How To Add Value To Your Resume By Getting An Online CPR AED Certification


Do you feel like there is no growth at work? Does your mind often wander off towards taking life-saving courses, but you do not know their use? Due to the countless choices, selecting an online course could get overwhelming. A CPR certification online will always add value to your resume. You can use this course to propel your career. Even an AED certification course gives you an upper edge at work. These life-saving skills bring out the humane side of your personality. Read Below To Understand More About Aed And Cpr. This Article Also Guides You To Get Your Hands On The Perfect Online Cpr Course.

What are the various types of CPR?


Most people must understand that maintaining a healthy circulation is the key to survival. CPR is the first technique you should use on an unconscious patient. This process helps with the cardiopulmonary revival of the body. This technique works for infants, adults, and children. However, the steps for each differ slightly. The medical fraternity divides CPR into three categories.

  1. Adult CPR: When an Adult experiences a cardiac arrest, their brain has about 2 minutes to recover. The CPR delivered to an adult requires deep chest compressions of two inches each. The breath given to an adult should also be strong enough to make their chest rise. These actions help recreate the natural working of their body.
  2. Child CPR: Children have delicate bodies and a faster heartbeat. So if a child undergoes cardiac arrest, you need to act fast. For a child, you should only use one plan for chest compressions. Every push should only go as deep as 1.5 inches. For the breath as well, watch for their cheeks to puff up. Rupturing the child’s lungs is the last thing anyone wants to do.
  3. Infant CPR: Many children have congenital heart disease that often causes cardiac arrest. Their rib cages are tender, and a hard push could crack them. Under these situations, your spontaneous response should be to deliver CPR. But an infant needs compression with only two fingers. Also, ensure you provide a gentle breath to the child. These actions keep the baby safe from additional injuries.

How to Maximize Your CPR training?


Once you take your CPR certification online, you must use it to your advantage. It is a form of upskilling that people need to know about in the following ways.

  1. It would help you be bold in using your knowledge in reality. If you encounter a cardiac arrest patient, help them and be a hero.
  2. Please inform your office HR about your course. You could also ask them to put you on the medical team.
  3. Many people use their CPR and AED certifications to enter the healthcare industry. If that is your goal, maximize the certificate with an updated resume.
  4. Lastly, you can also use this certification course to surprise your family and friends. Help them feel safe and create a happy environment.

How to give AED, and what is its importance?

Even though CPR helps most of the time, you may need to know about the working of the AED machine. AED stands for Automatic Electronic Defibrillator. This device works on a battery and gives out electromagnetic waves to the heart. When the body experiences cardiac arrest, the nerve impulse promoting the muscles to contract ceases. The AED machine mimics this impulse and ensures the heart muscles come back to life.

  1. You should start the AED machine if the patient does not respond after CPR.
  2. This device comes with instructions and will assess the patient’s heart rate.
  3. The machines automatically set the intensity of shock the body needs. You must run the device’s two arms once it gets charged up.
  4. Next, you must stand back and place the machine’s arms on the patient’s bare chest.
  5. Give at least two shocks and ensure the person is comfortable.
  6. Some people also need head support as the body rises and falls during a shock.
  7. Once the patient returns to life, stop the defibrillator and cover the person. It keeps their body warm and allows rapid blood flow.

How to get your CPR AED certification from a reputed institution?


As the education world moves online, you have access to more courses. But how do you differentiate a legitimate course from a fake one? What qualification should you check for when taking a CPR certification online? Many such questions bother aspirants; sometimes, you need to get the correct answer. The below pointers will help you categorize the institute of your choice. You will also learn about the accreditations required to take an online CPR course.

  1. OSHA and AHA are the only bodies that give out CPR and AED course guidelines. If your institute offers a course with any other accreditations, you should not go for it.
  2. The reputation of any institute comes from the feedback of its alums. You must reach out to them and ask for people who have previously taken this course. Speaking to the alums will help you in clarifying doubts about placements. You could also get an insight into the student assistance the institute offers.
  3. Another aspect that defines any school or institute is the qualifications of its tutors. If the people teaching you do not have the proper capabilities, you will likely not learn much.
  4. Most people take a CPR or AED certification to grow in their careers. It shows the corporate world’s confidence in the institute offering the course. To understand the worth of your institution, you should ask them about their corporate tie-ups. Most reputed institutes will hand you a list of employers who hire from them.


You should constantly work towards adding something new to your resume, whether it is a language or a life-saving skill. These little investments go a long way in positioning you at the top level in any company. People with knowledge of life-saving skills enjoy respect and recognition. The American HealthCare Academy brings you many options in this genre. Their CPR certification online comes from OSHA-certified tutors. The course offers you a self-learning path making it best for working professionals. Register on their website today and make your resume shine.