Biggest Wedding Ring Trends of 2024

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Although 2024 has been far from the ideal year if you had been planning to get married, it doesn’t mean that there haven’t been some exciting new trends when it comes to wedding rings. We have witnessed some different shapes and styles enter the marketplace. Stone settings and detailing have also thrown up something a bit different; while still retaining that classic look which we always suggest should be included to some degree in wedding rings.

Of course, in the wake of COVID-19, most shopping has been done online, and this presents us with far more choice as well as an opportunity to pick up a bargain. Here are some of the trends that have been popular in 2024:

Diamonds remain the number one choice

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Diamonds are always the gemstone which is most closely associated with an engagement ring, and that is a trend that has continued in 2024, but we are seeing them feature more in wedding rings. However, we have seen a slight shift away from the more traditional settings such as a round brilliant cut or Emerald cut. Pave diamond settings, often more associated with wedding bands, have been popular with couples choosing engagement rings that match wedding rings. Intricate settings that include single or multiple diamonds have also been trending with more people selecting the more practical settings for women that lead a busy lifestyle.

Platinum, white and rose gold

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Yellow gold, as always, is still leading the way when it comes to the metal of choice for wedding bands but platinum, white and rose gold, as well as even Tungsten, have all featured more in 2024 than in previous years. Platinum is undoubtedly becoming more popular, perhaps due to its value, but it does suggest that couples are shifting away from the more classic designs. Tungsten has featured more in men’s wedding rings this year but is also starting to be used in women’s design.

White and rose gold both represent femininity, something which you wouldn’t associate with Tungsten. They again offer something more unique than yellow gold while retaining gold’s traditional values.

Bridal Sets

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In 2024, an increased amount of couples have decided to choose bridal sets for their wedding rings with some looking to upgrade their existing engagement rings and wedding bands. Although some don’t view this as being “traditional”, there is no argument that it can reduce the amount of stress involved with finding an engagement ring and wedding band that match. The pairs will look perfect together, and there will be a certain degree of symmetry in terms of their style and shape. A bonus is they are often excellent value for money. If you are looking to save a few dollars, this could be an opportunity without compromising on quality!

Here are some of the popular wedding bands 2024

  • Plain wedding bands

If there is one consistent trend, it is that classic or at least a twist on the classic is still, for lots of couples, the order of the day. Plain bands offer flexibility and versatility that neither shaped nor intricate bands can offer. It is possible to choose almost any design of engagement ring if you go for a plain ring and this is why they always remain popular year in, year out. They will never go out of fashion, and they suit all types of metal. It gives you the chance to select the engagement ring that your partner will love without needing to worry about the wedding ring combination.

  • Unique shaped rings

Twenty years ago, when you mentioned weddings and asked someone to draw one, the designs would look almost identical. However, in the last few years, we have seen unusually shaped wedding rings start to feature, and this has been even more prominent in 2024. They are perfect for women who have a large engagement ring that has multiple stones or itself, is more of an unusual shape. Even if your lady has a more traditional engagement ring, a shaped wedding ring will look great. It may incorporate diamonds or other gems. Alternatively, you may like to include a plait or make it non-symmetrical. The options really are endless.

  • Intricate wedding bands

Once again, up until relatively recently, we would never have associated wedding rings with including intricate detail and would identify this feature with an engagement ring. However, in 2024, filigree detailing has become more common as has the use of intricate diamond and other gemstone settings. The inclusion of grooves and patterning is also quite common, and this style of ring tends to pair beautifully with solitaire diamond or vintage engagement rings.

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2020 has once again seen some noteworthy trends when it comes to wedding ring designs. Some will inevitably fall out of fashion as quickly as they came in while others, in years to come, may become classics in their own right.

Proposing to the love of your life is quite a nerve-racking moment, especially if you’ve never done it before. On top of this, you will need to pick a ring too.

This, of course, can only add to your nervousness. Fortunately, however, our helpful tips can help you know where to start when deciding on the ideal wedding ring for your soon to be life partner.

When it comes to navigating through uncharted territory – in this case, shopping online for jewelry, the right knowledge is necessary.

Today, we live in a digital world, which means that almost anything can be ordered without leaving the comforts of our home. But this does not mean that you can relax, though. There are still things that you need to do to have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience online, especially if you are new to online shopping.

For more information about styles and trends, you can easily visit this guide on wedding rings from ICONIC to freely browse through some of what we have seen on the high street and across the internet which includes everything you’ll need to know about styles, stones, diamonds, metals, and sizes.