6 Best Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in the UK in 2024

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There are so many unique and amazing places you can visit on this planet, but if you have not been to the United Kingdom, I suggest that you make this your next destination. The United Kingdom is a huge island and is probably one of the most visited countries back tourists every year. But, what does this country offer to all those tourists? Is this island really that special and interesting for so many people to go there every year? Well, yes. There are so many tourist attractions and things you can do in the UK.

However, if you plan on going to this country, you probably will not have enough time to see everything. Even if you are there for a month or two, which I assume is not the case, you still will not have enough time to see the best things about the UK.

Worry not because this article is going to focus on the most famous tourist attractions in the things you have to do if you are in the UK, especially in 2024. Make sure you read through the entire article to figure out what should be your next destination.

1. London

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This beautiful metropolis is one of the most popular cities on this entire planet. It is up there with New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, and any other famous city you can think of. It truly is an amazing city that houses over 8 million people.

Just walking around London is a good enough experience. Seeing that skyline with incredible buildings with unique and special architecture. It seems like every building has its own story, its own creator, and style. Although skyscrapers are not related one to another in any shape or form, when you put them in this one package that is called London, it looks simply incredible.

Obviously, London is not just about walking down the streets and sightseeing the skyline. There are so many things you can see, visit, and do in this city. So, let us get into that.

2. Buckingham Palace

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You have probably heard of Queen Elizabeth II and seen her on television at least a thousand times. Whenever you see her, she is usually leaving Buckingham Palace or waving from the terrace. Yes, you can visit the London home of Queen Elizabeth II.

Obviously, there are some restricted parts of this special building, but you can still check out some things if you pay for a tour. On most tours, you can see up to 19 staterooms which are all decorated and equipped with expensive, golden, and diamond riddled furniture, paintings, chandeliers, and all kinds of other decorations.

Inside of the Buckingham Palace, you will feel like you have entered the temple of an ancient King. Even if you are not that into checking out “old buildings”, the Buckingham Palace might deliver a unique experience for you. If not, there are always other things you can do, and here are some of them.

3. Nightclubs and bars

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You probably have already figured this out, but I think it is still vital to mention that this kind of metropolis has a very well developed nightlife. So many different nightclubs and bars where you can meet hundreds of different people coming from different places on this planet.

If you are the night club type of guy or gal, I suggest checking out Xoyo, Fabric London, Heaven, Cargo, and many, many more. If you are not into nightclubs, you can check out Ginger Martini, Core Bar, Oriole Bar, and many others.

If you are unable to decide which one you should visit, you could always check out one of the many review websites online that provide ratings and reviews for these types of places as RateUsOnline. With the help of such reviews, you will easily be able to make a decision to go to the right place.

4. British Museum

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If you want to do something a little bit more interactive, you should definitely consider checking out the British Museum. It is probably one of the most visited places in London, so make sure you plan ahead. Otherwise, you might end up visiting the British Museum when it is absolutely full.

One positive thing about this museum is that it is entirely free. You can come and go as much as you want. If you want a more directed experience, you can always go with a tour guide.

5. The White Cliffs of Dover

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For those that are traveling or hiking types, this is the place that you must visit if you are in the UK. Obviously, you should not expect any kind of restaurants, bars, or anything like that. The entire purpose to visit the White Cliffs of Dover is because of the astounding view and experience.

The White Cliffs of Dover is the Southern coastline of England that faces France. What makes these cliffs so special is just how massive and white they are. The height of the cliff is around 350 feet and it is mostly composed of chalk. That is why it is so white. But, you will also be able to see black rocks on the shore which is flint.

The extra-tall cliffs, the extra-bright chalk, the tar-black flint, and the waves crashing down the rocks on the bottom of the cliffs and everything else is what makes this such an amazing experience.

5. Stonehenge

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For the lovers of history, especially prehistory, Stonehenge is the place that you have to visit. This is a very unique and kind of weird monument, but it still delivers an insightful experience. It is a very simple historical landmark that has a lot of meaning.

At the base, it is just a ring of standing stones that are over 13 feet most of them weigh over 20 tons or more. So, is just a bunch of rocks, right? Well, yes, when you consider that the construction of Stonehenge starts somewhere around 3000 BC, it is hard to grasp just how people in that time managed to handle rocks that weigh 20 tons. What makes this even more amazing is the fact that they are stacked one over another and are supported over their own weight.

As you probably already know, the UK is filled with all kinds of tourist attractions. I hope that this article will help you pick the right destinations you will visit.