7 Tips for Buying Used Items Online

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The market size for secondhand goods in the U.S. in 2019 was worth an impressive $20 billion. Recently, the used items industry has continued to outperform retail markets worldwide. One of the reasons why many consumers prefer preowned items is because they have low prices than new items. If you are a good negotiator, you can get your seller to further lower the prices of your used goods. For many consumers, negotiating can be an intimidating and daunting task. Most are used to paying the market price without questioning anything.

When the prices are much higher than planned for many buyers will just abandon the whole process altogether and look for other options. You may not know it but in the used items industry it is acceptable to bargain for lower prices. If you are making your purchases online, you also need to know more than just bargaining. These are some helpful tips that will help you snag that used item that you have always wanted, online.

1. Move fast

Once you are able to verify that a specific item online is still available you need to move quickly. An online shop is different from a physical one as here there are thousands of other unseen but interested buyers. Therefore, if you even hesitate for some hours or days, it could cost you your chance. The best way to ensure that these items don’t slip between your fingers is to place an offer immediately you see the item is on sale on sites such as used.forsale.

It helps you to hold your spot even when you are putting final touches to your purchase. Some sellers may find it rude in case you back out. Luckily this trick is common in this market so they will just move on to the next buyer.

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2. Ask for photos

You perhaps saw a photo of the used item online before making the call, but how sure are you it is the actual photo? For this reason, it is important to always ask the seller for an actual photo of the item. Some of these sellers are total scams and will post photos from the internet just to lure some clients.

You can tell more about the condition of the used item by simply seeing the photo. It would also be helpful to ask for some background information about the item. If the seller seems not to have information on it, it would be best to move on to the next!

3. Include shipping costs and other logistical details

Because you will usually be very eager to settle on a great deal, it is easier to forget practical matters such as pickup or shipping. It is easy for that great washing machine deal to turn into a logistical catastrophe. A useful tip is to ensure that you deal with the practical aspect of this deal before you finalize the sale. Pay attention to things such as the distance between your location and that of your seller.

If they are willing to make the delivery at a charge find out how much it will cost. Another thing to keep in mind is how the item will be carried up to your apartment. Finding out all this information will help you decide whether or not the deal is worth it.

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4. Ask for better prices without being cheap

Used items sellers online usually set their prices high just like flea market sellers. That is because they anticipate that you will negotiate. Therefore, they are prepared to get offers from you and provide their own counter offers until you are both satisfied with the deal. When asking for a lower price avoid making ridiculously low offers. The seller will be very unlikely to budge unless they are under pressure to sell, which is rare.

Also consider sellers whose items have dropped from the initial listed price. These sellers will usually be more willing to negotiate.

5. Find out more on the mode of payment

Another important thing that you need to do is to find out the mode of payment. Ask the seller how he prefers the transaction to be done. Is the payment to be made before you receive the item or on delivery? Or any could do? This is a very important thing to find out so as to see if you agree with the seller. If it is your first time transacting with the seller, it would be best to pay after delivery. This is so as to be sure that the item will be delivered and is in good condition.

More reason you should pay after delivery is that when you pay some sellers before delivery, they may end up sending you an item that is completely different from what you had selected. Also, do not disclose any of your personal information to these sellers, as you never really know some of their intentions.

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6. Learn to identify scams

The online business is booming, and many sellers who sell used items use the platform for advertising. However, while there are many genuine sellers, some are scams that aim to take advantage of online buyers. It is, therefore, your responsibility to learn the tactics of these scam sellers and avoid them at all costs.

A good example of a scam is when the seller posts pictures from other sites or insists that you need to pay promptly without even giving you enough details of the used items. Also, a seller who seems not to be straightforward is a red flag.

7. Follow your gut feeling

Ultimately, when buying used items online, your gut feeling plays a significant role. When you talk to the seller and feel like you are not comfortable doing business with them, trust that feeling. Most often than not, it is right!

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Buying used items online is an exciting learning process. Before you go searching for what you need online, pay attention to these three tips. They will act as your guide and you will have a more enjoyable experience in the end.