Is It Possible to Book a Cinema for Private Screening


Doing something special for your loved ones, or even doing a normal thing that you used to do in the past has become a hassle after the Covid-19 pandemic began. We are forced to steer away from crowds and we try to do our best to keep away from places where we would need to spend several hours surrounded by others. This means that we have to give up one of the favorite pastime activities for most people in the world – going to the movies. However, this does not have to be the case if you can rent the whole theater just for yourself and your loved ones. Here, we will tell you if it is possible to book a cinema for a private screening.


Why should you do it?

Let’s first see why you should do it and what are the benefits of renting the whole space. Well, the first reason is that you won’t have to share the theater with anyone else, and if there is a special movie that you want to see, and if you don’t want to be disturbed by others talking or loudly chewing, you can just book the space for yourself.

You won’t have to worry about the seats, and you won’t have to regret getting tickets that are too close to the screen or too far away from it. You can just choose the seats when you get there, and you can even move around during the film if you want.

You can also use this as an amazing idea for a special date with your partner, or you can even have your birthday party there. Inviting your friends to a private screening is going to make everyone remember your special day, and it will be the talk of the year.

Above all these, you will be far safer when you choose to book the whole theater and you won’t have to worry about wearing masks or not feeling safe when you are eating your snacks. Even during the pandemic, you will be completely safe, and you won’t have to worry if people around you are coughing because they are positive to the virus, or if they are just reacting to the popcorn.


Is it possible?

Now that you know why you should consider this, let’s see if it is possible. The short answer is yes, but it all depends on your location, and what the restrictions, rules, and regulations are in your area and your movie theaters.

In most countries, you should be able to do this, especially if there are a lot of theaters and if they are not full all the time. Note that there will be some regulations and you may not be able to book on certain days or at certain times. However, in most cases, you should be able to do it without any issues and the only thing that you need to do is talk to the theater representatives and see what they have to offer you depending on your plans and needs.

Note that another way that you can do this whole process is to just use a platform that will let you see where in the world you can just book your screening and do it all online without having to even leave your home. The great thing about this is that you can easily just search for your city, select the preferred theater and then just select the movie that you want to see.

You can do this all, and choose the date and time just by using platforms like


How much would it cost?

As you can see this is all possible, but most people wonder how much is this experience going to cost. No one wants to end up spending thousands of dollars just for one night and we don’t want to risk breaking our budget just to be able to see a movie. Well, we have good news for you and you should know that this experience is not going to cost you as much as you imagine. In most areas, the fees for this are scalable and you can choose how much you want to spend without having to worry that you have no other option but to spend the biggest amount of money.

The fee depends on the location you are in, the type of theaters available in your area, the size of the space, as well as the movie that you want to see. The films that are new, and especially if you want to rent a theater for a premiere of a movie, are going to cost you far more than seeing something that is at least several years old. Take this into consideration before you choose the film that you want to see, and talk to your cinema provider about their specific fees depending on what you want.

However, the prices will vary between 100 dollars up to 500 and more depending on the film, the size of your party, and the showtime. But even if you need to spend 500, and you decided to rent the cinema with about 10 of your friends, you will see that for less than 50 dollars per person you are going to have an exclusive experience where you can enjoy the whole theater alone without worrying that someone is going to be too loud and ruin the movie for you.

As you can see, it is completely possible to rent a cinema for a private screening, and you can do this pretty much everywhere in the world. You can choose to go directly to the theater and talk to the representatives about the options that you have, or you can avoid the hassle, and you can just use a platform that will give you all the information, plus let you book your screening without you having to even leave your home. Know that since this is a pretty affordable experience, once you do it for the first time, you will not want to go back to watching movies with hundreds of people around you who don’t appreciate the film as much as you do. Consider all of your options and try to book a cinema for a private screening at least once in your life.