10 Must Have Smartphone Gadgets in 2024

Today, it is unimaginable for most people to live without their smartphones. With the fast development in the tech industry, we can see new and better phones every year, with improved features and better performances. With attractive smartphones, we also have many accessories, such as phone cases, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and much more. The market is full of various products that could make it easier to use our smartphones or to improve some features.

You can find many websites that are reviewing various products such as smartphone gadgets, like ahjoo.com, where you can see what are the newest products which are related to smartphones. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the best smartphone gadgets that came out on the market in 2024.

1. Razer Gaming Controller for Smartphone

Source: engadget

With high-end performances, there are many games with amazing graphics, and mobile games have reached the same popularity just as PC games in recent years. Many gadgets could improve the gaming experience, and one of those products is a Gaming Controller from Razer.

This controller is very easy to connect with your phone, and it also supports both iPhone and Android devices. It has two pads for directions and eleven additional buttons. With Razer Gaming Controller, you will have the best experience of playing games on your smartphones.

2. Wonder Cube Pro

Source: gforgadget

Many smartphone gadgets represent a combination of various accessories, and Wonder Cube Pro went one step further since it managed to combine almost all necessary additions for a smartphone. This small cube contains a charger, phone stand, data cable, torch, memory, and emergency power.

This cube has a very attractive design, and it goes perfectly on a key chain. The price of this all-in-one product is around 50 dollars. Furthermore, it has a great amount of memory, 128 GB, and a quick charger.

3. Aukey Wireless Power Bank

Source: androidpolice

One of the best latest features on new smartphones is wireless charging, which is currently a feature of phones in the highest class. Also, we expect that in the next few years wireless charging will become a standard feature of every phone.

The latest power bank from Aukey, PB-Y25 is a wireless power bank with a fast-charging option, and 18 watts of power. Also, the capacity of this power bank is 8000mAh, which is enough to provide you with two days of charging.

4. J Lab Wireless Earbuds

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There is a trend currently, where most phone companies are removing the AUX cable and force people to use wireless speakers. The marker is full of various Bluetooth speakers that differ in price, quality, battery life, and many other features.

The J Lab earbuds represent cheaper wireless speakers that could still provide you with a proper quality of sound and a minimum of six hours of music with an additional 18 hours in the charging case. The price of these earbuds is around 50 dollars.

5. Lumicharge Desk Lamp

Source: gadgenda

The Lumicharge LD represents a combination of various accessories for your smartphone, such as wireless speakers, phone charger, desk lamp, USB-C port, and a digital timer. Also, you can insert a battery in it if you want to use Lumicharge as a wireless speaker or a lamp.

This device can charge two phones at once, and you can use voice control with Google Assistant or Alexa with a mobile app for this device. The price of this product is around 100 dollars.

6. ChargeTech Power Bank

Source: chargetech

If you like hiking, kayaking, or any other type of recreation that is in nature far from cities, one thing is necessary, and that is a good power bank for your phone, especially if you are planning to be far from any source of electricity for a few days.

The Power Bank from ChargeTech is big enough to deliver a full week of power for your smartphone, with its 27000mAh capacity. This power bank can also charge laptops, tablets, cameras and other devices. The charging power is 85 watts.

7. MagMount Qi Smartphone Holder

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Even though most new vehicles have installed personal PCs or board computers in them, many people find it much easier to use their phones for navigation, music, and other features. However, if you are using your phone in the car for these functions, you will need a proper holder that would assure your phone to be steady during the drive.

The holder for smartphones from MagMount represents a combination of a holder and a wireless charger. Also, it is very easy to attach your phone to this device. Nevertheless, this holder has protection from overheat and overvoltage and it is completely safe to use it all the time.

8. Sounwill Bluetooth Keyboard

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Smartphones are the main source of communication today and many people are using them for emails, video chats, sharing documents, and much more. With the capability to replace PCs and laptops completely, it is useful to have some additional accessories like keyboards and mousses.

The Bluetooth folding keyboard from Sounwill represents a great solution for people who don`t like to carry their laptops around. This accessory is easy to carry because of its ability to fold. Also, it is thin and has enough battery to use it for a whole working shift.

9. Ulanzi Smartphone Video Rig

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With advancements in technology and constant upgrades of smartphones, today we can see that some smartphones have cameras that are so good that you could make some films with them. Also, some additional devices could improve the quality of video and sound of your clips.

The video Rig from Ulanzi is a device that could help you to create high-quality videos with your smartphone. This device is comfortable for use, and it can improve your skills of filming.

10. HyperSonic X Power Bank with Earbuds

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With lots of functions that we can use on our smartphones, it is always useful to have an additional power bank, since lots of phones are not able to survive throughout all day if you use them too much. The X Power Bank from HyperSonic is the latest product of this kind, which also has extra earbuds.

This power bank has 8000mAh capacity, and it can charge both wired and wireless batteries. Also, there are wireless earbuds inside of this power bank, and a display where you can see the battery percentage.