5 Biggest Problems With One-Night Stands

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One-night stands are not a cup of tea for everyone. It might make you feel uncomfortable or it can turn out as the hottest sex so far. These one-night stands are a pattern that starts from a college and nowadays, even in a school.

Most of the girls, who are interested in a boy, sleep with him and she feels it like she is on top of the world. She memorizes what all he says before having sex, and she hopes that their relationship will upon a higher level after one sex night.

Well, these stories are most common and few have sex quickly and even lookout for a meaningful relationship afterward. But, when you see and hear both sides when the no relationship materializes, the disappointment of a woman or a man waning interest, the real problem occurs from here.

Here are some of the 5 biggest problems with one-night stands that one should keep in mind before getting involved in it.

Problems with one-night stands

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1. Getting emotionally attached

If you are the one who is quite emotional and even fall in love when a person says “Hello”, then one-night stands are a big “NO” for you. It is because you can get attached way too easily. You might get fall in love with a girl with whom you just got intimate with.

So if you are picking up your girl, taking her home for one-time sex, then your game is over. It is because you will not be able to stop thinking about her. She will always be in your mind. You can put yourself in a huge mess.

For emotional fools, one-night stands are wrong. If such things happen, then you must save yourself from this grief and put such thoughts out of your head. You should remember it as a one-night stand only and never get into it ever again.

2. Ruin mental health

When sex is on your mind 24 x 7, it can ruin your mental health badly. Yes, if you are the one who is always ready to encounter one-night stands with a stranger, then something is wrong with your mental health.

Many people get drunk in a club and then they end up having sex with a stranger. This is wrong but actually, it is not an intentional thing, you might save yourself from this the next day, but if your sexual cravings are increasing every day to get intimate with strangers, then here you might need expert help.

It is because sometimes, hook-up sex is cruel. There are various pressures to perform, there are no trust and your anxiety levels are also at a peak. All such things can leave a negative impact on your mind and body, which can ruin you mentally and emotionally.

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3. Fear of sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted infections can also be the biggest problem that you might face due to your one-night stand. They are caused due to sexual contacts, especially when you had unprotected sex.

Many people crave for horny sex; they generally don’t use protection during sexual intercourse. This might be a major reason for STD. Your one-night stand can cost your life.

You should not be so wild and horny about your one-night stands that you forget about your protection. If you or your partner doesn’t wear a condom during physical intimacy, this can increase the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease.

Sometimes, inconsistent and improper use of condoms can also lead to major issues. If you are always hungry for sex and look out for multiple partners for one-night stands, then you should pause and think over it again.

It is because the more people you have sex with; the higher are your risks. This is correct for monogamous relationships as well as for concurrent partners.

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4. What if she/he is not over you?

A one-night stand might be a common thing for you; maybe it is just casual sex for you like other normal days, but what if your partner doesn’t feel the same? This can be a great problem for you if your partner has not taken it as a “hook-up” date.

When you are not ready for a relationship and you get indulged with someone who is truly into you and have sex with, then it will be a tricky thing for you to come out of this. Even though, the partners decide on being “friends with benefits” sometimes, the feelings get changed.

This can take the worst turn in your life, and you might get trapped in the love thing, which is not a cup of tea. So it is very important to have a one-night stand with a person, whom you can trust, and with the one who is also not ready to be in a serious relationship, just like you.

5. Sex addiction

The mental and emotional health consequences of having sex with multiple partners every other day can also make you a sex addict. It can increase your risk of depression and anxiety.

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For both men and women, this can be disturbing. Commonly for women, when they have sex with multiple partners, they might face embarrassment, shame, and dissatisfaction turning to drugs and alcohol; this can only worsen the situation.

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One-night stands are good for the people who don’t get emotionally or mentally attached to people. It also depends on the partner, with whom you are going to make a physical relationship. Casual sex or a one-night stand is not a good idea for everyone.

Thus, if you are planning to have a hook-up with a stranger, or with someone you cannot trust fully, keep the above-mentioned points in mind, to avoid such problems. Always keep in mind to wear protection to avoid STDs and have happy & safe sex.