7 Biggest Online Shopping Events Around the World Every

Ever since online sales peaked in popularity, shopping has never been easier and more fun. Far behind us is the moment when you take your purse and wallet and hurry to the nearest store or mall. Today, sales and shopping events are equally popular online, and mostly even more so. However, this is not only a great opportunity for buyers but also for sellers. In this way, they are able to significantly increase their income and gain more customers. For example, they benefit most from events that offer products at very reduced prices for limited periods.

In that case, there is a huge growth in revenue, and that changes the way consumers buy. At the same time, the expectations of customers who enjoy greater benefits, choices and better access to information about products and services on offer are met. If you want to expand your business or simply enjoy shopping, we will introduce you to some of the most popular online shopping events.

1. Black Friday

Source: metroparent.com

We are sure that this is the most famous shopping day. Comes right after Thanksgiving in the US. That’s when the Christmas shopping season begins in November each year and that’s the period in which the average American shopper spends hundreds of dollars. Its popularity in the world is growing every year. It may have started as an offline event, but today it is equally popular in online markets around the world.

This is proof that good marketing really works wonders. Research shows that every year, users search more and more for this term and specific action offers. However, the whole Thanksgiving week was marked by promotions, sales and great shopping. Immediately after this event, Small Business Saturday and Cyber ​​Monday follow.

2. Cyber ​​Monday

Source: Investopedia

So, this event represents a day reserved for the purchase of equipment and various goods at very cheap prices. This online event started in 2005 and is becoming even more interesting by providing customers with coupon codes, limited offers and special savings options. And this event has definitely changed the way customers shop, and the huge effect has carried over to the retail industry as well. Depending on the country, the restrictions are different. For example, while some countries offer weekly offers, others are limited to 24 hours. Either way, this event has become a lot more convenient like any other found on the online platform.

Customers are provided with many benefits and one of them is certainly a great time saver. However, the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has conditioned all of us to keep a physical distance in order to protect our own and other people’s health. Online shopping is definitely the best way to avoid the crowds or lose patience waiting in lines.

There are similar days in other countries, such as Cyberday in Chile, which takes place in late May. Then local sites like Ebest offer big discounts.

3. Single’s Day

Source: Solo Living

This is a big day of shopping all over the world even though it is from China. It is also known as Guanggun Jie. It all started with a festival among Chinese youth presented as anti-Valentine’s Day. Celebrate November 11 every year as a visual representation of the single individual (1-1-1-1). Online sales helped them reach their peak, as astonishing sales were recorded. The record numbers just kept coming and that’s why this event is on our list of the most popular online shopping events around the world.

4. Amazon Prime Day

Source: British GQ

The event was founded in 2015 with the goal of overshadowing the largest American event when it comes to shopping – Black Friday. It is marked by excellent offers when it comes to technologies, appliances, cosmetics and everything else we buy online. It’s basically a 36-hour period in which Amazon offers its best deals of the year, along with bigger sales. Of course, there are limitations when it comes to time. And because of this, customers can enjoy many other benefits of the service.

For example, this refers to free one-day delivery, free publication of delivery dates, free delivery in two hours or less, etc. The great thing is that there is an application that allows you not to miss the biggest offers. Our advice is to quickly check the received offers, because things are sold at lightning speed. You can also find more offers by searching the Amazon app or website by occupations and categories.

5. Valentine’s Day

Source: KRDO

So, this day is not only romantic but also very rewarding. In fact, resellers who properly create a rich media advertising campaign can experience a real peak of earnings. Also, customers will not miss the great shopping in this way, which can make their loved one happy, but also many others. Research shows that billions of dollars are spent during this event, mostly people aged 20 or 30. Sweets, flowers, jewelry, etc. are mostly bought. However, many people simply use this event to buy something at a good price.

6. Mother’s Day

Source: Office Holidays

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world. Mothers are our best friends, our protectors… They are always with us, they look after us and take care of us. They criticize when necessary and lead to the right path. It is a celebration in honor of mothers and motherhood. However, for traders, this means something else. This event offers them the opportunity to attract customers with some great offers to buy as many gifts as possible. The response is huge, because obviously a lot of people want to express their love and gratitude in this way. That’s why they are trying to find some unique gifts ranging from cheaper to luxurious.

7. Father’s Day

Source: Times of India

This is a celebration in honor of fathers and fatherhood. This event lags behind the past, as research shows that people still spend more during Mother’s Day. Of course, the statistics are different for each country. However, both events are very popular and that is why they are on our list. In this case, consumers spend the most on greeting cards, special trips, clothes, gift cards, electronics, car accessories, etc.


These events are a great opportunity for traders and buyers. It’s really big income, but also great offers. It is an opportunity or excuse for customers to honor themselves, friends or family. On the other hand, retailers are making more money than ever thanks to the digital platform.