Buying Your First Welder in 2024 – How To Compare And Choose Between

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Although once it was used exclusively by professionals – today, welding has come down to “home” variants as well. Today, there are also cheaper welding equipment and appliances on the market that are affordable for everyone. However, such a large selection can also make a confusion.

Then an untrained and ignorant man usually encounters all sorts of problems. One of the first questions you will ask yourself in this situation is: How to choose the right welding machine in 2024? Have you started working already or have you been considering buying a welding machine? Since we know there are many choices on the market and you have some questions about which welder is best for you – but first, we will introduce you to the process.

What Is Welding And What Are The Types Of Welding Processes?

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Welding is a procedure of joining two or more pieces of material. You can weld with the electrode without pressure, and the desired piece on the joint melts and fuses with or without additional substances. This is the so-called MMA procedure. The MIG-MAG working procedure is performed by pressing with a shielding gas and a welding wire.

MMA Procedure

This is a manual process when you’re using a coated electrode while working. With the help of electric current (alternating or direct current), we can create an electric arc between the electrode and the weld – which melts the base material and the electrode. MMA procedure is the most versatile method of welding. It is because the process is simpler than the others. It is used mainly in the field of maintenance and repair. Manual arc welding enables working with steel, gray cast iron, copper, nickel and aluminum alloys.

MIG / MAG Procedures

The type of process is performed by adding welding wire in the shielding atmosphere of the gas. It is the most productive and extremely useful method and is, therefore, the most widely used process in the industry. The welding process is simple, so we can quickly get used to it. In the MIG procedure, the welder electrode is unshielded and the shielding gas is an inert gas Argon (Ar). Argon weld is well-known for being narrower and deeper. With the MAG procedure, the welder electrode is uncoated and the shielding gas is active nitrogen (CO2) or a mixture of CO2 and Argon. The weld made with CO2 is slightly wider. In MIG / MAG mode you can weld with one appliance.

TIG Weld Option

For TIG operation, a non-separable tungsten electrode is used. The process takes place in a shielding atmosphere of an inert gas, such as argon (Ar). This type of process is mainly used for welding thin stainless steel and alloys of copper, aluminum, and magnesium. TIG technique offers more control over welding than other processes and makes welding stronger and better.

The TIG process is divided into:

  • DC TIG – Which means a DC welding tungsten electrode that works in a shielding gas atmosphere.
  • AC TIG – Which means a tungsten-electrode welder with alternating current in a shielding gas atmosphere.

The TIG mode is a bit more complex than the rest of the process, slower and takes more time to fully master.

Types of Welding Appliances

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Modern types of welding machines are designed for both professional and amateur. There is a large assortment of welders on the market today, so it is better to contact a specialist like for the proper selection of the device. These professionals will be able to advise you on the appropriate selection of quality and safe welders – according to your needs and purpose. Thanks to technology development, the current tool is so easy to operate that there is no need for a highly-skilled operator. Most equipment models perfectly combine a good set of options without requiring specific skills to work with. On the other side, this will help you keep from making certain modifications.

What Do You Want To Weld?

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When choosing a welder, you need to know what you want to weld and what material to use. We can weld all types of steel, and we will show you which appliances are suitable for certain materials and what you can make of them.

Welding Stainless Steel Fences

From our experience, we can tell you that many want to make a balcony, stair railing or high-gloss stainless steel garden structure. For stainless steel, we use the TIG mode with direct current welding is the best. With the TIG burner, we create an electric cloud, which melts the welded material and, if desired, – manually adds the welding material or wire. For working in this mode – welding is minimal and barely visible and requires no additional grinding. Once finished, the weld is polished, which immediately gives it the desired high gloss.

Welding Of shelves And Railings Made Of Thin-Wall Pipes

The most convenient and fastest way is the MIG / MAG procedure. This technique is about DC welding. During the work, a welding-wire is added through the MIG burner. The wire melts and joins the weld. Welding is strong, spraying is minimal, and the welding process is extremely quick and easy.

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Welding Of Aluminum

Aluminum welding is one of the most demanding welding procedures. When welding aluminum and aluminum alloys, a TIG process is used in which aluminum oxide is removed by alternating welding current. The welding substrate must be thoroughly cleaned, while this job requires the use of high purity gases and excellent skills.

The Need In Industry

Taking into account the official data that more than 70% of world steel production is processed by welding, it is quite to be expected and that there is an extremely high demand for welder masters all over the world. And if you add to the fact that steel production in the world is growing daily, it is also logical that an increasing number of people are choosing to complete training, and thus obtain an official certificate. This is exactly how many candidates will find it easier to find a job within which they can earn a decent amount of money every month.

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Educate Yourself

If you want to become a good welder craftsman, in addition to the skill you will acquire through your future practice and training, you must acquire sound theoretical knowledge without which it is impossible to successfully perform this job. Welding course and training will introduce you to the operating principles, mode parameters and technique of performing various procedures. In this way, you will gain knowledge about basic and auxiliary materials, welding capabilities of commonly used materials, as well as the safe application of the given procedures.