10 Best Online Side Hustles for 2024

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Generating extra income is every employed person’s dream. With the fluctuating economy, it is wise to complement your income with a side hustle. What’s more, side jobs act as a security in case of job loss or early retirement. Additionally, side hustles are a great way to build a new career and create new jobs. Make greater use of your leisure time by making extra money after work without affecting your current position. Are you wondering how to make some extra money? Here are some brilliant ideas of side hustles to get you started.

1. E-books

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Luckily, the digital revolution comes with the privilege of publishing books for yourself. To begin with, identify a captivating topic and come up with exciting content. You can choose to write a few pages before going to work or after. Within a short period, you will have completed your book and published it. Upload your book on popular sites and get extra money any time someone buys it. To begin with, make a list of topics that are popular among readers. After that, identify good books covering the issues, get them, and sell them at a profit. Luckily, you can use any social media platform or websites to market the ebooks you are retailing.

2. Cashback Apps

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Are you a fan of online shopping? Imagine how fun it would be to shop and earn in the process. There are great apps that will make you extra money. Have you ever been frustrated after purchasing something online only to discover its price dropped the following day? Do not worry; the cashback apps will always come to your rescue. These fantastic apps monitor your emails as you shop. In case an app detects a late delivery or price drop, you will promptly receive a notification. Moreover, the app lets you know if you are eligible for a refund of the amount difference. In addition to monitoring price changes, the apps allow you to claim a refund from your supplier in case of delayed shipment. All you have to do is wait for your reimbursement to be approved and increase your earnings. To learn more about these apps, visit themoneypig.com.

3. Tutoring

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Are you seeking to earn more than what a tiresome job has to offer? Coaching is another excellent idea of making extra cash. Most parents are willing to pay the right amount of money to get their children tutored. Identify a subject you are good at and get the relevant materials required to be a tutor. Thanks to modern technology, you can also tutor over the internet. According to Studymind.co.uk, online study has become popular nowadays and you can find tutors from your home. Therefore, you don’t need to invite students to your place or go to their home! Just make a video call to coach from the comfort of your home.

4. App and software development

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With the high number of mobile phone and computer users, this is a lucrative side hustle to explore. Some of the wealthiest people in the world are software developers. Acquire knowledge in software designing, installation, and maintenance and earn an extra 28$ per hour. Moreover, make sure to have a strong understanding of software systems like Java, HTML, and PHP. In addition to software development, you can opt to explore the digital market and create an app. Most developers make a whopping $29 per hour on average. However, ensure your app is unique and well instigated for more downloads.

5. Bookkeeping

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Are you organized and well conversant with accounting? Bookkeeping jobs pay at a rate of 17$ per hour! Interestingly, all you need to become a bookkeeper is knowledge in Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks, and probably some experience. After that, you can act as a part-time accountant for different companies and businesses.

6. Reselling domains

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Domains are the internet’s real estate. Consider domain investment and enjoy making over 1000% and above returns on your investment in less than six months. Most people are willing to pay a tremendous amount of money to get the domain they want. Therefore, reselling a single internet domain can earn you a profit of $350 or more.

7. Executive recruiting

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Companies experience difficulties in replacing an employee in case of sudden death or quitting. Thus, it is upon an executive recruiter to find potential candidates for replacement. In most cases, executive recruiters are part-time employees of hiring agencies. As a recruiter, present the candidates to the management for an interview. Moreover, train them in case they get hired. In return, there is a satisfying income of $32 per hour.

8. Marketing consultant

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Every business aspires to reach out to a new market frequently. Hence, marketing consultants have to increase sales by formulating detailed marketing strategies. For a great marketing plan, do proper research on digital marketing and improve the company’s web layout. Most companies are willing to pay part-time marketing consultants $35 per hour. Thus, working as a marketing consultant for different companies is quite promising.

9. Personal trainer

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Are you a fitness enthusiast? The great news is you can make good money by being a personal trainer. There is a vast number of people who are struggling to keep fit or lose weight. Unfortunately, some of them do not know the nature of the work out they need. Identify clients you can aid reach their fitness goals. Construct meal and workout routines for them and monitor their work out for money in return.

10. Blogging

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If you are looking to build an extra source of income gradually, blogging is the ultimate choice. Set aside a few hours of your week and come up with captivating content. Once your blog gets tremendous traffic from social media and popular search engines, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make as a blogger.

To build your side hustle and maintain your job, here are some tips to guide you.

  1. Identify a field of interest and gather the necessary skills.
  2. Differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  3. Have clearly defined goals and work towards achieving them.
  4. Create the right balance between your job and side hustle.

Besides, do not dive into a business without evaluating all possible risks. After that, set aside some savings in the event your side hustles don’t grow as fast as you hoped. Remember that for a successful business, customer satisfaction is vital.