Best Time to Visit Seattle in 2024

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Tucked between the majestic mountains on one side and the ocean on the other side, Seattle is a city that appeals to both nature-lovers and city dwellers. Although the cloudy skies of Seattle might appear deceptive, it is not at all difficult to set up a tour schedule on a sunny day when you can explore the city from the skies and on the water to discover it from inside out. For those who love the hills, the city, which is at a stone’s throw distance from Mt.Rainier, offers splendid scenic beauty and gorgeous views. Visitors can engage in a variety of activities like kayaking, fishing, hiking, which are all within reach.

According to, the central attractions are the Pike Place Market and the Space Needle, which figure prominently on every city tour itinerary including Ride the Ducks Seattle tour that covers the city in one and a half hours.

Choose a tour

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Since travelers have limited time on their hands, to make the most from the Seattle trip and explore the city in the best possible way by learning quickly about its history, customs, and evolution, you must embark on a city tour organized by a reliable tour operator. If you choose a tour conducted by Ride the Ducks, it will take you just 90 minutes to zigzag through the length and breadth of the city and spend 60 minutes on land travel while another 30 minutes on water to get a feel for the things. Since the tickets are non-refundable as well as non-exchangeable, make a firm plan to buy tickets in advance from the Box Office or make reservations over the phone or book online at least an hour before departure. However, if you are traveling in a large group, the tour operator advises booking two weeks in advance.

When to visit Seattle

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The Emerald City, as people fondly call it, has prolonged rainy weather, but it is not at all as gloomy as one would expect. Indeed, you should never go to Seattle in search of warmth and sunshine, but lots of urban and active adventures await you, and there are lots of fun things to do with friends and families. However, with lady luck smiling on you and a little bit of planning by knowing the best times of the year, you might soak in the eluding sunshine too.

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting the best time for the visit is the kind of activities you want to engage with. The time of the year for outdoor recreation will be quite different if you are keen to have some good time enjoying the music, food, and culture of the place.

July to mid-October is the best time to visit Seattle when there are minimal rain, sunny skies, and numerous festivals and outdoor events. The best sightseeing weather outside the peak tourist season is between April and May. But from mid-October to February the city remains wet, gray and chilly when going to restaurants and museums would be the best option.

In this article, we will give some leads about the best times for visiting Seattle with respect to specific activities that travelers normally take an interest in.

Best time for outdoor recreation

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If you love outdoor activities, sports, and adventure, then July to mid-October is the best time to visit Seattle as the weather is perfect for boating, biking, and local hiking. But you cannot swim in the waters of Puget Sound because the water temperature never rises above 13oC. The months from October to June are cold and damp, and many hiking trails to Mt.Rainier are suspended during winter. From late November to April and extending to May is the time for snow skiing, snowshoeing, and snowboarding.

Best time for visiting Pike Place Market

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Pike Place Market visit is a must for tourists who can explore the dozens of restaurants, bars, covered stalls, and galleries that line the market that is good to visit any time of the year. The market is at its loveliest under blue skies and blooming flowers during later spring and summer as well as early fall when the days are warm and sunny. The winter months are the lazy time for the market that still looks charming. The best time is between May and September when the weather is pleasant and the crowd thinner.

Best time for flower lovers

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Springtime is bloom time in Seattle when you can see the bloom all around and enjoy the incredible beauty of flowers. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in April and the blossoming cherry trees of the University of Washington that bloom in March create a splendid sight. Mid-March through mid-May is the blossoming season at the Rhododendron Species Garden, while the flowers are always a delight to watch at the Pike Place Market around the year.

Best time for Whale watching

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Between March and October is the time to watch whales in Seattle with each month offering views of specific whale species that change with the month. To view gray whales, you must be in Seattle in March and April, while during the summer months from May to September, the Orcas are a more common sight. Between October and November is the time to see humpback whales.

Best time to visit Mt. Rainier

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To visit Mount Rainier National Park, the best time is between July and September when the snow has gone, and the hiking trails are open for the public. Around early August, the wild mountain flowers are at its best, and during the first half of October, the fall colors provide a grand viewing experience. Winter sets in from mid-October and early November and lasts till June when the roads are closed except for the road to Paradise, a mountain that the curious traveler can reach by car.

June to August is the high season to visit Seattle when the weather is sunny, dry, and warm that assures uninterrupted outdoor enjoyment. Still, crowds dwindle during April and May as well as September and October paving the way for the lean season between November and March.