10 Best Wedding Dresses Trends for 2024

During these couple of months, there have been many bridal fashion weeks that showed us the trends for 2024. If you have a wedding in the next year, you should take into consideration looking at our article. We will be talking about the popular wedding dress styles for 2024. Maybe you find something you like, in case you still haven’t found your dream dress. Do, without further ado, let us continue with our article.

1. The 1970s

Source: graceloveslace.com

The disco is back! Bohemian style wedding dresses are trendy in 2024, especially for a spring wedding. From dresses to jumpsuits, some of the most popular and notable fashion designers like Oscar de la Renta, Virgos Lounge, Viktor & Rolf Mariage have had them on their runways. Naeem Khan and Galvan also had some wedding dresses inspired by the disco era, or more notably, by Studio 54, and they had their bohemian sequined attire. It is impressive if you plan to have a theme for your wedding, and what more can scream fun, fashion and class then a boho-inspired wedding party?

2. Capes

Source: halfpennylondon.com

Jackets and capes are coming in style in 2024. Silk peplum Warhol coat was a major hit on the runway this year, and many were obsessed with this 2024 wedding dress trend. Your overall bridal look is fantastic, stylish, and a little retro, if you are a fan of such things. You will look very distinctive and classy on the biggest day of your life. View more dress photography ideas at Fixthephoto.

3. High neckline – low hemline

Source: eisen-stein.com

Fashion designers like Eisen Stein, Katya Katya, Phuong My, and Zuhair Murad had a distinctive vision when it came to 2024 bridal fashion. The high neckline is lovely, as it doesn’t cover your whole body, and the various embellishments, details, and fabric placed under the neck are very fashionable and modern. The addition of long puffed sleeves or long skirts is making this wedding dress amazing. The sheer layers and stylish lace are just a must when it comes to this type of wedding dress. It resembles the Victorian era, and Victorian-era has always served in some way as an inspiration to the wedding dresses throughout the years.

4. Tailored pants

Source: ralphandrusso.com

Skirts and dresses are no longer a must for a bride. Jumpsuits, suits, and pants are knocking on the door, and many brides are going for this type of wedding attire for their big day. Trousers give that unique class and style while remaining very feminine. You will also feel more comfortable on that day, and we know how big gowns and heavy material can make you feel after a long day of dancing and greeting all your friends and relatives. Tailored trousers are a popular trend in 2024, so consider this style when planning on what to wear at your wedding.

5. Feathered dresses

Source: zuhairmurad.com

Berta, Oscar de la Renta, and Pronovias had some attractive designs when it came to the 2024 bridal fashion collection. Feathered gowns were various, and there were many designs for every bride. From fluffy to minimalistic, the versatility of this style of wedding dresses are incredible, and you can wear a short skirt o a long fluffy one, and still look fantastic on that big day. The one word that can describe you is extravagant, which is precisely what this type of wedding gown can make you feel and look.

6. Lace

Source: costarellos.com

Lace was always elegant. There are many lace designs, and lace and wedding fashin have always made a perfect combination. You can go for a simple look, or something a little more extravagant, depending on your desires and personality. Christos Costerellos has some fantastic designs with Elone top and Ephyra skirt, and it is perfect for brides who want to step out of the traditional box.

For more details check Pearl Bridal to get an idea on many elegant lace wedding dresses for you to wear on your big day.

7. Layers

Source: Carolina Herrera

Many brides want to feel like a princess on their wedding day, and a layered wedding dress can give them that feel. Layers have always been trendy, but the style of layers is constantly changing. Carolina Herrera and Demetrios have some unique forms of wedding gowns, as well as Suzanne Neville and Pronovias. Tulle is the ideal fabric for this style of the bridal gown.

8. Scalloped neckline

Source: Suzanne Neville

Meghan Markle is a fantastic fashion inspiration, and she served as a muse for this scalloped neckline wedding dress style. Your silhouette will be in the center of the attention, and you will shine with elegance, class, and sophistication. Suzanne Neville has some fantastic designs in this style, so consider this when picking out your wedding dress.

9. Minimalist Designs

Source: atelierwubridal.com

In a move away from the ornate and heavily embellished, 2024 sees a return to minimalist elegance in bridal fashion. Designers like Vera Wang and Amsale are leading the charge with sleek, simple silhouettes that speak volumes in their understated beauty. This trend caters to the bride seeking a timeless look, emphasizing quality of fabric and precision of cut over decorative excess.

The minimalist trend is not only modern and chic but also offers a canvas for brides to accessorize and make the look their own. Whether it’s Adorn Bridal, a classic A-line, a sleek sheath, or a structured ball gown, the minimalist approach is all about letting the bride’s natural beauty shine through, proving that sometimes less really is more.

10. Vibrant Colors

Source: greenweddingshoes.com

While white remains the traditional choice for wedding dresses, 2024 is seeing a surge in brides opting for vibrant colors to express their individuality and break from convention. Designers such as Monique Lhuillier and Hayley Paige are incorporating shades of blush, blue, lavender, and even bold prints into their bridal collections.

This trend towards color allows brides to personalize their wedding day look further and stand out in beautifully unexpected ways. Perfect for the bride looking to make a statement or simply celebrate her love with a splash of color, these vibrant gowns offer a fresh perspective on bridal fashion, merging tradition with personal style and contemporary trends.