8 Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Mac

Looking forward to purchase a new Mac but don’t have the fortune to spend? Well, purchasing a new Mac could be a costly business, but there is a way to get a new-like Mac for way less money. No, you don’t have to buy a second-hand Mac from someone on eBay.

You can get a refurbished Mac from a refurbished store. Well, the certified refurbished Mac store has all the things you would need from a new Mac. Purchasing from a reliable and reputed store like Tech. Trade is a great way to lay your hands on well-checked, tested and certified refurbished Apple products. Here are all the reasons why buying a refurbished Mac is beneficial for you:

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1. They are as functional and good as the new one

You may think that purchasing from a refurbished store is just like buying a second-hand gadget. Well no! The Mac may have had a previous owner and for some reason they returned it back. Your major concern here is that what has gone wrong with the device. But, refurbished Apple products are only put on sale after all the faults have been identified and fixed.

So, the Mac you are buying undergoes intensive processing before being put on resale which no second-hand products get. Hence, you are not buying a second-hand Apple product, but a well-processed and new-like refurbished Apple device.

2. They are way cheaper than the new one

If you go out to purchase Mac from a local Apple Store or on an online Apple store, you will see the hefty price tags attached to the models. Now, look at the refurbished stores and see the Macs which are just the last year model, priced at a much lower price.

What’s more alluring here is that these old- gen Macs aren’t different from the current models. Often when Apple updates its Mac, it just gives a little boost to its processor. For instance, in 2019, Apple just did slight tweaks to its MacBook Air. There wasn’t any changes done to the specs, just the screen technology was amended. But, there is way difference between the prices of both the new models, so you can just imagine the difference between the 2019 new Mac model and 2018 refurbished Mac model.

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3. You can get more for the money you have spent

Purchasing from a Refurbished store is an excellent option to get a better and more powerful Apple device than the present entry-level for lower money.

The cheapest Mac laptop you may get new is way pricier than a refurbished model. For instance, a new 1.6GHz MacBook Air with 128GB SSD will cost you around $50 -100 more than a refurbished one. It is a pretty great saving, given there isn’t much difference between the two gen of MacBook.

If you are looking for something more powerful, then you can get a more powerful MacBook for less money by just going for a little older version. The simple reason behind it is that even the new Mac has a new-gen processor you may get the mid-range version from last year priced less than the entry-level model of the new generation.

So, the mid-range Mac can be as functional and powerful as the previous gen top Mac, but it is always recommended to check before buying. So, in the end, it gets clear that if the older model is more feasible than the current-gen and then you should go for it.

4. All the parts are tested and replaced if needed

If you are thinking that the Macs have been returned back by their previous customers due to faulty reasons. And it would be unwise to purchase a faulty device.

Then, the answer is nope! The good news here is that if there are any faults in the device, they are tested and rectified. Apple says that all the refurbished Macs undergo full functional tests and are replaced with genuine Apple parts.

So, the Apple MacBook you are purchasing has had more tests and checks than the Mac coming directly from the factory. So, you can be sure that no problem will be occurring in the long run.

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5. You get a 12-month warranty

The best thing is that you get a 12-month warranty, so if anything goes wrong, it can be immediately be fixed for free.

Some stores also include complimentary technical support, in case you have any issues during setup, software installation or connection issues.

What’s better here is that you can get the one –year warranty extended for three years with Apple Care protection when you are buying a refurbished Mac.

6. With general shipping, you can get it dispatched for free

There isn’t any shipping or handling costs involved. So, you don’t have to pay anything extra other than the price of the refurbished Apple gadget.

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7. There is no need to deal with the old user

Dealing with the refurbished store is a great advantage. You don’t have to deal with the previous user of the device who may not be completely honest with the issues with the device or may have a problem in striking the deal.

So, dealing with the store gives you great peace of mind that you are purchasing exactly what is promised and if there will be any problems they will be addressed professionally. Dealing with a professional store like Tech. Trade eases your transactions and wipes out the need of getting in touch with the previous user. Click here to check out the refurbished Mac deals.

8. You can get the current gen Macs as refurbished

You may be thinking that only old models are put in the refurbished category. But this is not the case and it could be the current series too.

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It is up to you to pick a reliable and good refurbished store to make your purchase where you can check out all the gen of Apple Mac you want. Getting a refurbished current model is a great opportunity to get a brand new Mac for an exceptionally low price.