Can Tattoo Artists Insure Their Hands?


Most people ensure their lives, car, house, and expensive electrical appliances, but celebrities provide things that some would never have thought of. Life insurance is nothing strange, but when a certain part of the body is extremely important to someone due to work or some strange reason, really unusual lists are created. Believe it or not, securing famous body parts is not a fiction of a new generation of stars.

The parts of the body that they desperately need are insured by most people due to possible injuries, but there is also a small group of those who open an insurance policy to prevent themselves from possible weight gain, haircuts or the like. Let’s just remember JLo who secured her butt for an incredible $ 27 million. Although many marveled at her move, other celebrities soon began to follow the trend, securing their legs, waist, hair, and so on.

The modern development of the economy and general human activities requires the protection of certain risks of damage that occur as a result of performing certain economic or other human activities. Liability insurance appears precisely as an instrument of protection of persons who perform such activity, ie persons who perform such economic activity. We can say that liability insurance is one of the preconditions for the development of free enterprise.

Ok, many will surely say that public figures do this out of some caprice and that securing a certain part of the body is not necessary. But what about people whose work and existence depend on that part of the body? What about tattoo artists and other occupations that must have healthy and calm hands, and if a major injury occurs, they can forget about their career?

Well, they can follow the trends of celebrities, and they can go a step further, and that is to secure their job. What we mean by this is the insurance of space, tattoo equipment, as well as insurance in case of injury to the client during tattooing. Find more about it at

What to do in the event of an accident?


In the event of an accident, the insured should immediately go to the doctor or call him, in order to perform an examination and provide him with help. The insured is obliged to follow the doctor’s instructions regarding treatment and to take all necessary steps in order to be cured. Liability insurance is part of the property insurance system by which insures the risk of potential liability for damages to the injured party.

In essence, this means that instead of the pest, ie the person responsible for the damage, the damage caused to the injured person shall be compensated by the insurer, on the basis of the concluded contract on insurance between the insurer and the insured. So, liability insurance covers the pest’s liability for damages and damages in the event of occurrence damage to the injured party.

For certain professions, concluding an insurance contract from professional responsibility is a prerequisite for their performance. However, even when it is not a strict statutory obligation to take out professional liability insurance, it is today considered an acceptable and effective way to protect policyholders from possible damage. Will any liability insurance be determined as mandatory arises in principle from legal regulations, but sometimes a decision can be made by and a particular professional organization that brings together members who perform a particular professional activity.

How can tattoo artists insure themselves against injury?


Although there is no specific insurance for workers in this domain, what they can always do is to ensure their hands or any part of the body just like any other person in the world, regardless of whether and what activity they are engaged in. And as for the tattoo artist himself, of course, it is possible to insure against injury work. If this happens, he is first referred for a medical examination, and then with the doctor’s findings to the insurance company, which will assess the amount of compensation provided.

Duration of insurance


This is something that is individual, living as a client you can choose from. Some people take out insurance for just a few hours or for a few days, while others opt for multi-year and even permanent ones that last until one of the parties terminates it. Today, there are different types of insurance that cover material damage, but also physical.

There are also cases when the state estimates that a certain type of insurance is extremely important for the protection of the wider community, so it makes the decision that certain types of insurance are mandatory. An example of this is car insurance, which is well known to all of us. In order to be allowed to use a motor vehicle, when registering a vehicle, you must conclude a liability insurance policy for damages caused to third parties caused by the use of a motor vehicle.

In personal insurance, the risk is related to the life, health, and physical integrity of the policyholder. The difference from property insurance, here, is that the beneficiary is paid the agreed amount, and not the insurance compensation, which is determined according to the amount of damage incurred.

Final thoughts

You enter into an insurance contract with a desire for additional security in order to, in the event that any accident results in damage from which you are insured, your insurance company has paid out the insurance. Insurance, respectively the insurance fee, depending on the risk you are insuring against, can be “covering” the damage in property insurance or material monetary compensation in the form of a certain amount, the so-called insured amounts, in insurance person.

It is important to remember: the purpose of insurance is not to earn on insurance, but protection against the consequences of future adverse events. What we want to say is that you should never look at this as a waste of money, but as an investment that you hope you will never need in your life, but that you still have security if something goes wrong.