How Big Data and Hadoop Training Can Benefit Your Career

The past decade has seen an enormous increase in the amount of data that is used in the day-to-day operations of businesses. The amount of data that is generated has also increased ten-fold in recent years. Due to this increase, businesses are continuously looking for professionals who are skilled to handle and analyze this data. Often, the data is not structured and is quite confusing for a person without the proper training. To analyze, scrutinize, and gain significant insights from the data gathered, it should be converted to a structured form before it can be of any use. This is where Big Data and Hadoop Certification from institutions like, can help you enormously. Several studies have shown that the Big Data sector will see an annual growth rate of 23.1% in the coming years.

Due to the increase in the demand for Big Data professionals, a lot of people are looking to get trained in this field. If you are interested in starting your career in the field of Big Data, then this certification is the perfect way to begin your career. To get your dream job, you can enroll in the Big Data and Hadoop Certification. The knowledge and the skills that you will learn during this training will help you in your job search as well as in your workplace immensely. If dealing with data, organizing, and structuring it and getting insights from it has always appealed to you, then this is the certification you should pursue. Once you complete this training, you will be able to find a good job with a good salary package. If you are a working professional, this training will enhance your qualifications and help you move up the ladder in your organization.

What are the careers you can pursue after completing the Big Data and Hadoop certification?

Information Technology Industry:


With an IT background, it will be quite easy for you to grasp the concepts that will be discussed in the Big Data and Hadoop training. One of the benefits of pursuing this training and learning the Hadoop framework is that you will be able to continue to work in this industry. This qualification will only add to your skill set and will open numerous opportunities for you. If you are a fresher or a recent graduate, you can become a Data Engineer, a Software Development Engineer, a Hadoop Developer, a Machine Learning Engineer, A Hadoop Administrator, a Big Data Engineer or a Big Data Consultant. Once you gain sufficient experience, you will be eligible to get promotions and move up the ladder in your organization. This course will be the perfect addition to your qualifications as an IT professional.

Banking and Financial Sector:

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The Banking and Financial Sector has been utilizing the benefits of Big Data to curb frauds, catching illegal activities, and getting customer insights. Not only that, but big data has also been used to provide information that can help officials and executives make better decisions. For people with commerce background and related education, learning the Hadoop framework will add to your education and will help you get better jobs in this sector. The skills that you learn through this course can be used along with your other skills. You can become Risk Managers, Data Specialists, and even Audit Consultants. The skills acquired by pursuing Big Data and Hadoop training are also used in tracking and analyzing trading activity.

Communication and Media Sector:

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The Communication and Media sector heavily relies on the data of its customers. In recent years, almost all decisions taken by organizations in this sector are backed by a huge amount of customer data. The data that has been collected from the consumers is structured, studied and analyzed to make better decisions. One great example of the use of Big Data in this sector is the personalized advertisements that are seen on our digital devices. If you have an educational background in this field or if you are simply interested in making a career in this sector, Big Data training and Hadoop Framework knowledge can help you get a job.

Education Sector:

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Data collected from teachers, students and even school administrators are being used to make better decisions for this sector. With the improvement and advancement of the sector in mind, companies who are invested in this sector are recruiting Big Data specialists who can help them sort and structure the data, analyze the data and then provide valuable insights that will benefit the education community as a whole. This is a fairly new sector where the use of a large amount of data has just started. This might be the perfect sector for you to get started with.

Healthcare Sector:

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Health insurance companies, hospitals, and the government medical database, pharmaceutical companies are only some of the components of the healthcare sector that use Big Data components in their day-to-day operations. Patient medical data, disease reports, disease care histories are all required to treat patients. In the absence of a structured and organized system, the healthcare system will not be able to function properly. Professionals are required in this sector to organize such data and maintain a steady flow of information.

Transportation Sector:

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Data has been used in the transportation industry for a long time. Transportation of major materials such as oil, construction material, ores, minerals, etc across countries and states requires the use of huge amounts of data. Along with this, the navigation systems we have on our phones and in our cars is also run due to the incorporation of big data strategies in this sector.

Energy Sector:

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Electricity grids, transportation of fuel, extraction of minerals and other materials, etc, all use big data to make the process easier and get significant insights into the business side of operations. Many major decisions taken in this sector are based on the insights provided by data specialists hired by the organizations.

Big Data and Hadoop framework are also used in other industries such as Weather Forecasting, where data about climatic conditions, natural phenomenon, and disasters helps in predicting the weather, climatic conditions, and disasters in advance. The use of Big Data has spread into all the major industries and pursuing training in this domain will open up significant career opportunities for you.