decide the best platform to list your house.

  1. Zillow
  2. Trulia
  3. Redfin
  4. Home finder
  6. Right move

These are the most reliable and top-notch websites in the real estate market. In addition, all these websites are providing highly advanced and integrated services to their customers.

Wait! Why don’t we discuss them in detail as it will help you make a firm decision, so without further ado, let’s mention all the nitty-gritty details of these websites?

1. Zillow

Source: MetroTex

An extensive range of visitors visits the Zillow website every year because you can reliably approach potential sellers and buyers to purchase and sell their houses/ property. The almost average range of visitors visits Zillow every year. Zillow offers you different offers that include Zillow Zestimate, home loans, buy, rent, agent finder, post for sale by owner, find a seller, instant offers, and many others. The most considerate services of Zillow are its price estimation software Zillow Zestimate. It is easy to explain that Zillow is the big head of the market.

2. Trulia

Source: Trulia

Trulia is the second most favorite website and subsidiary website of Zillow. It has the most executable mobile application software, which is the primary customer retention. It has excellent ratings as compared to other application real estate software’s. They have more than 235 MLS portals. It offers you different services such as visualizing statistical data, affordable metrics and viewing the market value crime statistics. Other offers are Rent Mortgage, See Neighborhoods Listings, checking on locals, and Trulia Estimate.

3. Redfin

Source: Redfin

If you love to save money, this would be your best platform to sell your property as it allows you to save up to high rates. The redfin works on the incentive model they pay monthly to their agents. That makes their services most exclusive and admirable. As they pay monthly incentives to their realtors, they charge 1 percent of the commission fees to list your property on MLS, and in some cases, it is less than 1 percent. Their premier packages are not even charging more than 3 percent. That is the most common detail that makes redfin an extensive network and most loved by the people.


Source: Janet Hong

It was established in 1999 and is known as one of the oldest and best real estate websites to date; although they have less digital media presence, you might remember the term old is gold that ‘s implemented here. It also got the winning award of best real estate website in 2005. They are also facilitating their customers with great offers by connecting 50 states on one platform. They offer to List Your Property, Find a New Home (For Sale, Rental, Foreclosures), and Advertising services.


Source: Adweek has been working for the past 20 years. It is a licensed website from the national association of realtors. The most extensive feature of realtor,.com is it gives you maximum visibility with high chances of closing the deal at the time. It will provide you with broad exposure for your listing. Their listing is the most accurate listing platform because they always prefer quality over quantity. It gives you in-depth information of the listing surroundings that are the nearest schools, markets, and hospitals from your listing. is offering Selling, Buying, Renting, and Mortgage services.


Source: Griffin Residential is the oldest company and has had its place in the United Kingdom since 2000. Hundreds and millions of buyers and sellers visit their website monthly. The listing got exposure in various areas of the UK and internationally. They offer several services that are Buy (Property for Sale, New Homes for Sale), Rent (Property to Rent, Student Property to Rent), Finding Agent, Commercial (For Rent, For Sale), and Overseas (Properties for Sale, Sell Overseas Property).


Source: Ownerly

It is one of the advanced for sale by owner websites that offers different services to their customers. It is offering free charges for sale by owner listings. It gives access to more than 160 million buyers. It also enables the customer’s complete control on listing along with better visibility.


The more you confuse your thoughts, the more you will waste your time. This article eases half of your process. If you face any confusion related to finding the best MLS portal, this would be a great option.