Best Birthday or Valentine Cards Designs


Birthday cards are claimed to have originated in England and are over a century old. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough evidence to determine who sent or received the first card.

Birthday Cards were viewed as more of an apology at the time. Though people used to greet a family member or friend on their birthday in person rather than sending a card, if they couldn’t meet them in person, they would send a birthday card instead. A card’s purpose was to convey friendliness and hope to the person who received it. It is still a common and marvelous practice as people nowadays send birthday cards to show their thoughts to their loved ones.

A greeting card is not just a little piece of paper but a complete way of expressing your true emotions may be in printed form, hand painted, or handcrafted with a message printed or penned to express your sentiments to someone. For example, a girl can send it to her boyfriend as a love message for him. Nowadays, we have so many options for expressing ourselves and our sentiments to others, such as sending an SMS, an email message, an ecard, a fax message, or just calling someone on the phone. Greeting Cards are still not an ordinary practice today as they are used for particular purposes.

Some individuals believe that instead of spending money and time on purchasing and sending a greeting card, why not send an SMS, which is a more cheaper and time-saving choice. In today’s world, the presentation counts a lot for everyone and everything.

Importance of Greeting cards


The greetings card, in a fair opinion, is an aesthetically pleasing packaging of your inner feelings that makes the receiver feel thrilled, looked after, being loved, and honored. As a result, greeting cards may be used for nearly every occasion; the only need is that you choose the proper card, the suitable color, style, or image, as well as a printed message or your handwritten message, to express your appreciation. Because greetings are used for a variety of reasons and situations, there are many different types of greeting cards available on the market and one can choose as per his choices.

By giving a greeting card, one can easily and effectively congratulate individuals around you and your loved ones in a variety of ways. Greeting cards may be used to make them affectionate and loving for you on a variety of occasions and events for important individuals in your life. Greeting cards are the most effective way to communicate your sentiments to those around you. Greeting cards allow company owners to celebrate their customers and staff on various occasions by delivering promotional gifts. Create a fantastic sensation in their brains, inspire them to utilize the collection’s items or services, and use them as a marketing weapon by doing so. They can be created for the following occasions or purposes:

  • Cards for holy and important occasions like festivals and the new year
  • Birth, engagement, and marriage anniversary cards
  • Cards for happy occasions such as graduation from university and the birth of a kid
  • Cards that express sympathies, such as condolences and recovery wishes
  • Personal problems such as love, appreciation, and friendship are addressed in cards.

The greeting card normally has a photo and text that can be changed depending on the greeting’s theme. It may be used for birthdays, the new year, wedding anniversaries, or even the first anniversary of a business. For occasions or events such as openings, businesses frequently utilize greeting to demonstrate their legitimacy and influence their audience and competition.

Companies utilize greeting card designs to convey their message to boost their reputation and loyalty among competitors and clients. One of the advertising ways is to employ various sorts of promotional gifts. A postcard or greeting card, which may be used in a variety of industries, is a good example of promotional presents. When it comes to birthday card, many people go to retail giants. Although there are some excellent choices available, none of them were created by you. You may have a tremendous influence on the recipient’s big day by making something meaningful. Nowadays they are being created digitally as this is an era of technology.

With creativity cloud express, you can select from dozens of eye-catching birthday card templates, making something unique simpler than ever as a love message for him or her. One of the most common types of greeting and birthday wishes cards and is still used a lot. They come with many variances.

Types of Birthday greetings cards


Ordinary and plain birthday cards are separated into two categories: two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Simple birthday cards normally have a picture and text; however, 3D greeting cards include geometric shapes, flowers, and other elements in addition to photos and text. With glue, these shapes are carefully placed on these. Birthday cards are frequently folded and printed on cardboard or paper.

Designing a Card

The design is one of the most important aspects to consider while creating a birthday greeting card. Colors, materials utilized, greeting language, and other details may all be included in a professional greeting card design. The following are some helpful hints for creating professional and appealing birthday greeting cards:

  • Be aware of your target market
  • Pay attention to the topic and use bright, appealing colors
  • Make use of relevant photos
  • It should be noted that the paper and materials used are different

Contemporary practices regarding Birthday cards


Young couples usually send these cards to one another. A boy sends birthday wishes through a card with other presents and in return, a girl sends this card with love messages for him written on the card to express the intimacy between them. It is an excellent way to exchange their love for each other through this conventional medium. Although writing to one and each other is a very old practice but still it has a distinctive charm in it. Some love practices cannot be eliminated, and this is one of those practices. To get more information about this read more.

Many times, it happens when we want to write our loved ones and want to send wishes to them in some other way which is charming too. Sending them birthday cards is a very good idea as it will surely please our loved ones as it is not a common practice.

Birthday Wishes

Some quotes or wishes which can be written on birthday occasions are written below:

  • “One more year full of blessings waiting for you. Welcome it with an open heart and high hopes. Wishing you a very happy and fun-filled birthday!”
  • “May all your wishes come true this year and may this year be full of love, hope, and happiness. Wishing you a splendor happy birthday!”
  • “Happy birthday to your my love! You filled my life with joy and pleasure. May you be proper, successful, and charming in your life”
  • “On this day, I wish all your dreams come true. Remember that what you seek is seeking. So don’t lose trust in your dreams. Keep shining always. Wishing you another amazing Birthday”
  • “May you’re always surrounded with love and love be always with you. Have a marvelous life ahead. Happy Birthday my love”.

In short, the world has changed a lot and new ways of expressing love have emerged but wishing birthdays using cards is still a practice which is considered by many people to show their love for each other. Some customs should not be banished from society and this (wishing through birthday cards) can be considered as one of them.