Are Cannabis Edibles Safe for Senior Citizens?


Are grandma and grandpa growing their own cannabis edibles in the backyard? It may sound like a joke, but for senior citizens looking for natural alternatives to traditional medication, cannabis edibles can be beneficial – with some precautions. In this blog, we’ll examine the potential risks and benefits of cannabis edibles for seniors.

For senior citizens who may be interested in trying cannabis edibles for their health benefits, however, there is still some confusion about the safety of the products and how they can be used responsibly. This article seeks to address these issues by providing an overview of what cannabis edibles are, and discussing the potential risks and rewards that come with using them.

Cannabis edibles are edible food products which have been infused with cannabis or cannabinoid extracts. They are a discrete and convenient way to ingest cannabis, offering a range of different flavors and doses. They have become increasingly popular amongst adults as an alternative to smoking or vaping, especially as more states legalize recreational marijuana use.

It makes sense to be interested in the relative safety of various cannabis products given the surge in cannabis use among seniors. It turns out that edibles may not be the greatest cannabis products to utilize as you age for a variety of reasons. In this tutorial, you’ll discover why as well as alternatives to gummy weed edibles.

Overview of Cannabis Edibles


Food items that have been infused with cannabinoids are known as cannabis edibles. Food products containing THC are most frequently referred to as “edibles,” while CBD-containing cannabinoid goods are more frequently referred to by their real names (like “CBD gummies”).

In fact, compared to smoking or vaping, eating candies causes less of the cannabis you consume to enter your bloodstream, proving that edibles are not inherently more potent than other cannabis products. However, because edibles can include extremely high THC levels, they can frequently produce effects that are unpleasant to strong or even harmful to senior citizens.

Cannabis Helps in Arthritis Pain


Taking cannabis edibles, according to some users, relieves chronic pain. The pain-relieving potential of both THC and CBD has been researched, and using edibles is a practical approach to consume any cannabinoid. Just be mindful to consume edibles in moderation unless you’ve developed a tolerance for them.

Cannabis Edibles Can Enhance Sleep Quality

According to certain research, marijuana may improve slumber. Cannabis edibles, which might also make some individuals feel calmer, are credited with some of the possible sleep advantages of cannabis.

Do Edibles Have High Concentration of Cannabis?


While edibles do actually have a larger THC content than other products made of cannabis, they frequently are not more potent compared to other cannabis-based products. Moreover, they also last a lot longer than smoking or vaping. As a result, the effects of edibles frequently feel stronger—especially for first-time users.

Best Cannabis Edibles for Senior Citizens

Choose a low-dose selection and think about trying CBD rather than THC if you’re an older individual who wants to explore edibles for the very first time. It’s recommended that you avoid manufacturing your own edibles because it’s quite simple to use too much cannabis. A decent starting dose for cannabinoids is often 5–10 mg per dose; look for edibles that contain natural or organic components.

Do Cannabis Edibles Impact Your Liver?

There is conflicting evidence regarding how cannabis edibles affect your liver. For instance, some study suggests that cannabis use may safeguard your liver from the harm caused by alcohol use, however there is also evidence that chronically using significant amounts of cannabis may induce or worsen liver disease. Before consuming cannabis edibles, talk to your doctor in case you are diagnosed with any liver disease.

What Are the Alternatives to Cannabis Edibles for Seniors?


There are many ways to enjoy the cannabis’s effects even if you’ve decided that the high-potency properties of edibles aren’t suited for you. Below, we’ll go over three well-liked choices.

1. Weed Flower

One of the easiest and most affordable cannabis products for elders to test is cannabis flower. Flower offers a variety of uses and rapid access to the health advantages of cannabis without requiring any sophisticated electrical apparatus.

You can opt for a dry herb vape, for example, if you don’t want to smoke. There are pipes, bongs, & joints for smoking. The simplest cannabis flower items to utilise are pre-rolled joints.

2. Topicals

You might not even need to consume cannabis orally if you’re a senior to reap its advantages. In order to relieve their arthritic pain, elderly people with arthritis, for example, frequently apply marijuana topicals to the affected area. Certain cannabis topicals might also improve your skin’s health.

3. Vapes

There are several products in this category to test, and some elders prefer vaping cannabis to smoking it. Put the disposable vape in your mouth, take a puff, and then discard it when the tank is completely empty. Cartridges are a little more challenging, but if you put in the work, they may be just as rewarding.

You may vape cannabis flower, as we explained above, and there is another sort of vaping we haven’t discussed: dabbing. Dabs are the most expensive to purchase in terms of equipment and knowledge, but they also produce the strongest effects. You can try a dry herb vape, for example, if you don’t want to smoke. You can smoke with bongs, pipes, and other devices.

Concluding Remarks


More older citizens than ever utilize cannabis-related products to treat chronic pain, get better rest, and even build stronger bones. Actually, the fastest-growing group of Americans who use medical marijuana is seniors. Number of edibles available in the market are increasing day by day. Finding the right dosage for cannabis edibles is important and seniors should first consult their doctors.