What Else to Consider Before You Buy a Tablet or a Smart Phone for a Senior?

IOT (Internet of Things) devices provide services which tablets for seniors like Grandpad and Smartphone for seniors like Jitterbug Smart 2 do not provide.

As our senior parents and loved one’s age, their need and ability to communicate changes. As their ability to communicate diminishes they feel isolated leading to depression which inevitably leads to poorer health. Also, their health changes which adds a need to monitor their health and safety on a regular basis.

Although tablets for seniors such as Grandpad and smartphones for seniors such as Jitterbug Smart 2 are great devices for younger and healthier elderly who are out and about, these devices do not meet the requirements of much older and frail elderly. Hence when seniors age and start to lose their ability or interest in using a smartphone or tablet or services provided by these devices are not sufficient for complete care IoT (Internet of Thing) technology-based seniors devices should be considered.

IoT based care solutions for older people provide comprehensive Aging In Place services enabling the elderly to live healthily and independently in their own homes. Below lists the benefits and services IOT based devices for the elderly provides, only are included services which are not possible with smartphones or even tablets for seniors.

Senior TV from Independa

Ease of Use

Using voice interfaceIoT devices can be controlled using voice commands to obtain services. Best examples of such devices are the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant and Sirona.TV.  Built-in voice companion of these IoT smart speakers answers questions, plays music, checks the weather, tells time and set reminders.

Using TV and remote – Independa and Sirona.TV users use remote control and TV much like Netflix on Apple TV giving older people an interface they are most comfortable with.


As seniors age and their ability to connect with family reduces, many find themselves isolated. Any kind of companionship even digital companionship based on AI helps seniors elevate the feeling of loneliness. For example, solutions like ElliQ from Intuition Robotics and  Sirona.TV from Safety Labs have many built companionship features such as Greetings, Fillers, Jokes, Banters, Music, Reminders. Sirona.TV also a health companion includes NAC+A (Nudge, Advice,  Commend and if required Act). The Sirona TV’s NAC+A feature is especially useful for older population keeping them healthy by nudging them into a healthy lifestyle.

Remote Health Monitoring

Regular monitoring of blood pressure, sugar levels, weight, oxygen and temperature help to monitor the health trend of an elderly person enabling early intervention.  Thus, regular monitoring of vitals can make a difference between a regular health checkup visit and a health episode requiring an ER visit. When looking for a solution for your elderly loved one make sure to consider a remote health monitoring capability.

Remote Health Examination

Making an appointment, arranging and visiting doctors for regular physical examination can be challenging specially for over 13 million seniors who live alone. With improvements in telehealth technology, much of these health examinations can be done remotely improving the regularity of such examinations. Benefits of Remote Health Examination are apparent at any age so look for such a feature in your choice of device.

Senior having a virtual visit with her Doctor using Sirona.TV

Medication Reminders

Adherence and compliance to medication is challenging for some seniors but is necessary for a healthy senior. The ability to provide Medication reminders should be on top of the needs list.

Emergency Alert

Senior as they become feeble with age have a higher chance of tripping over or falling on their own accord. Prompt attention to a fallen person make a major difference in their ability to recover from the fall and to service. Hence a robust emergency alert system should be a key when looking for a device or solution for your mom or dad.

Grows with time

When looking for a device for your loved one make sure that services the device provides can grow as your need and services required increases. This is certainly a forte for IOT based devices.


Most, if not all these services come with a monthly fee. When selecting the right solution make sure you can comfortably pay for such services for many years to come.

IoT Devices

Although there are many IoT devices only a few are focused for the care of the elderly. The best known IOT devices include Amazon’s Alexa (based on Amazon Echo), Google Assistant and Sirona.TV. Sirona.tv is created from ground up for seniors includes senior care features such as a voice companions, remote health monitoring, virtual doctor’s visits, medication reminder, emergency alert. Other regular features available in solutions like Grandpad and Jitterbug Smart 2 include Family Album, Contacts, Weather, Games.