Unique Ideas on How To Display Quilts That Makes Lovely Home Décor

Quilts keep you warm while also serving as beautiful home decor. It’s fascinating to see how many homes have recognized the aesthetic of quilts and have incorporated them more prominently into their interior design. There are a variety of ways to make your quilt display stand out. They can even be used to create a garment art gallery that attracts visitors. Let’s look at some creative ideas on how to display quilts for eye-catching home design.

Displaying A Quilt on Wall

When it comes to home decoration, the wall is the most used feature to draw attention. Hangers, clips, shelves, and wall racks are all excellent options for quilt displays. Let’s see what they can do to help.

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Quilt Wall Hangers

These quilt wall hangers are a classic and stylish way to display a quilt. Simply drill four holes on the wall and hang the quilt with the available hangers. An impressive quilt can easily take the place of an abstract painting. This, however, prevents you from repositioning the quilt. To refresh the look of the wall, simply replace it with another quilt of the same size. Otherwise, it takes your time to fill the holes you have made.

Wall Quilt Clips

The most convenient way to hang a quilt is with these clips. They save a lot of time and don’t cause any damage. Simply attach two clips to the wall, wait a few minutes for them to secure themselves, and hang a lovely quilt on top. It’s ideal for hanging quilts in tight spaces where a complete hanging system isn’t feasible. This is how to display a quilt using clips.

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Quilt Shelves for The Wall

Quilt shelves are unquestionably a vintage piece of art that belongs in your living room. It’s simple to use for quilt hanging and looks great in the home. It can be used as a cupboard with additional décor items such as plants or candles placed on top. Below is a bar that you hang the quilt over. I love that I can quickly grab a quilt to warm my body in the living room, where there is such a wall shelf during the cold months.

Quilt Rack

One of the best ways to display a quilt in your home is to hang it on a quilt rack. It’s not always about how easy the quilts are to hang. It’s more about the aesthetic you want to achieve by decorating the rack with anything. Some racks have shelves on top for displaying decorative items. Above all, a wooden rack is recommended as an excellent option for anyone to consider. Wooden is the most common material used to support the rustic appearance of most quilts. You’ll be impressed right away if you add a traditional vibe to your home with a wooden quilt rack. Also, keep in mind that the size you choose should be appropriate for your available space. An extra-large quilt rack can quickly destroy the whole beauty of the room, so be keen!

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How to Display Quilts On Door

It may not be as difficult as you think to hang a quilt on your door. There could be various approaches to this challenge, but the wreath hook is the only one we’d like to share. Snugly tie one end of a quilt with string, about 6 or 7 inches down, for a unique look. Fan out the short end of the string, then hook it onto a wreath hook.

This is especially useful for a door that is rarely used. Surprisingly, its Christmas tree shape reminds us to put something festive on the front door for the holidays. Choose a stunning quilt after you’ve learned how to make wreath hooks, so you don’t bother wasting your time. Blog Blockofgear™ is a place where you can find the best quality and well-designed quilts ever if you’re looking for a quilt brand to trust.

Placing Quilts on Tabletop

Placing quilts on decorative countertops is a simple and unexpected way to display them. Aside from the delicately folded blankets, other decorative accents such as vases, candles, books, or fruit are strategically placed to draw attention to a particular area of the room. The color contrast of the overall picture must perfect the accent they create. In other words, the color harmony must be excellent. Therefore, selecting quilts with highly consistent and eye-catching colors requires a keen eye.

Quilts must also be folded with creativity and purpose. Fold the quilt in half again and again until the final size is comfortable for you. Furthermore, strewing the quilt on the table is valued more than arranging it in an orderly and purposeful manner. It represents an abstract art school that can be very appealing in various contemporary home décor settings.

Other Cool Ways to Display Quilts ーLadder, Headboard & Railing

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Quilts Display Ladder

Next, a ladder can be used to create a beautiful quilt display. The best accessory for displaying quilts is an old and vintage wooden ladder. Like the look of a rack, I showed earlier, Rusticity can elevate the entire display to a new level of art. It’s never difficult to use ladders to display quilts. You can do it in one of two ways. Lean the ladder against a wall if it’s a heavy one. In contrast, if the ladder is very light, you can even hang it on the wall, but not too high off the ground.

Using a ladder with multiple steps, you can display various quilts. As a result, make sure to check the ladder’s paint color and material so they won’t harm your quilts. Before putting any quilt on the ladder, line the towels beneath them to ensure their quality.

Quilt Headboard Display

Bringing the quilt to your bed without sleeping under it is the coolest thing ever. It’s only for show. If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, you can make one out of fabric. It’s both vibrant and distinct at the same time. Hang the quilt with pride using a drapery bar. Besides, the appearance of your quilt should match your bedding. Once again, the site has offered bed sets and quilts with the same theme. Look at them if you’re interested!

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Draping Quilts Over Railings

The railings are an excellent place to display your colorful linens. Simply place them on the top horizontal bar of the rails and wait for the magic to happen. Understandably, a display like this would attract dust and pet dander. As a result, try to replace the quilts regularly to keep their beauty and quality. Allow the quilts to be draped like a mess on a slanting balustrade on occasion to give them a “naughty” look. At times, this may appear to be art.


Those quilts haven’t stood in one place just to keep our bodies warm in a long time. We must admit that the quilt display is a simple but instrumental home decoration art. Elegance is determined by the creative ways you handle the object you choose to put on the scale, not by the type of object you put on it. I hope this post has provided you with some valuable tips and information.