Bonus Buy Pokies: A Comprehensive Guide to What You Need to Know

As the online casino industry continues to grow, casinos are always looking for new and exciting ways to pique players’ interest. One prominent trend in this evolving landscape is incorporating bonus games into traditional pokies, aiming to provide players with a more immersive gaming experience. These bonus games often feature distinct rules compared to the base pokie game, offering various formats like free spins, wheel of fortune rounds, or skill-based cash drop games. These additions enhance the overall entertainment value and potentially yield more significant payouts and larger prizes.

Players must land specific symbol combinations during regular gameplay to access these bonus games. Bonus buy pokies offer the option to initiate a bonus round by purchasing it. This feature allows players to enjoy traditional pokie gameplay and the excitement of bonus rounds whenever they want. However, before further researching this topic, let’s address an important question…


What is The Difference Between Pokies and Slots?

Pokies and Slots, though different in names, represent the same game. While “slots” is the universal term, in Australia and New Zealand, this game is called “pokies,” which is simply slang for slot machines. In terms of gameplay, they are identical, relying solely on luck and offering a simple and enjoyable way to gamble.

How Do Bonus Buy Pokies Work?

Bonus buy pokies operate similarly to standard pokies, featuring the familiar setup of at least three reels (typically five) adorned with various symbols. Winning in these games still relies on aligning identical symbols along the payline.

The key distinction lies in introducing bonus games triggered by specific symbols on the screen. Accessing these bonus rounds is relatively infrequent, and players should only anticipate launching them occasionally, typically occurring once or twice every several hundred spins. However, an option exists for those willing to invest additional funds in the bonus game, making bonus buy pokies appealing.

Players seeking to access bonus games on demand can purchase them. To initiate this process, they must press the “BONUS BUY” button, typically positioned to the left or right of the reel set. Clicking or tapping this button opens a new window, granting access to the additional feature for a fee. The exact cost varies, contingent on the specific game and the wager amount chosen by the player, with higher bets corresponding to higher fees.


When Should You Purchase a Bonus Feature?

Determining the right moment to purchase a bonus feature involves several considerations to ensure a prudent decision:

Bonus Game Type

Evaluating the nature of the bonus game before paying for it is essential. Understanding the feature’s mechanics and appeal is crucial. Bonus games typically fall into categories like free spins/respins rounds, wheel of fortune games, or skill-based games like cash drop, each with unique gameplay.

Prize Potential

The potential rewards within the bonus game are a pivotal factor. Investing in an additional game should offer substantial winning opportunities, such as access to jackpots or significant multipliers. Ensuring the chance for substantial returns is critical.

Bonus Buy Cost

Assessing the cost of purchasing the bonus feature is vital. Some games may charge a significant amount for this privilege. In such cases, waiting for the feature to trigger naturally during regular gameplay may be more prudent.

In addition to these considerations, another relevant question arises when contemplating a bonus feature purchase: When was the last time the bonus game triggered organically? It may activate soon if it has been long since the last occurrence. In such instances, it might be a strategic choice to continue spinning the reels rather than making a purchase.

Available Budget

One of the most important considerations when contemplating a bonus feature purchase is ensuring you have the available budget. It is critical not to exceed your predetermined gambling budget under any circumstances. Prioritize responsible gambling practices and only consider bonus feature purchases if they align with your financial limits.


What are the Best Bonus Buy Slots?

Bonus buy slot games have gained significant popularity in recent years, leading game developers to introduce new titles in this category continuously. The selection of these games continues to grow, with hundreds of online options. Among this vast array, here are some recommendations worth trying:

  • Benny the Beer by Hacksaw Gaming
  • The Wildos by Thunderkick
  • The Greatest Catch Bonus Buy by Evopay Entertainment
  • Fire in the Hole XBomb by No Limit
  • Silk Road by Endorphina
  • Back to the 60s by Arrow’s Edge
  • April Fury and the Chamber of Scarabs by BSG
  • Rick and Morty Megaways by Blueprint Gaming

These bonus buy slots aren’t just appealing for their special features; they also excel in themes, graphics, and their potential for generating winnings. You can find more of the best bonus buy pokies at Even if you choose not to purchase the bonus round, you can still enjoy the game and have a good chance of winning money.

Significance of RTP in Bonus Buy Pokies

Many factors come into play when determining whether it is worth your while to purchase bonus rounds. However, the most crucial factor is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage, which indicates your likelihood of winning money. In general, a higher RTP is more favorable. For instance, a classic slot with a 98% RTP offers a better chance of winning than a fancy bonus buy pokie with a 90% RTP. When deciding which pokie to play, it’s essential to consider other aspects such as the maximum win, minimum and maximum bet limits, and additional features.


Final Thoughts

Bonus buy slots undoubtedly introduce an element of excitement by granting access to free spins and extra rounds at your convenience. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution, as excessive use of bonus buy options can significantly impact your bankroll, potentially resulting in financial losses. Overusing bonus buy options can substantially impact your balance, potentially resulting in financial losses. This may drive some players to purchase extra rounds to recover losses, ultimately leading to problematic gaming behavior.