Can Choosing PVC Over FRP Grow Room Wall Material Contribute Towards Cannabis’s Healthy Growth?


Cannabis cultivation is a much-talked-about profitable business in the United States, owing to its escalating demand. That said, most growers are now turning to their garage and backyard house to transition them into a grow room. However, when it comes to establishing a grow room for your cannabis plantation, there are several factors to keep in mind; ventilation, mold-free, and bacterial infestation-free environment, proper lighting, and more.

Despite the availability of different panels, PVC grows room wall material is the right choice owing to their resistance against wear and tear, durability, and more such factors.

What Makes PVC Wall Panels Ideal for Cannabis Grow Rooms?

Owing to the popularity of indoor farming, more and more growers are trying to build a climate-controlled indoor where they can harvest cannabis. But overcoming the challenges associated with indoor crop growth can be endless and stressful to deal with. With PVC panel installation, you can choose to make the overall procedure easy and less daunting.

The pure-vinyl-made panels are ASTM and CFIA certified and are designed using advanced truss technology. The anti-mold and antibacterial layer-coated panels resist various factors like moisture and mold formation, thereby proving to be an ideal wall cladding material for all types of wet and humid interiors.


Waterproof Panels Eliminate Excessive Humidity from Grow Rooms

Prioritizing the humidity of a grow room is of utmost importance for all cannabis growers. As per experts, only about 60-70% of the moisture is ideal for steady and healthy cannabis growth. Any beyond that can threaten the development of the plant and put your business profit at risk. By adding PVC wall covering material to the growth, you can achieve a humidity-controlled grow room interior easily.

the crevice-free panels for the cannabis grow wall don’t let water seep through and promote mold and mildew growth, thereby ensuring a hygienically safe environment for the crops. Moldy walls aren’t only harmful to the plants but are equally risky for your business reputation.

Light-Reflective Panels Help Your Plants with Photosynthesis

The importance of ample natural lighting inside grow rooms is invariably high. Entrepreneurs, especially those starting in their venture, find it difficult to manage the additional expenses of artificial lighting when they operate in closed spaces like attic rooms, garages, etc. The restricted budget makes them settle with little or insufficient lighting which proves detrimental to the crop’s health.

But with PVC’s light-reflective panels, you need not worry about extra LED fixtures. Their even light distribution property can keep your grow room well-lit without you having to shell out any money. More so, the bright surfaces also mean your grow room looks spacious.


Replace FRP with PVC to Save on Cash

Being able to save as an entrepreneur means you are doing your job wisely and are on the right path. It isn’t easy setting up a cultivation business, especially when you are a novice in the field. By choosing PVC panels over FRP, you can save considerably. Despite looking cheaper initially, FRP proves expensive in the long run. The panels need you to invest in expensive chemically-formulated cleaners and also need you to hire professional laborers who can install them. On getting damaged over time because of moisture attack, FRP can delaminate quickly and show different signs of damage like cracks, bends, fracture splits, and so on. The only way to fix such concerns is to either repair them professionally or replace them.

As with vinyl-made panels from Duramax, you need not have to worry about hiring any skillful technician for their installation. Any person can fix the panels using studs and invisible fasteners. Additionally, the interlocking tongue and groove mechanism makes the installation process convenient and quicker for entrepreneurs. Their lightweight nature also helps you save on transportation. Overall, they help you save 40% on labor and 50% on material costs.

The Smooth Finished Panels Add to the Aesthetics

Apart from maintaining a hygienically maintained grow room, entrepreneurs must also look into the aesthetics of the space to ensure a better brand image. The invisible fasteners and the interlocking smooth bright panels ensure your space looks neat. The white panels don’t turn yellow. As with FRP, they might be available in different colors but can discolor and fade away noticeably, prompting an immediate replacement despite being in good quality.


Long-Lasting Panels Don’t Need You to Replace them Frequently

Unlike FRP, PVC wall panels can last for 100 years without major repairs and replacement. As with FRP, they can only live for 20-25 years. Simple and occasional wipe-outs using standard detergent water and eco-friendly cleaners keep them shining for several years. FRP’s rough surfaces make it difficult for the owners to maintain them.

Spending excessive time on maintenance makes the growers lose focus on their business. Growing cannabis and succeeding in the competitive market requires you to stay determined on your goals. But with hours spent scrubbing the walls, you aren’t left with much time for important business to-dos like marketing, building relationships, expanding clientele base, etc.

Fire-Resistant Panels Keep Your Cannabis Safe for a Lifetime

Any entrepreneur who dealt with fire hazards in their business spaces before will tell you what tragedy looks like. Apart from having to witness damaged goods, you are also left clueless as to when and how you shall recover from this disaster. Any kind of fire breakout in a business involving plants means you might never come out of the loss incurred.

Of all other preventative measures, adding PVC wall cladding material to the walls might help you with mental peace. Each of the USA-manufactured panels is 1-hour, Class A, fire-resistant graded which can keep your plants and grow room safe for an hour. The panels last 4-5 times longer than FRP and keeps all types of bacterial infestation and contamination at bay.


Duramax’s chemical-resistant ASTM-certified grow room panels are just what you need to build a moisture-free cannabis grow room. The lightweight and easy-to-install panels are available in ½ inch customizable thickness and 16-inch fixed width.