Blend Farmhouse Style Home Décor with Bohemian and Tribal Theme

Farmhouse style décor adds warmth and luxury to life. It brings back old memories of childhood. During vacations, we enjoyed visiting our countryside house and spending time with family, relatives, and cousins. We did not have video games or mobile phones to keep us busy, but we woke up to the fragrance of fresh fruits and milk from farms, afternoons were occupied with swimming in ponds or playing in mud pools and evenings were full of grandma’s stories near the fireplace. I still miss those days in the busy city life, at times, so I decided to bring the old memories back into my life.

With slight changes to the décor, one can add a natural and rustic look to the interiors. There isn’t much to be done, but certain basic elements like grain sack, linen, old furniture, and antique showpieces can do wonders. The benefit of farmhouse style décor is that old and worn out items will also give an urban feeling. So, instead of spending thousands on an antique shop, simply go ahead and buy old furniture. If there is a dent on the metal vase, it gives it a more natural look. is known for its wall art for every type of theme décor. Whether it is a farmhouse, industrial, rustic, vintage, etc. they have wall art for every theme.

The best part of farmhouse décor is that it can adapt to any modern or old-style décor. You need not change the complete house upside down if the construction is in a modern style. Slight implementation and additions to furniture can also bring an urban or farmhouse look to the house. For the last 3 years, I have seen tremendous change in the décor design. Many people are adapting to the farmhouse style. However, they’re also mixing it with other décor styles to freshen things.

It is always exciting to see a home mixed with two or three décor styles at one time. This way, you don’t stick with one style for a long time. One such fusion that is quite a in demand is the farmhouse style along with a tribal touch. Tribal theme comfortably mixes with any traditional or modern décor and adds adventure to even a bland room.

Even if you place one piece of tribal art in the room, it becomes the focal point of every eye. Honestly, it creates a bold statement. Tribal masks, lights, pottery, rugs, various items can add spice to the room. Let’s see some extraordinary tips that can be used to change the farmhouse theme of the house with a slight blend of tribal touch –

Tribal Rug

Source: Collective Sol

An oriental rug can bring some excitement in the style. If it’s an old pattern that is slightly worn out, it will give more of an antique look. A white room with a colorful vintage rug catches the eye. You can place it in front of the bathroom, in the alley, at the entry door, or under the coffee table. Choose the location wisely so that it spots every eye. An oriental rug not only gives a farmhouse feel, but it also has a tribal look in it. Check online for various options or visit an antique shop for a classic rug.

Baskets or Weavings

Source: Pinterest

Tribal region is known for weaving, so anything like jute baskets or woven wall art are a masterpiece. They look like they have been specially bought from a different city, instead of being purchased from an ordinary vintage shop. If you have shiplap walls, hanging woven baskets with dried old leaves or artificial urban plants, provide a natural look.

A tribal chic or hanging is a blend of tribal and bohemian design style. If you’d like, you can check out this article for more Bohemian design ideas. It gives a natural look as well to the farmhouse look. Woven hangings are the origin of the bohemian tradition. Adding a few rattan chairs to the room along with woven wall hanging will surely pair perfectly.

Bold Patterns

Source: DigsDigs

The farmhouse theme is all about being plain and simple. White dishes, plain dining table linen, ordinary organic furniture, and plain shiplap walls. A bold pattern of rug or tribal prints can become eye-catching in this plain theme. Bring some geometric pattern of rugs and place them in the living room. It is not only eye-catching but if you have less furniture, then bold prints fill the room.

Wooden furniture

Source: Rattan Garden Furniture

Wooden or rattan furniture that appears to be handmade gives a complete bohemian or tribal look. Rattan chairs are extremely in demand to complete the tribal style. Rattan chairs are perfect for the patio. They also add a warm look to the bedroom if you keep them near your balcony or glass window along with the rattan coffee table.

Macramé Décor


Macramé décor looks like the 1970s. Macramé is a knotting technique produced by textiles. Some various designs and patterns are used in macramé. They can be added to walls, tables, above bedside, as long as it gives tribal mix to the farmhouse theme. The best macramé art is the wall hanging which can be placed in any room.

Aztec Pattern

Source: counctry

The Aztec pattern has been in demand these days. Just like bold patterns, Aztec also grabs attention. After this pattern showed a remarkable effect on people on clothes, it instantly grabs attention in home décor as well. They can be used in blankets, pillows, linen, rugs, kitchen backsplash or countertop. It gives a natural look if it has a vintage wood background.

Tribal masks, lights, metal vase, woven baskets, pillows, cushions, potteries, figurines, picture frames, wall art, sculptures are some of the latest ideas that can spice up your room. The list grows every day. The options are unique and massive which makes choices for home accessories quite interesting. There are endless options online and there are also vintage shops, antique stores and framing retailers like Frame Destination.

Home decor cannot be selected instantly. It needs a lot of thinking and ideas. Look around properly before ending up with the wrong choice. If you know your category and lifestyle, then choose accordingly.