How to Dress Bohemian? Rules and Tips

Boho clothing style is one of the most natural fashion trends. It is a comfortable and elegant style, romantic and sincere, without being superficial and bringing people closer to their true personality. According to, bohemian is a style inspired by some nuances with the hippie style but it is elegant on any occasion. Without a doubt, the bohemian style stands out in all events for its naturalness and in life in general for enhancing the beauty of those who decide for it.


How to Dress Bohemian Style?

The Clothes

Bohemian clothing style are light and elegant garments, spacious and flared, whether it is little or much. In general, in all styles, clothing should be chosen in a way that enhances the area of ​​the body that you feel most proud of and hides other areas that you want to change or disguise, in the Bohemian style you can make the same way.


The laces are light, a mix between suggestion and innocence, made of silk or cotton and light colors. Beige, long white boho dress, light gray or any other soft shade that enhances the beauty of the wearer combined with ethnic decorations will take us to the bohemian style of a past that blends with the present. The rock details are also combined with the clothing used in this style.



Footwear is an essential complement in all styles. In the case of the bohemian style, generally, flat and Greek-inspired footwear is used in the case of sandals or ankle boots in autumn and winter. You can also opt for the summer ankle boots, stunning and elegant will be an ideal complement that will capture many eyes. However, as all styles can and should be personalized, everyone will choose their type of footwear as long as it matches their clothing and is comfortable.

Bohemian clothing style is the definition of comfort, romance, imagination, elegance and freedom. It is about highlighting the femininity of each one and for this everything that is necessary will be used. Goodbye to the rigidities of a style, you can follow the base that, in this case, can be a natural way of dressing, and show our personality, which is what distinguishes each person from the rest.

The Makeup

As for the bohemian style makeup, it should not be abused. Following a logic, in a natural and romantic style too artificial tones can break all the charm. Disguising some imperfections of the facial skin is common practice, also looking for a shade that favors us but, in this style, it is preferable not to go further. The soft tones in the makeup of the face and lips, in the same way as in the color of the garments, will make the whole set of the style combine perfectly.

The Hair

Loose, tousled-looking hair is the most natural. Also, romantic ones using ribbons or slightly wavy hair.

The Complements

The complements. Practical bags, with or without fringes, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, belts and hats, all the accessories you can think of will combine with the bohemian style. However, keep in mind that the fact that it is a comfortable and natural style does not exempt you from being elegant, so it combines with judgment and logic.

The Personality

Personality. What you should never forget is to show your own personality both in your actions and in your way of dressing, this will make you always succeed wherever you go.

The bohemian clothing style otherwise called boho chic is an incredible design pattern. Loose, unique, agreeable, sentimental and with somewhat of a nonconformist impact, this style has unquestionably been discussed. To accomplish an alluring bohemian style, focus on these brilliant guidelines that you can’t overlook!


Boho Chic Style Keys

To be able to dress in this style you have to wear ample clothing. It doesn’t have much to do with clothes attached to the body.

The colors will have to be very soft and reminiscent of nature: green, light blue, yellow and brown.

Imagine you want to wear shorts with denim, would you know what to wear on top? Choose a light-colored wide shirt. However, if you want to wear a denim skirt, choose to wear something tighter.

The boho-chic style is very close to nature itself. We are going to tell you what it is and how you can dress in the boho-chic style.

# 6 You can’t miss Loose Clothes

This style is characterized by exotic fabrics and various colors. Garments should be loose with flowing lines. And earth colors are a great option if you combine it with accessories that give it another touch of color.


# 5 You should Wear Hair Accessories

Wavy and windy hair is a great hairstyle for this style. But hair accessories such as headbands or headbands cannot be missing. The hat is the perfect accessory to style your look.

# 4 Avoid Heels

The bohemian style is characterized by being comfortable and simple. Let go of high-heeled shoes and adopt sandals with comfortable straps or ankle boots that will be the perfect shoes to complete a bohemian look like this one.


# 3 Say yes to Lace

Lace is a great choice for the bohemian style. Choose a white or nude lace dress, combined with a cute necklace and a hat and you will have a simple but very stylish bohemian casual look.

# 2 Incorporate the Fringes

In bags, jackets or cardigans, the fringes are the perfect touch for a trendy and fabulous bohemian look. You can also wear them with skirts, dresses or jeans.


# 1 Wear a Necklace

To finish a good bohemian look you cannot miss a necklace. You can wear a colorful necklace, a feather necklace or a subtle one but they will always complement your outfits and give a modern touch to your clothes.

What do you think of the bohemian style? If you want to incorporate it, do not hesitate to follow these golden rules and you will have a fabulous and fashionable look.