5 Best Portable Gaming Consoles in 2024

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The main advantage that a portable console achieves only by being this way is the convenience of mobility, being able to play wherever and whenever you want.

This makes it the best travel companion, whether for vacations or short trips such as when we travel on the subway or during downtime waiting for something.

It is in these circumstances were eager to move, away from the tranquility of our room, these best mobile gaming device shine with the value of timely fun, with titles of all kinds available.

Now, in a world full of options and possibilities, especially in terms of technology, the varieties of the portable console are not few.

Big names in the industry such as Nintendo (which has always dominated the laptop market) and Sony, have contenders present, but also other companies not so associated with video games.

Among so many options of capacity, hardware power, variety of software, designs, and prices, what is the best personal game consoles? The answer will depend on what you are looking for and what you want, there is something for everyone. Here are the options that are best to consider.

The 5 best models of Portable Consoles

1. Nintendo Switch

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Although it was presented as a “hybrid” console for its ability to connect to a special port and be used on TV, the Switch is a laptop that combines all the good ideas that Nintendo has had throughout its history.

With a unique design, its goal is to offer one of the most versatile gaming experiences possible, all through the combination of a 6.2-inch touchscreen, excellent software with an app store, and the technological marvel of “Joy” controls. -With”. The Switch can be used at home connected to the TV or on its own, taken on the go, used with both Joy-Con connected on each side of the console, or with these separated and each used as individual controls.

As disadvantages would perhaps be the fact that its game cartridges are more expensive than the discs used by other consoles, and that its need for memory cards (in the case of digital games) implies a somewhat high additional expense, however, it is placed as Undisputed winner in the notebook market, and even a strong contender for home consoles. Do you want variety and the best of two worlds? Get a Nintendo Switch.

2. New Nintendo 2DS XL: The best value for money

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Suitable for somewhat tight budgets. The newest member of the Nintendo family of laptops, the 2DS XL represents the most accomplished version of the entire 3DS line. It offers updates such as a reduced thickness, a faster processor, a built-in NFC reader (for those who collect the interactive “Amiibo” figures), two slightly larger screens, and a return to the hinge design, albeit with certain aesthetic touches.

It is cheaper than its relatives the New 3DS XL or even the classic model or retro portable 3DS XL console because the way to reduce costs was to abandon the ability to play 3D video games, however, outside of this, it continues being compatible with all games and all software from previous versions, at a lower price. If you want to keep up to date with the Nintendo portable catalog and receive the best possible experience without bleeding your pocket, get one.

3. Nintendo 2DS: For the whole family

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It is well known that Nintendo has a corporate approach that seeks to make its products suitable for the whole family, which implies being child-friendly. With this in mind, they took the design of their current generation laptop and simplified it to the maximum, thus, the 2DS is a small 3DS, without hinges (it is a single, straight, flat piece) and without the ability to 3D images. It is still comfortable to hold, and reproduces the entire catalog of the DS and 3DS, although it is more durable with fewer moving parts, and less annoying to the eyes of the little ones, without the 3D function. If you want to give a good gift to one of your children, brother, or cousins, and you are worried that they are not very careful, protect your investment and buy a Nintendo 2DS.

4. PlayStation Vita: classic and simple

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Sony has been the only great company that has been able to fight Nintendo in the market for dedicated laptops. The latest version of its console, the PS Vita, can boast of being the most powerful pure laptop on the market, as well as a more serious and elegant design than Nintendo products.

The main advantage of the Vita, in addition to backward compatibility with some classic titles of the company, is the relationship it has with the PlayStation 4 through the “Remote Play” function, which allows you to play titles from the personal game systems on the Vita a via an internet connection, effectively making the Vita a proxy for your home relative.

The bad side of this console at first glance wonderful is a matter of debate among gamers, due to the very low sales, the support that Sony provides has been decreasing more and the years, to the point that the company recently announced the cessation of production of games in physical format. Finally, it should be borne in mind that due to its benefits, and depending on a memory card of its format, the PS Vita is easily the most expensive dedicated console.

5. Razer Phone: a somewhat different quality

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Entering the field of perhaps more “casual” players, this device is based on the best handheld gaming system (read more about these systems on www.bestadvisor.com) and also with Android operating system it can boast of being the best Smartphone for video games. It is equipped with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, the impressive amount of 8GB of RAM, a 4000 mAH battery that ensures long hours of gaming, and 64 GB of expandable memory, plus excellent speakers that use Dolby Atmos, a 5.7 inches and 2560 × 1140 resolution. A technical feat of great power and perfectly tuned for gaming, but which does not cease to belong to a niche market, as its price is quite high for a multifunction device that ends up wanting to specialize too much in one of its possibilities.

There are many other options. Sega, for example, with its portable version of the legendary Genesis, small but ingenious companies that assemble their own devices to play games from Nintendo, Sony or others, and even any mid-high-end smartphone today has decent capabilities for play, becoming a kind of android portable console. However, the devices named here are the most prominent.