6 Best Practices to Follow in the Development of a Betting Website

When developing any site, but especially a betting website, getting each algorithm to work 100% right is the most crucial part of the process.

After all, you’re working with tens, thousands, or even millions of people’s confidential data and their hard-earned money. In this sense, you’ll want to invest in the highest possible security you can get.

Keep this in mind: the market has doubled in only ten years! That’s a large growth for a hobby that’s seen as taboo and wasteful. Remember this: never underestimate technological achievements just because you don’t understand them. With that said, let’s go to rule number one:

1. Always keep an open mind

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As humans, the one thing that brought us to where we are right now is our ability to adapt. When the market’s changing, don’t attack the idea immediately. Instead, take a step back, relax, and think about it thoroughly.

Be sure to always follow the trends and read discussions online to get huge insight into your prospect’s mind. Analyze statistics and be open to change when necessary. As businessmen, we have to learn from the past to build the future.

2. Start with the building block: software

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Before even starting to build a website, you’ll need the services of a great software provider. Building the software itself is incredibly difficult, so you’re far better off relying on someone else’s platform to build your site.

The software needs to provide all the necessary features for both the entrepreneur and their clients. You’ll want software that lets you control and customize your website as you please. The program should also cover statistics, data processing, and odds among other things as well.

As an example, BetConstruct eSports solutions give you the ability to livestream and let your users place bets on their favorite contestants. The software suite that you’ll want to get should also follow the previously mentioned basic principles. Furthermore, it should be able to adapt to all modern platforms: desktops, phones, tablets, consoles, etc.

As mentioned in the previous part of the article, adaptability is key. In our current timeline, HTML5 has crushed Adobe Flash and other previous web tools. This has allowed users to have a more streamlined experience from website to website without as many annoyances as you’d get in the past.

3. Targeting a niche in the crowd

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Normally, a betting website should allow you to place bets on all possible sports. However, unless you have a huge marketing budget, you won’t be able to compete with those directly.

In the beginning, you might want to focus only on certain niches to save money on marketing and even on implementing multiple sport betting solutions. Choose an appropriate theme for your website’s design.

Then, implement multiple betting offers for that specific niche. For example, if we’re talking about football, you could allow users to place bets on the number of yellow cards a player receives, who’s going to get disqualified from the match, how many home runs there will be in total, etc.

4. Look forward to new innovations

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In recent years, artificial intelligence and the blockchain have propelled betting websites to new heights.

These two technologies can make menial tasks a breeze and ease the way in which you handle more difficult problems.

AI especially can provide multiple solutions for counteracting PR nightmares. For example, if a player bets too much on multiple things, or if they bet constantly, the AI sees that behavior and can suspend their account while also sending them helpful links to gambling addiction prevention and treatment resources.

Another great thing artificial intelligence can do is deter hackers and frauds alike. Unlike humans, algorithms don’t get tired and they work 24/7 to ensure the complete functionality of safety systems and privacy measures. In combination with the blockchain, it offers users anonymity when playing online. But it also detects if one player has created multiple accounts or if they’re depositing large sums of cash, betting only on small things, and then withdrawing all their money.

5. Put emphasis on security and privacy

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Speaking of AI and blockchain, we recommend implementing these two technologies for the simple fact that they offer enhanced security and privacy.

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin, then you’ve probably heard of how untraceable the blockchain and cryptocurrencies can be. This offers many advantages for users, as hackers will no longer be able to crack people’s banking accounts.

Instead, the blockchain offers a highly encrypted method to transfer and receive funds. You can also use it to secure the connection between the website and the multiple payment method providers you’ve chosen to rely on. This way, players who like betting but don’t want others to know about their habit can feel safe.

Furthermore, the blockchain and AI can sport hacking attempts and stop them in their tracks. Players also get the added advantage of being able to deposit money in one currency and withdraw their winnings in another – without the crazy big exchange rate fees that they would otherwise get in other scenarios.

6. Make the experience feel tailored

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If you have a lot of betting options on your website, new and old players alike might start getting tired of scrolling through multiple menus to go where they want.

Focus on personalization. If a player tends to bet more on football than anything else, the menu when they log in to their account should reflect their preferences and make it easy for them to bet on football events.

Similarly, when betting a certain sum of money on events, a button should appear that lets them bet that exact sum seamlessly, so they won’t have to manually input the number every single time.

Final thoughts

The 21st century has seen an astronomical rise in digital innovations. We’ve seen the internet become stronger and more robust than ever before.

Building a website today is a little more complicated than it was in the past. However, with all the new features that you can implement, players will have a far better time than they would’ve had when the first betting websites started to emerge.