Can Sex Dolls Help Us Become a Part of Society?

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In today’s zeitgeist, talking about sex is no longer taboo. Most popular TV series contain explicit sex scenes, pictures of scantly clad people can be found on billboards in city centers, while not knowing your friends’ fetishes seems almost weird. Despite all of that, fewer young people are having sex.

There is more than one reason for that. To some extent, sexual inactivity among youth can be explained by our increasingly individualistic culture – we don’t have to rely on others to survive. As a result, we interact with a smaller number of people. Fear of poor performance in bed caused by societal pressure to be perfect is another reason.

How could we solve this problem? In a moment, we’ll explain how sex dolls can be used to help people overcome their sex-related issues.

Feeling of Inadequacy

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In today’s world, young people are told that they are perfect the way they are, but also that the way society sees them is everything. Your looks, salary, and your background don’t matter; that is, unless you are using social media. Then, suddenly, all those facades disappear. We tell young people time and time again that the opinions of others rarely matter.

Unfortunately, most people want to feel like they are part of a group, so they conform. Otherwise, they won’t receive validation from others, which might seem like not a big deal to adults, but when you are 18 years old, the opinions of your friends, even the distant ones, matter a great deal.

If George says that he is having threesomes every other week, while Jenny can activate her sexual chakras in a matter of seconds, your son or daughter might seem like they don’t fit if all they know is five-finger knuckle shuffle. They might be told that there is nothing wrong with small penises or breasts, but for some reason, not many people boast that their penises or breasts are incredibly tiny.

As a result, they might avoid sex out of fear of disappointing the other person. Avoiding intimacy is quite painful, but it is assumed that it’s better than being told that you are inadequate. How could a visit to the online sex doll store, like help with that?

Fear of poor performance in the bedroom can be dealt with by practice. Sure, it’s not the same as having sex with a real human being – far from it, but it can give you a gist of it – what to do with your hips, which hole is which, and how tiring sex really is.

Is it a perfect solution? Obviously not, as it only deals with the symptoms, rather than affecting the underlying causes. However, convincing your child to steer away from social media might be just impossible.

On top of that, it would be largely ineffective, as a real-life discourse had already been affected by social media. If you think that advising your kid to buy a sex doll seems weird, think of all the relationships they might miss if they are afraid to get intimate with people they like.

We acknowledge that it’s a relatively controversial way of dealing with a sense of inadequacy, but we should spend more time considering whether it’s effective. Why? The more self confidence you have when it comes to fulfilling your personal desires and the more you know your body and what works for you, will make your fear of a real intercourse slightly smaller, since you’re going to explore the majority of things by yourself. This way, you’ll be able to communicate with your partner and to let them know what you’re looking for.

Erectile Dysfunction

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It is estimated that around ¼ of all men under the age of 40 have some type of erectile dysfunction. There are many causes of ED, but we would like to focus on a mental one. It is common, especially among young men, to experience problems with getting erect due to stress.

Of course, there are many reasons why a young man could be stressed, but if we look at how much our society focuses on sex, it is no wonder that those who didn’t have their first time yet are nervous about it. In this case, even if intimacy isn’t actively avoided, fear can make it impossible for sex to occur.

What’s the solution? Well, it’s quite straightforward – all you have to do is to convince our society that we shouldn’t attach that much value to our first intercourse. On a more serious note – in ancient times, fathers often brought their sons to brothels to have their sexual rite of passage. However, the times have changed, which is why we recommend something different, and in most places, legal: sex dolls.

What About Sexual Deviants?

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There is also another example of how sex dolls and sex robots could be beneficial to our society. Lack of sex can make us frustrated, but some people go one step further and become aggressive. Although it is a controversial subject from a moral standpoint, there are voices suggesting that sex dolls could prevent bad things from happening. We might not like it, but pedophiles exist and will continue to exist.

The research indicates that people who watch violent pornography are actually less likely to be violent in real-life. Does that mean that pedophiles will be less likely to hurt children if they have a sex robot in their home? We cannot say anything for sure, but we shouldn’t shy away from controversial subjects. The problem certainly won’t disappear on its own.


It is estimated that around 1% of the world’s population is asexual. However, most people cannot imagine their lives without sex. Unfortunately, despite the fact that sex is no longer taboo, the number of young people who aren’t having sex increases. This is where sex dolls can have a significant impact on their users.

We think that sex dolls could help people break their mental barriers. On top of that, although so far there is no research on this subject, it seems likely that sex dolls can help pedophiles control their sexual urges.