Can Edibles Be a Better Way to Consume Marijuana?

Marijuana is the current trend, there is no denying it. The herb has taken over some of the major industries with a storm, from health and fitness to skincare, we’re really consuming marijuana in every way possible. But just because it’s available in a hundred different forms, doesn’t mean we should be consuming all of them. The truth is, not every cannabis product will suit you, not every potency will fulfill your needs, and not every experience will be enjoyable. This is why you need to tread carefully in a newly discovered range of products.

You can always experiment your way into finding the best-suited product but that might take a while. Let us make that a little simpler for you. Start with edibles. Edibles alone have the widest variety of products for you to try and the best part, they all taste incredible.

The trick is to know what to look for before you start finding an edible that’ll best suit your needs. Before we get into why edibles are a great way to consume marijuana let’s discuss why it’s better than smoking!


Smoking vs. Ingesting

When we talk about consuming cannabis, the first thought we have is of a whole flower, a joint, or a cigarette. And then we think about the other products that deliver the same benefits, and possibly, with lesser side effects. Which in this case, refers to edibles.

Even though smoking has been a more popular method of marijuana consumption, edibles are definitely taking the lead. Let’s discuss why:

Effect on Health

Whether you’re smoking tobacco or marijuana, you’re always exposing yourself, particularly your lungs to toxins. So it’s not really hard to understand that smoking marijuana can prove to be extremely harmful to you. The more often you smoke, the more susceptible you are to chronic cough, acute bronchitis, and the production of phlegm.

Edibles, on the other hand, have no especially damaging properties that target a particular organ.


It is crucial to remember that cannabis isn’t without side effects and its long-term use can be damaging. However, for occasional consumption or medical assistance, edibles are a better way of consuming cannabis as opposed to smoking.

Doctors are especially wary of smokables for patients who have compromised lungs or respiratory disorders.

Taste & Smell

Apart from the obvious health repercussions of smoking, it also has a certain earthy flavor and smell to it that isn’t up to everybody’s taste. Not to forget the spunk it leaves behind in your breath that you have to cover up with a piece of gum. But the same isn’t the case with edibles. You can find them in an infinity of flavors, sometimes in the form of a chocolate bar and other times baked into a brownie.


What Makes Edibles a Better Way to Consume Marijuana?

Not just when compared to smokables, edibles have recently become one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis. Here’s why:

Wide Variety

Chocolate, brownies, cookies, ice cream, butter, candies, gummies, sour patches, capsules, and even infused drinks like tea, coffee, juice, water, energy drinks, and more. The list goes on. There is so much to try and they all sound especially delicious.

Multiple Flavors

Gummies- Elderberry, watermelon, orange, cherry, raspberry, blueberry, blue raspberry mixed berry, fruit-flavored, turmeric, lime, green apple, apple cider vinegar, sour patches, sour gummy rings, and more. These are just a few examples of the flavors you can buy for cannabis gummies.


Ease of Dosing

Anytime you buy a jar of gummies or capsules or even a drink, you can read the label or product descriptions for the directed dosage. Every reliable brand makes sure that its customers know how much is enough and when it’s too much. Most brands recommend new consumers to start with a single gummy/capsule while those with a higher tolerance can opt for two.

The directions for consumption can also differ as per the age, weight, or gender of the consumer. But it is always a good idea to start slow and small.

Long-Lasting Effects

If you’re looking for a sleeping dose that ensures you get a restful night, smoking or consuming a sublingual tincture might not be enough. The long-lasting effects of edibles come into play when you want to experience the euphoric pleasure of blissful slumber all night. If you need to find more about this, you can read more.


Care During Consumption

If you’ve made up your mind to invest in some high-quality edibles, here are some things you should remember before consuming them.

Know the Difference Between THC Edibles and CBD Edibles

With an, you can get your hands on edibles of different potencies, some even with a higher THC percentage than CBD. It is important to know that THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis. In other words, the more THC you consume, the more ‘high’- like effects you’ll experience.

Remember That Edibles Take Longer to Show Effect

Most edibles take somewhere between an hour to three before showing effect. Single anything ingestible has to be digested before the cannabinoids can enter the bloodstream, the time it takes depends on the consumers’ metabolism, frequency of consumption, weight, age, etc.

It is always recommended that consumers wait for a few hours before taking another dose.

Slow Down Your Consumption Because Edibles Can be Intense

Smoking and sublingual oils are perfect for that instant hit, but if you’re looking for a long-lasting one, edibles work the best. But at the same time, too much consumption over a short period can lead to extremely intense effects. These can get too strong for consumers, especially if they end up consuming multiple doses over a short period.


Ending Words

Edibles are a great way of consuming marijuana, and a much safer way when compared with smokables. Consumers looking for benefits for longer durations and without the health consequences that come along with smoking cannabis, can find greater benefits with consuming edibles.

It is crucial to remember that any cannabis product, when consumed in high doses over longer periods can have a negative impact on consumers’ health. This is why, patients and recreational consumers alike, are advised to take tolerance breaks or limit their consumption to directed doses.